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Found 207 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hello Arcade Fans, in this pack i'll share the wheels and videos for the new games supported in MAME, corresponding to 0.201 till 0.204 version. You can see how it looks here: New games supported: - A Day In Space (31/03/87) - Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version) - Cart Fury - Nerae! Super Goal (J 981218 V1.000) - Night Mare (Spain) - Pitapat Puzzle - Sky Challenger (J 000406 V1.000) - The Burning Cavern (31/03/87) Hope you enjoy it ;P
  2. MAME Update 0.201-0.204 New Games Download Pack View File Hello Arcade Fans, in this pack i'll share the wheels and videos for the new games supported in MAME, corresponding to 0.201 till 0.204 version. You can see how it looks here: New games supported: - A Day In Space (31/03/87) - Bare Knuckle III (bootleg of Megadrive version) - Cart Fury - Nerae! Super Goal (J 981218 V1.000) - Night Mare (Spain) - Pitapat Puzzle - Sky Challenger (J 000406 V1.000) - The Burning Cavern (31/03/87) Hope you enjoy it ;P Submitter JSmith2017 Submitted 12/14/2018 Category Game Media Packs  
  3. Lordmonkus

    Mame BGFX Shaders - Tutorial

    For those that do not know what BGFX shaders are in Mame, it is a new renderer which works with HLSL. What does this mean ? Well simply put it makes everything much simpler for the end user. Up until the BGFX renderer you had 3 options: 1) no shaders at all which look bad on a modern display 2) GLSL using CRT-Geom or Lottes shaders which required different shaders for vertical and horizontal games 3) HLSL which looked bad out of the box and required manual tweaking to suit personal taste and to suit your display. Straight up standard HLSL is still a very good option for those wanting to get their hands dirty and really customize the look. What BGFX does though is fixes all the problems above and gives a wide variety of shader options similar to some of the shader types found in Retroarch so if you like those smoothed out shaders you can have those there too. To take advantage of BGFX I highly recommend getting version 177 of Mame. For those of you that like to use MameUIFX sadly the last version that is available is 175 and has very limited options and not particularly useful. MameUIFX is no longer being officially updated but there are unofficial ways of getting the same UI in Mame and I will cover that further down. The standard install of Mame 177 has everything we need to get started. Just install it like normal and using the command line run your Mame executable with the following parameter: Mame64.exe -cc What this does is it generates a mame.ini file right in your Mame install folder which you will need to edit. Open this ini file in your favourite text editor like notepad or notepad++ and look for the following section: # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video auto edit it change the word auto so it is now BGFX, so now it should read: # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video bgfx Now we need to look a little further down the ini file for the section titled: # BGFX POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS Look for the following line: bgfx_screen_chains auto This is where we are going to set the default shader look. If you look in the folder \bgfx\chains within your Mame folder you will see a bunch of files with the extension .json, these are the actual shader files. You will also see several sub folders with more .json files, those are also shaders so as you see there are several options. Now if you have previously used some shaders in Retroarch or some other emulators you may recognize some of the names and have a general idea of what some of them will look like out of the box but you will probably want to preview how they look before deciding on which shader you want as your default. To make judging a little easier look in the mame.ini file for the following line: pause_brightness 0.65 Change the brightness to 1.0 so you can pause the game and scroll through the different shaders and see exactly how they will look at their correct brighness. Run a game of your choosing and get to a point you want to use as your judging point and press P on the keyboard to pause the game. Now press the tilde key (the key beside the number 1 that has the ` on it). You will see a bar at the bottom of the screen, press the down arrow key until that changes to: Window 0, Screen 0 Effect: Default Now you use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through all the different shader effects. Once you find one that you find appealing take note of the name of it because this is the name you are going to put in your mame.ini file. Edit the line: bgfx_screen_chains auto replacing the word auto with the name of the shader you found that you liked, for me this was the shader crt-geom. You are now done and all you had to do was edit 2 lines in your mame.ini file. The one downside to BGFX for now is that you cannot easily save and load configuration files for these shaders. You can edit them while in game using the "tab" menu within Mame but you cannot save them out, once you close the game those changes are gone. Hopefully in the future this will change. Note: For games with multiple displays being played on a single monitor such as Punch-Out or Darius II for example you need to add to the bgfx_screen_chains line. In my mame.ini file since I am using the crt-geom shader mine looks like this: bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom,crt-geom,crt-geom This handles 3 the 3 screen version of Darius II. If it was left with just a single crt-geom one of the screens would have the shader effect but the others would have no effect. Here is a link to the documentation for all sorts of stuff you can do with BGFX shaders, especially if you have a multi display set up. http://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/bgfx.html Now for those of you that do not like to get dirty with editing .ini files by hand and wish they had a new version of MameUIFX which unfortunately is now discontinued there is an option. Head on over to EmuCR and search for a program called Arcade. Download the appropriate version that matches your Mame version and drop the .exe file into your Mame folder and run that as your emulator, it will probably be called arcade64.exe. It will work along side your mame64.exe. When you run it it will look and function identically to the MameUIFX you are accustomed to. Here is a link to version Arcade 177 over on EmuCR http://www.emucr.com/2016/09/arcade-v0177.html Here is a screenshot of DoDonPachi in action using the crt-geom preset bgfx shader. It actually looks much better full screen and in motion than the static screenshot.
  4. Version 0.0.1


