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Found 20 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    I made 5 marquees for mortal kombat 11. I made them for my Marquee display in 1920x360 resolution. Put them all 5 in your Windows Marquee folder and every time you select the game it will randomly choose a marquee. I hope in the future there will be an option to let the marquee change pictures while playing a game @Jason Carr
  2. Mortal Kombat 11 Marquees for stretched display 1920x360 View File I made 5 marquees for mortal kombat 11. I made them for my Marquee display in 1920x360 resolution. Put them all 5 in your Windows Marquee folder and every time you select the game it will randomly choose a marquee. I hope in the future there will be an option to let the marquee change pictures while playing a game @Jason Carr Submitter SpuRge Submitted 12/26/2019 Category Game Marquee Images  
  3. This is by far the easiest Marquee Display setup I've used in a frontend to date. I have everything displaying fine but I do like playing the MAME dual-screen "Punchout, Arm Wrestling & Playchoice 10 games" though. I've been trying to find a way to force MAME to the front on both screens or turn off the BigBox Marquee during those games only. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Dave
  4. Version 1.3


    Missing, rare, previously unavailable & custom Marquees. Be sure to follow (button above) this thread as I upload it regularly with new Marquees. I try to find, restore, clean up, vectorize & color correct the marquees as best as I can and in max 3840 pixels wide (ultra HD) pixel dimensions. Some times I'll add custom made marquees when there isn't any marquee available made from official artwork and flyer sources, I'll mention it when they are custom made.
  5. Basically, mixing a 4K screen and a 1080P screen doesn't work properly. On a stream, @Jason Carr mentioned I should take it to the forums and report it, so I have. What happens is BB actually displays BOTH monitors content on one monitor. If you switch both to be 1080P in Windows, reboot while it is set to 1080P it will work. Then you can actually return one of the monitors to 4K and it will actually work properly. If you have either monitor set to 4K before you reboot then BB will not show anything spanned across monitors. Thing is if you trick it in this way it DOES work properly! This tells me there has got to be something that can be done to make this work reliably. I don't really care to swap back and forth to 1080P and reboot every time I want to turn on my second screen with BB. Thanks for you time! Below is a video showing exactly what is happening. The video includes both monitors. The right hand screen is a 1080P 55inch TV so that is as high as it goes. The leftmost screen is a Vizio e65-01 which is a 65inch 4K TV. They are side by side in my setup.
  6. Version 1.2.0


    Here is a set of 7 Platform Category marquees to match the video and wheel set that I have just released. Dimensions are 1920x533
  7. Version 2.0.0


    Arcade Marquee Wallpaper/Fanart images 119 Cut-outs from high quality marquee images, can be used as desktop wallpapers and/or to be used as fan-art backgrounds for example, all up to you Ranging from 1080p to Ultra HD resolution and any resolution in between, all images in 16:9 aspect ratio. Arcade_Marquee_Wallpapers.zip
  8. Mr. RetroLust's Neo Geo Marquees - Pack 1 of 2 View File Mr. RetroLust's Neo Geo Marquees Pack 1 of 2 This is version 2.0.0, I deleted the first version I uploaded here so be advised to overwrite the old versions with these updated better quality versions. See below for more details. Description I made these Marquees exclusively for the LaunchBox community as appreciation for the awesome work, software and everyone that contributes to this amazing community. I find the official single 'mini-marquee' system a bit boring with just one small mini-marquee on a huge red plate and as the games came with more instruction flyers and artwork I got inspired by the dual-marquee layout to use the second placeholder for more artwork for a single game, for some games I couldn't find extra flyer material so I used artwork from back-covers and such to fill up the second placeholder. Now it feels a bit more colorful. If you like these marquees