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Found 6 results

  1. Most importantly, I got the idea from FASM's topic posted a while back so a lot of this credit goes to him/her. However, I noticed it only halfway functioned and didn't really do what I wanted it to. An excellent start though! I have created a video with the tutorial in the description over at but for those who just want to get into it, here as follow. TUTORIAL FULLSCREEN MANUAL SUPPORT, BIGBOX Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/hzgyg8awfbzd8dn/SumatraPDF.exe and get Sumatra PDF. Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/dnb7v7wdfwl31ue/Chrono+Trigger.pdf and get a test manual if you want. - Put SumatraPDF.exe anywhere you'd like, I chose a folder I named SumatraPDF inside my LB folder. - Click SumatraPDF.exe one time, it will make a txt file called sumatraPDFsettings, open this file (default should be in notepad). - At the very top is a line that says EscToExit, change this to True. This will let you instantly exit with the ESC key. - Hold CTRL + F and search RememberStatePerDocument and change this to = false (manuals will be restarted when reopened) - Do the same with DefaultDisplayMode and change it to = single page (this will fix seeing the bottom page of the next page like seen in the Final Fantasy manual in the video.) - Do the same with Window State, it's right under the last line. Change the number to = 3 (this is borderless fullscreen) - Save the document, exit. - Right click a .pdf file on your computer or use the one I included (most manuals are in this format) and click 'open with' then 'choose another app'. - MAKE SURE to click 'always use this app to open .PDF files' FIRST, even before selecting one, do that now. - click 'show more' then scroll to the bottom, click 'use another app on this PC' - Locate where you put the SumatraPDF.exe and select it. - It should either open the manual in fullscreen OR go back to the app menu with SumatraPDF added to it. If it went back to the menu, click SumatraPDF and click 'okay' - TEST it! The manual should open in fullscreen, move with arrow keys. CONTROLLER SUPPORT FOR MANUALS, BIGBOX Go here *link removed* to download Controller Companion. - Install Controller Companion where ever you like. I put it in it's own folder called Controller Companion inside my LB folder. - For the purpose of this tutorial, I am using a Wireless Xbox One controller. Connect your controller and open Controller Companion. - If it opens up on screen, close it. If not, right click the icon in your taskbar and open settings. - For right now, leave balloon tips and play sounds on. Turn on Start Controller Companion when Windows Starts Up to On if you use Big Box a lot. There will be an option later to turn it off with your controller when not using it. - Click the Bindings tab. Now this is a personal preference, I like to clear every binded button on my controller, you can do this by selecting the button icon and clicking 'nothing'. - Select the Left D-Pad button and make it the left arrow key. It is located in 'keyboard' then 'navigation and edit'. Do the same with the Right D-Pad button and make it the right arrow key. - Click Apply and close out of the window. - TEST it! Open notepad, type a few letters/numbers and use your controllers D-Pad to see if you can move between the letters and numbers with it. If it doesn't work, try again after holding the SELECT/BACK button and pressing the START button. FINAL STEPS, YAY! - Your manuals should be located in your LaunchBox folder under 'manuals' inside the system of the game. They should be named exactly as the roms name. For example, if Final Fantasy 3's rom is named 'Final Fantasy 3 (USA) then your manual for that game should be named 'Final Fantasy 3 (USA).pdf'. - Open Launchbox and go to options. Go to 'controller automation' turn this on and make the buttons as so. Hold Button = START and Close the Active Window = SELECT or BACK button. - TEST it! Go to a game, select a manual and see if it opens in fullscreen. If not, hold the SELECT/BACK button and then press the START button. To close out of a manual and any running emulator currently in Big Box, hold the START button and press the SELECT/BACK button. SUCCESS! A final note, Controller Companion can be active in every single window applicable in Windows.To toggle it between off and onat anytime, hold the SELECT/BACK button and press the START button. It can do many more things than just arrow keys such as toggle virtual keyboards and such. There are many detailed tutorials on Google and YouTube. Enjoy and support the LB BB team! Hopefully in days come a true plugin will be built for BB but for nice, this works just fine! Also, forgive me for making another topic like this a couple weeks ago, the last one didn't have a tutorial and people were asking me. I'm not trying to showcase my video on YouTube, rather, I am trying to showcase it I guess Anywho, much love and LBBBFTW!