    I made some graphics changes to an old intro to tailor it to the retro/synthwave style Free to use and change ( for Logo and Name overlays ). ohw.. and it's in HD.. https://youtu.be/TxU8NKMehOY
  5. simple retrowave intro mame View File I made some graphics changes to an old intro to tailor it to the retro/synthwave style Free to use and change ( for Logo and Name overlays ). ohw.. and it's in HD.. https://youtu.be/TxU8NKMehOY Submitter topderob Submitted 12/09/2018 Category Big Box Startup Videos  
  6. FingerCramp

    Launchbox/Bigbox + MAME + ServoStik

    All, Lifetime license holder here. I am considering a ServoStik (https://www.ultimarc.com/servostik.html) which has 4-way to 8-way powered restrictor switching. It can be switched from 4-way to 8-way and back via software (command-line or GUI). I spoke to the guy (Andy) at Ultimarc who said the restrictor can be changed automatically depending on the game using certain front ends. I asked about Launchbox/Bigbox, but he wasn't familiar. Has anyone gotten this to work, and if so, how? As this post's title indicates, I'm using Bigbox to run MAME games, and I'd like to have the joystick's restrictor plate to automatically change to 4-way when playing games like Donkey Kong and Pac Man, and change to 8-way when playing Street Fighter, etc. Any and all assistance would be appreciated. Thanks, -Mike
  7. Hi, I have just downloaded Launch box and set up mame using the tutorial I found in the forums. I have set up mame outside of launch box and I can use it to run games. When I run Launchbox and try to start a vertical game it just says Initializing, some times looks like its loading (a percentage counts upwards) then just switches back to Launchbox. I have checked my rom location is the same in both mame and Launchbox, I have uninstalled Launchbox abd reinstalled it and checked my ini file is in the mame folder not the ini folder. Can anyone think what is causing this? I was hopping Launchbox would be easier to set up than Hyperspin because I couldn't get that to work either I have tried different games and different manufacturers, and no Vertical games will start. All the other ones I have tried (5 from different manufacturers) all start but are extremely slow and laggy. Thanks for any help Eric
  8. Version 2.0.4


    MAME No Nag with Default Artwork _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ No Nag - is the screen that says hit "Ok to Continue" when you open a ROM for the first time. This screen has been suppressed. How can I use my own default In game Artwork I have provided two zip files that I use for my default Vertical and Horizontal games. you can search for MAME In game artwork using your favorite search engine. Mr Do is a good starting point for History and downloading some artwork. If you have favorite cabinet that you want to use for your defaults, simply make a copy and rename it to horizont.zip or vertical.zip
  9. BlasphemousMusic