please use the review option below as well, much appreciated. Includes Marquees for 73 games (see list below for more details) Made from the highest quality artwork available Version 2.0.0 changes: Optimized marquees without scratched texture overlay for deeper colors and contrast on the mini-marquees Cleaned up and color corrected artwork Custom translations from Japanese to English where needed Exclusive Day mode / Night Mode (unlit/lit) for every marquee Including restored/remade/revived Full Marquee versions for some games that weren't available anywhere else before Optimized dual mini-marquee layouts in 21:9 aspect ratio for full screen ultra-wide marquee monitors All marquees are 4K Ultra HD Resolution; 3840 pixels wide with variable height for Full Layout marquees See this thread for more details on this project: Installation Place the files in "Images\*Name of your Neo Geo directory*\Arcade - Marquee". The file names have the rom name so if the title changes in the launchbox games database these files still get linked to the rom files, please note that some games might have a specific version in the name so you should change it accordingly, example: The Burning fight version that you use could be: "burningf" or as I use: "burningfh". Eassiest to check is by dropping all the files inside your Rom directory so you can compare them directly side by side (that is if you keep your Neo Geo files separated from Mame roms as those directories could be a bit large) You could delete the versions you don't like; Night, Day, Full or Mini-Marquee or just let BigBox randomly choose a version for you each time (if I'm not mistaken) when you have different numbers behind the images (01, 02, 03, 04) List including games Pack 1 of 2: +++ - 3 Count Bout (Fire Suplex) +++ - Super Baseball 2020 (2020 Super Baseball) +++ - Aggressors of Dark Kombat (Tsukai GANGAN Koshinkyoku) +++ - Alpha Mission II (ASO II: Last Guardian) +++ - Andro Dunos +++ - Art of Fighting (Ryuko no Ken) +++ - Art of Fighting 2 (Ryuko no Ken 2) +++ - Art of Fighting 3: The Path of the Warrior (ART OF FIGHTING: Ryuko no Ken - Gaiden) +++ - Bang Bead (Bang Beads) +++ - Baseball Stars Professional +++ - Baseball Stars 2 +++ - Battle Flip Shot (Flip Shot) +++ - Blazing Star +++ - Blue's Journey (Raguy) +++ - Breakers +++ - Breakers Revenge +++ - Burning Fight +++ - Captain Tomaday +++ - Crossed Swords +++ - Crossed Swords II +++ - Cyber-Lip +++ - Double Dragon (Double Dragon 6-1) +++ - Eight Man (8 Man) +++ - Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash (Tengai Makyo: Shinden) +++ - Fatal Fury: King of Fighters (Garo Densetsu: Shukumei no Tatakai) +++ - Fatal Fury 2 (Garo Densetsu 2: Aratanaru Tatakai) +++ - Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final Victory (Garo Densetsu 3: Harukanaru Tatakai) +++ - Fatal Fury Special (Garo Densetsu Special) +++ - Fight Fever (Wang Jung Wang) +++ - Football Frenzy +++ - Galaxy Fight: Universal Warriors +++ - Ganryu (Musashi Ganryuki) +++ - Garou: Mark of the Wolves +++ - Ghostlop +++ - Ghost Pilots +++ - Goal! Goal! Goal! +++ - Gururin +++ - The Irritating Maze +++ - Ironclad +++ - Karnov's Revenge (Fighter's History Dynamite) +++ - Kizuna Encounter (Fuun Super Tag Battle) aka Savage Reign 2: Kizuna Encounter +++ - The King of Fighters '94 +++ - The King of Fighters '95 +++ - The King of Fighters '96 +++ - The King of Fighters '97 +++ - The King of Fighters '98: The Slugfest (Dream Match Never Ends) +++ - The King of Fighters '99 (Millennium Battle) +++ - The King of Fighters 2000 +++ - The King of Fighters 2001 +++ - The King of Fighters 2002: Challenge to Ultimate Battle +++ - The King of Fighters 2003 +++ - King of the Monsters +++ - King of the Monsters 2: The Next Thing +++ - The Last Blade (Bakumatsu Roman: Gekka no Kenshi / The Last Soldier) +++ - The Last Blade 2 (Bakumatsu Roman Dainimaku: Gekka no Kenshi - Tsuki ni Saku Hana, Chiri Yuku Hana) +++ - League Bowling +++ - Legend of Success Joe (Ashita No Jo Densetsu) +++ - Magical Drop II +++ - Magical Drop III +++ - Metal Slug (Super Vehicle-001 Metal Slug) +++ - Metal Slug 2 (Super Vehicle-001 Metal Slug II) +++ - Metal Slug 3 +++ - Metal Slug 4 +++ - Metal Slug 5 +++ - Metal Slug X (Super Vehicle-001 Metal Slug X) +++ - Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory +++ - Neo