  2. Hello! From your Bitbucket: So, I'll put my request here. @Jason Carr, could you add a support of multiple manuals, please? A lot of old games have manuals, guides, maps and so on. Thank you for this awesome software!
  3. Hi, I'm working on a BigBox plugin and an associated Android app to enable a tablet to be used as a side screen / auxiliary screen to show marquees / banners / control layouts and pdf manuals for the game that is currently selected in Big Box. The idea is that the tablet would be automatically synchronized via WiFi to the selected game in Big Box, and it would show relevant data for that game. This could be especially handy to show the control layout and manual for a game when using Big Box in a cabinet. I was wondering how much interest there would be in the community for me to release this plug in to everybody? Also, @Jason Carr, can I use the Big Box logo, or a derivative of it as the icon for the Android app? Thanks!
  4. It took a little investigating to find a pdf viewer that supported both full-screen [upon opening] and a minimal footprint (sorry new Foxit reader versions). It turns out SumatraPDF does all of this with a few quick settings to set. Download (installer / portable zip , 32-bit / 64-bit ) I used the portable version. Put it somewhere you don't mind making it's permanent home. Run it once to create the necessary settings config file. Open the SumatraPDF-settings plain-text config file. Ensure the following settings are set: Set Esc key to escape the program EscToExit = true Under "FixedPageUI"... comment out the background line to turn off what is essentially a colored overlay on the pdf #BackgroundColor = #ffffff The only way to set the actual background behind the pdf is to set the following. I set a slight gradient but a single black #000000 can be set as well. GradientColors = #111111 #000000 A single whole page at a time as the default view DefaultDisplayMode = single page Set fullscreen as the default WindowState = 3 Obviously you'll need to set this as your default PDF viewer. This isn't tremendously difficult, but I'm sure others are looking for a possible solution to a front-end "hands-off"-ish manual viewing in BigBox. Esc is then set for exiting and the arrow keys will change pages. Set these with your controller(s) and your front-end solution should be good until there's a local pdf solution.
  5. This video is basically demonstrating FASM's method of viewing manuals, I did not come up with it though I did do some tweaks. There wasn't any videos of it in action, so.. here ya go! Everything you see is being inputed by my Xbox One controller ONLY. Perfect for that home console feel! Using the guide FASM wrote over at https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topi... but with some tweaks to the interface and I've also added Controller Companion in the background to control .pdf files so it all works seamlessly. Controller companion even auto-opens only on .PDF files and auto closes as well so no background tasks going on when you're not using it. Also, the manuals will fill the entire fullscreen, no borders or anything to show that it's being ran off a .PDF viewer. Another thing, the reason Morrowind doesn't fill the entire screen is because the manual was shaped like a PS2 manual! Final Fantasy VII was a PSX manual shaped like a square Let me know what you think, I can try to write out a detailed tutorial if anyone is interested!
  6. Ok, I'm just throwing this out here because a "wouldn't it be nice if this where a thing" post in this forum inspired me to develop this. I've got a crazy crude joystick driven PDF viewer for viewing manuals with a Joystick. Currently, the controls are hard coded to support the two controllers I happen to own: XBOX 360 wireless and iBuffalo SNES pads. It MIGHT work with others. I am NOT a .NET developer (I do website development to pay the bills). This is an ALPHA release. It's only a proof of concept and has had super minimal testing. It could crash in any number of horrible ways so please use with caution. In other words "use at your own risk". You can find the full source on GitHub as JPDFViewer. XBOX Controller: A -- Page Down B -- Page UP Pov Hat -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Back button: Exit the viewer SNES Pad A -- Page Down B -- Page UP DPAD -- Tap up/down to move a single line. Currently it doesn't scroll, so you must tap per line. Select: Exit the viewer I'm attaching the binary to the Alpha release. To use it, extract the files to the directory of your choosing and make it your default PDF viewer. Obviously this is intended for systems that are used exclusively for LaunchBox/BigBox. Future versions may include a pass-through feature so that only PDF's in your manuals directory open with this. How much dev time this gets depends on if anybody actually wants to use this. JPDF ALPHA.zip
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