    Dualshock 4 with launchbox

    So i just purchased launchbox the other day and am very pleased with it! That being said I have 2 questions I searched for but didnt find an answer. I use a dualshock 4 for all my games I have. It works in most except MAME. I wont let me even configure it. Also, I would like, if possible, to have to DS4 wake the PC after I sleep it in BigBox, is that possible? thanks in advance
  10. MAME 0.197 No Nag with Default Artwork View File MAME .197 No Nag With Default Artwork Here's a build of MAME based on 0.197 with no nag screens and it supports default artwork. MAME FOLDER mame (root folder) | mame64.exe (Version 0.197) | whatsnew_0197.txt | +---artwork | horizont.zip (Default Horizontal Artwork) | vertical.zip (Default Vertical Artwork) | \---ini horizont.ini (allows the fallback artwork) vertical.ini (allows the fallback artwork) NOTE Rename your mame64.exe to mame64.exe.old (this way if you have issues you can just revert back to your Original copy). Unzip the files in your MAME folder. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is No Nag This is the screen that says hit "Ok to Continue" when you open a ROM for the first time. This screen has been suppressed. How can I use my own default In game Artwork I have provided two zip files that I use for my default Vertical and Horizontal games. you can search for MAME In game artwork using your favorite search engine. Mr Do is a good starting point for History and downloading some artwork. If you have favorite cabinet that you want to use for your defaults, simply make a copy and rename it to horizont.zip or vertical.zip. Happy Gaming Submitter NJDave71 Submitted 05/03/2018 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
  11. Hello, To clarify my question I want to launch an arcade rom through Retroarch but use a different core than what I usually use. For example the rom I want to launch is the 6-player version of X-Men Arcade and the core I usually run with all my arcade roms is mame2016, but because of screen issues I want to run X-Men with the basic mame core. This is what the game looks like running mame2016: and this is what it looks like running mame: I want it to look like the second image and the only way to do so is to run the basic mame core. So my question is that is it possible to launch X-Men with the basic mame core through LaunchBox while still being able to launch all my other arcade roms with the mame2016 core? Thank in advance!
  12. I wanted to share this - after research I've managed to get full light guns working with light gun games in Mame. I've done this on windows 7 and now 8.1. I can't confirm it'll work on 10 Requirements: Mayflash Dolphin Bar Wiimote(s) Tochmote Software (GIT Here) Mame UIFX Mame (not working with .180, but tested w/.174 and .175 dinput builds) It is a little tricky to get set up but I've been using it for awhile and I wanted to throw down a quick walk through of my settings and how I got it set up. Download required software and install. Keep dolphinbar on position 4 - this makes everything nice when you go to use other emulators - no change required . TURN YOUR CONTROLLERS ON IN THE WAY YOU WANT THEM ON WHENEVER YOU WILL BE PLAYING I cant stress this enough due to the way xnput handles slots. If you navigate lb/bb with xbox 360 controller then switch to this setup - you'll want your remotes in 2/3 slot. Otherwise you'll be resetting bindings all day everyday. I personally set mine to 1 and 2 and turn off my xbox controller when I'm going to play light gun games and nav with the keyboard. - one though - is if you want to nav with wiimote - think about setting arrow keys in the touchmote setup as well as one of your buttons for "enter" and another for escape. Touchmote Setup In Touchmote - pair your wii controller and set your motes up with Layouts- . Go to settings then controller config - and hit the plus. I have named mine Mame Light Gun 1 and Mame Light Gun 2. I would delete all but the default profile and just keep the 3 in the list of configs (more on why later). To set up profiles it is pretty easy - on the right side there is a list of outputs which you can filter by device. You can safely leave it in all, and just scroll the list. Remember when setting these - Green boxes are xinput controls, Yellow boxes are keyboard keys, Red are mouse controls. If you set set escape to a button, make sure to set it to one you will not be using in game obviously) Set up profiles like this - For Mame 1 you're going to want to set your pointer to "mouse cursor". You'll also need to set plus, minus a, b 1 and 2 to whatever keyboard keys or xinput buttons you want. Number pad works pretty well. For Mame 2 set your pointer to "left" or "right" stick under xbox 360 (green box) This will give your cause the left stick to function similar to a mouse for aiming your light gun. You'll cycle through these profiles after opening touchmote. When you're ready to play a game, open touchmote, hold "home" on the controller and use up or down dpad then a to select layout. You'll set 1 for P1 and 2 for P2. Mame Basic Setup Extract into your mame directory (you may want to make a new one just for these games and direct RL to use this emulator since you'll be messing with settings) the version of non uifx mame you want to use (I use .174 mame.) Extract over top of that the mame uifx (I use .175) Open Mameuifx64.exe - and find your light gun game, right click