Mr. Do! +++ - Nightmare in the Dark +++ - Ninja Commando +++ - Over Top +++ - Power Instinct Matrimelee (Shin Goketsuji Ichizoku: Tokon Matrimelee) +++ - Puzzled (Joy Joy Kid) +++ - Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer (Chojin Gakuen Gowcaizer) List of upcoming marquees for Pack 2 of 2, might take a while since it's a very time consuming proces to create these in the highest quality possible: Bomberman: Panic Bomber Last Resort Magician Lord Money Idol Exchanger (Money Puzzle Exchanger) Mutation Nation NAM-1975 Neo Bomberman Neo Drift Out: New Technology Neo Turf Masters (Big Tournament Golf) Ninja Combat Ninja Master's: Hao Ninpo Cho Pleasure Goal: 5 on 5 Mini Soccer (Futsal: 5 on 5 Mini Soccer) Pochi & Nyaa (Pochitto Nya) Pop'n Bounce (Gapporin) Power Spikes II Prehistoric Isle 2 (Kenshi Shima 2 / Genshi-to 2) Pulstar Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move) Puzzle Bobble 2 (Bust-a-Move Again) Puzzle Bobble 2 (Bust-a-Move Again EX Edition) Puzzle De Pon! Puzzle de Pon! R Rage of the Dragons Ragnagard (Shin-Oh-Ken) Real Bout Fatal Fury (REAL BOUT Garo Densetsu) Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers (Real Bout Garo Densetsu 2: THE NEWCOMERS) Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (Real Bout Garo Densetsu Special) Riding Hero Robo Army Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits) Samurai Shodown II (Shin Samurai Spirits: Haohmaru Jigokuhen) Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood (Samurai Spirits: Zankuro Musoken / Fighters Swords) Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge (Samurai Spirits: Amakusa Korin) Samurai Shodown V (Samurai Spirits Zero) Samurai Shodown V Special (Samurai Spirits Zero Special) Savage Reign (Fuun Mokushiroku: Kakuto Sosei) Sengoku (Sengoku Densho) Sengoku 2 (Sengoku Densho 2) Sengoku 3 (Sengoku Legends 2001) Shock Troopers Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos Soccer Brawl Aero Fighters 2 (Sonic Wings 2) Aero Fighters 3 (Sonic Wings 3) Spinmaster (Miracle Adventure) Stakes Winner (Stakes Winner: GI Kinzen Seihae no Michi) Stakes Winner 2 Street Slam (Street Hoop / Dunk Dream) Strikers 1945 Plus Super Dodge Ball (Kunio no Nekketsu Tokyu Densetsu) Super Sidekicks (Tokuten-o) Super Sidekicks 2: The World Championship (Tokuten-o 2: Real Fight Football) Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory (Tokuten-o 3: Eiko-e no Michi) The Super Spy Tecmo World Soccer '96 Thrash Rally Top Hunter: Roddy & Cathy Top Player's Golf Twinkle Star Sprites The Ultimate 11: SNK Football Championship (SNK FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP - Tokuten-o: Hono no Libero) Viewpoint Waku Waku 7 Windjammers (Flying Power Disc) World Heroes World Heroes 2 World Heroes 2 Jet World Heroes Perfect Zed Blade (Operation Ragnarok) Zintrick ZuPaPa! Submitter Mr. RetroLust Submitted 05/02/2018 Category Game Marquee Images  
  9. FutureState Neon Deluxe View File FUTURESTATE NEON DELUXE *Click follow to stay informed of important updates* ---Introduction--- This theme started out as a custom color skin for the FutureState theme by Hexxxer, I wanted to make something that would fit my gameroom's dark blue/purple blacklight lit environment, a bit like the good old dark arcades, where light plays an important role to the experience. It evolved after months of coding long, long... lloonng hours into this, I had to learn this coding language along the way, I hope it doesn't contain any errors and such. Huge thanks go out to @Hexxxer for his amazing theme (FutureState) framework, controls (HexControls.dll) and kind permission, without him I couldn't have done this. Also a huge thanks to @NJDave71 for making it possible to see the game count for playlists through HelperControl_v4.DLL which is included in this theme. Thanks guys! And everyone else for all the inspiration, enthusiasm and dedication. Enjoy please read these instructions well! ---Installation, Tips & Probable Issues--- 1. This theme uses images and video pretty heavy, it could run slow on older systems, I did add some faster/lighter views, try to see what works for you after you let the lists cache. Huge lists with thousands of games always run a bit slower as more data is being transfered. I recommend doing the following to speed up BigBox greatly: * Uncheck all Background Images in launchbox/settings/image priorities * Set all transitions to "None" in BigBox settings 2. This theme is probably only fit for use on a 16:9 aspect ratio, as I did use some absolute positioning of elements, I'm not very experienced yet to make a 4:3 relative positioning version, maybe someone else might be able to make such a version. 