and edit properties (alt+g when selected). Under Controller - tick enable mouse, enable joystick, enable light gun, enable off screen reload. You'll also want to move your sliders for deadzone and saturation - this effects player 2's pointer set to a stick). mine are set to .06 deadzone and 0.50 saturation. Under Controller Mapping I set paddle, dial, adstick, trackball, pedal and positional to keyboard, mouse to mouse and lightgun to lightgun. Hit okay to close and save all changes. You can also set properties for these under "properties for XXXXcabinet the one if you right click on the game under the alt+g set properties" but do not do this unless you find yourself needing to trouble shoot that cabinet. I know it is not necessary for jaguar.cpp) Setting Controls Open Touchmote and pair controllers. Hold home on each wiimote and select "mame light gun 1" and "mame light gun 2" on your two remotes. Remember I usually set light 1 to 1 and light 2 to 2 to remember player 1 and 2. This is why you wanted to clear out layouts earlier - makes quick setting when you go to play. Open your game up in mame64uifx - hit tab, and hit input for this machine with your keyboard. You'll hit enter to set each control. So for example, set coin 1 to minus by hitting enter - then minus - you'll see the key/button you set in touchmote pop up. If you don't - check the toubleshooting section for ideas. Do this for trigger (sometimes called button 1), start, coins, any anything else how you want your settings done. For your light gun pointer - crosshairs on will probably help (I leave mine on all the time anyway since I'm not worried about competitive playing). To set crosshairs - hit enter on X analogue and Y analogue and move your wiimote swiftly in the X and Y directions (for Y point wiimote up/down, X side to side after hitting enter). Back out of menu and test by inserting coin and hitting start - you should be able to play in mameuifx at this point after calibration of the machine. Setting Up Mame/LB Add your light gun emulator mame64.exe (if you made a new one) to your usable emulators, import your light gun games to launch box. Set use emulator pointing to the new mame64.exe with launchbox for these games. With luck - the config files in that folder will already be set and you're good to go. To play - open Touchmote and set controller and select your game! First Play You'll need to calibrate your gun - this is a little trial and error. TAB and set dip switch to service mode (depends on game) Navigate to gun calibration (most games have you use a combination of p1 and p2 start and triggers) you may need to use your actual mouse first time around to select calibration on the screen) Follow on screen prompts (shoot at dots). Have Fun! - You should now have 2 player light guns working with mame using 2 wiimotes and a dolphinbar! Troubleshooting On first run - if your guns don't work opening from launchbox - try setting them inside mame opened from launchbox following the steps 4-8 under setting controls - this is hit or miss on the x and y axis', I've only ever been able to set the mouse pointer axis to set under mameuifx64. Make sure in the "gamename.ini" file there are 1s next to the control settings you set under mame basic setup above. 1 is a ticked box 0 is unticked in the ini files) - its an ugly way to do it but it works. If you can't set controls for x and y axis' - you might have to run though mameuifx again - sometimes the game.ini and game.cfg files won't stick - haven't figured out why yet. Check these files in your mame directory with notepad++ to see if configurations have changed. Again - the mouse on controller 1 is usually the one that gives issues. Also try opening mame64.exe directly and setting things if the above doesn't work (rather than opening though launchbox - this will give you the ability to use your esc key if you didn't bind one. If you can get stick working but not mouse (e.g. gun 1 doesn't work but 2 does) - it is a mame issue - check to make sure lightgun is set as lightgun in game ini or mameuifx. Try resetting your PC, reconnect controllers and play around - it does work but takes some fussing at times. Known Issues: Stick sensitivity for gun 2 leaves room to be desired- but Touchmote seems like a dead project at this point so I doubt they'll add an adjustment feature. To shoot off screen to reload - you may need to hit the edge of your screen (if crosshairs are on it becomes apparent what I mean) and mash fire. You get use to it after a little play and it's not that big of a deal. You may get it working and it just STOPS one day. Most likely its due to xinput slot changes. Rebind controls and move on. It sucks - but its part of life until someone can figure out how to assign device id to slot and prevent the system level changes. While this isn't an "aimtrack" setup - its cheap, dirty, and fun for the casual. I have my wiimotes in some no name handgun zappers and have also set up Supermodel for JP with this - lots of fun after some frustration. I hope this write-up, if not perfect - will at least get anyone who wants to try in the right dirrection. There wasn't much documentation on how to do this, but trial and error got me to a working setup. I have another thread open for some issues with using multiple controllers like this if anyone has advise on it - with regard to how xinput handles controllers after reset or plugging/unplugging.
  13. retroFuture

    MAME Lag Reduction

    I'm very impressed with RetroArch's lag-reducing run-ahead system. However, I'm very disappointed that it doesn't work with the MAME core (due to lack of save-states). The FinalBurn Alpha core in RA is great because of the runahead feature, but it would be fantastic if the MAME core could also utilise this amazing feature (especially as MAME supports more games than FBA). I am currently using the standalone version of MAME (0.198), but the lag is noticeable. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reduce it? Thanks
  14. Arcade Platform Theme Video View File Arcade Platform Theme Video Submitter ap3demak Submitted 11/18/2018 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  15. Version 1.0.0


    Arcade Platform Theme Video
  16. Version 1.1.0


    Missing, rare, previously unavailable & custom Marquees. Be sure to follow (button above) this thread as I upload it regularly with new Marquees. I try to find, restore, clean up, vectorize & color correct the marquees as best as I can and in max 3840 pixels wide (ultra HD) pixel dimensions. Some times I'll add custom made marquees when there isn't any marquee available made from official artwork and flyer sources, I'll mention it when they are custom made.
  17. natemac00

    (Lots) of Sega Arcade missing

    I just updated to the 9.0 Beta, and after updating the playlist I noticed a lot of Sega games missing. I have a complete set of MAME .201 I Re-ran the importer and I'm missing; Daphne - seems to be missing about two-thirds of games. Sega Naomi - all but 3 games Sega Model 3 - No Games Sega Hikaru - No Games Sammy Atomiswave - No Games Do these import when you choose Arcade import or do they need to be imported separately?
  18. Hi all, I want to know if replacing Mame with Retroarch core FBA libretto 2012 or FBA libretto is a good idea ? I want to use retroarch shader in Arcade games for better rendering. Thanks.
  19. canadish


    Hi all, I have a quick query. MAME audit all sets throws up no errors, all correct nothing incorrect. 0.185 rom's and CHD's (merged). cmpro gives me a voluminous list of crosses and advice, mainly revolving around renaming. Just a little concerned at the amount of renaming and work cmpro wants to do. Downloaded what I thought was a full merged set, rom's CHD's, Just checking this looks right before I proceed and potentially destroy my rom set, although it is fully backed up, just a little nervous about this procedure. I have update packs to take me to version 2.0 which will then get me fairly up to date, and will match the artwork that is ready and waiting at version 2.0, once everything is up to date and ready to migrate to lunchbox. The full set can be imported, is it an easy matter of pointing everything directory wise so no downloading is required for launchbox to do? many thanks
  20. Here's a little trick if you want to use Save/Load States in MAME and you don't have access to a keyboard. MAME assigns by default the Save State to shift+F7. Then it pops up a window asking for a number slot. Similarly the Load State is assigned to F7 and then asks for a number slot. 1. Assign through MAME the Save State to an unused controller button, for example B10 2. Assign through MAME the Load State to a unused controller button on the same controller, for example B11 3. When you want to save your game press B10 and when it asks for a slot number, press B11 (the trick is that MAME accepts anything as slot number, not only numbers, so in this case it saves the state as "joyx-11.sta"!) 4. When you want to load your game press B11 and when it asks for a slot number press B11 again
  21. quazl

    Adding MAME CHD's to Launchbox

    I am not a Noob really, but a Noob when it comes to CHD files. I keep my CHD's separate from my ROM's. I have a full set of .182 of both. I have watched the tutorials, and searched these forums. 1. Does every CHD have a corresponding ROM? 2. How do I add the CHD's to LaunchBox? When I point the importer to the location with all of the CHD's it doesn't seem to get all of the entries. I must be doing it wrong. Thanks for any help
  22. Retro666

    Updating Mame Romset

    Hi, When updating mame romsets from say 1.98 to 2.01 whats the process? I believe i will need to run some tools to update the romset itself but what`s next to be done in LaunchBox? Cheers,
  23. I have dual monitors. Which means I can have the marquee displayed on one and the Big Box menu on the other. I want MAME to open on my 2nd screen but it keeps opening up on the 1st. I dont know how to go about doing this. MAME is the only emulator that seems to be doing this. Please, I need some help!
  24. Hi all. I've got some problem with MAME recently. Maybe someone have the same experience and can help me with this. I can't start MAME exe file. When I start specific games from LB MAME works correctly - games starts without problem, but when I try to run MAME64.exe only black screen occurs and after 10 seconds it dissapear and nothing happen. So emulating games works perfet but I can't run MAME to change options. I try with other versions of MAME from internet but all of them behave the same. I made two changes recently - one of them is that i change graphic card - from XTX radeon r9 270 to MSI radeon r9 270 (the old card stop working). I change drivers to the newest. Second change is that I start running old platforms like coleco, rca studio II, etc with MAME and in one tutorial (to coleco) there was a suggestion to change video options. so i change video mode to opengl. that was the last time i run MAME exe file. I think it is some problem with graphic card but the strange thing is that arcade games works correctly. I think it is not problem with opengl video mode because when i download other version from internet it should start with default options. or MAME had some ini files with settings somewhere on the drive c? Please let me know if there is some command lines that i can start MAME with default setting or maybe i can go to mame options from game (when i push tab i know i have options but only for this game). Maybe someone had the same problem and can help me? ps. sorry for my english ;]
  25. letstalkaboutdune

    Arcade Genre Clear Logos

    Version 1.4


    This is a pack of simple, text-based clear logos intended to be used with arcade genre playlists. The genres roughly correlate to the "All Killer, No Filler" categories.