3. If you use a 4K display you probably have to set the Windows dpi settings to 200% in order to keep the layout intact. 4. You can find transparent background cabinets here at Arcade Cabinets Project 2.0: 5. Download the theme zip file and extract the content to Launchbox/Themes/ folder. 6. Install the font file, you can find it in the extracted folder FutureStateNeonDeluxe/_InstallationFiles/ 7. To make the placeholder work which shows the Cabinets/Advertisement Flyer - Back/Box Back in the screenshots needs some changes in your image priority settings within Launchbox. As the cabinets don't have their own placeholder to be coded in a theme I used the Cart 3D placeholder as I figured most people will only use one cart view or can set Cart 3D in image priorities to Cart Front. You can control a lot to your liking within image priorities, as long as you remember it's Cart 3D for this placeholder. My setup in image priorities within Launchbox options: 8. You might need to unblock the .DLL's in the plugin folder for them to work properly. ---Features--- Slide-in/out platform/game wheel, disappearing when not in use to make room for more possibilities. The logo's have a glow beneath them so you can still see black/dark logo's apart from the background. Special Marquee monitor filler magic trick (previously released to be used in other themes as well). Using the empty space around marquees in a special way. If you rather have the default marquee views just copy 'GameMarqueeView.xaml' and 'PlatformMarqueeView.xaml' from the default theme views folder and overwrite in this themes 'views' folder. And loads more... ---Views Description--- Platform View 1 (PlatformWheel1FiltersView) * A lot of Platform details * Device image * Large video/image with ambient/glow beneath it * Total games counter for platforms and playlists Platform View 2 (PlatformWheel2FiltersView) * Same as Platform View 1 except for a few differences * Fanart platform image in place of device image * Device image to the right side overlaying video/image Platform View 3 (PlatformWheel3FiltersView) * Same as Platform View 2 except for a few differences * Details panel makes room for full size video/image Platform View 4 (PlatformWheel4FiltersView) * Full screen video/image Platform View 5 (TextFiltersView) * Text list of Platforms * In the mid collumn Platform banner image, device image, fanart image * Even more details about the platform/playlist Games View 1 (WheelGamesView) * 2 Game Screenshots * Details I found useful * Game description * 3D box (You can switch image view on this placeholder with a button) with Cart image overlaying. * Cabinet/Back Box/Back Flyer overlaying on left side over video/image * Details overlaying video/image like your star rating, developer, publisher, genre, playmode. * Custom icons for Broken, Portable, Completed, Favorite and ESRB rating. * Platform logo in the middle * Scanlines overlaying the video/image Games View 2 (Wheel2GamesView) Same as Games View 1 but with Cabs/Back to the right side Games View 3 (Wheel3GamesView) Same as Games View 1 & 2 but without cabs/back and without scanlines over the video, for views which have high quality video's and/or theme video's Games View 4 (Wheel4GamesView) A view which might be more suitable for quick browsing, slower systems and require more game details. * Cab images without transparency look better in this view * Static logo wheel * Video below with glow beneath. The cabs/back images are filling the screen (maintaining aspect ratio) to the right for better readability of back covers and high quality cab images. I prefer this view for inspecting/sorting out my games. * Larger Icons right/below side. Games View 5 (TextGamesView) A view to see even more game details, without video, the idea here is you can see the front and back image side by side while being able to read the back image. As if you would hold the cover in your hand. * Static Text wheel * Many details * Large Icons * Box/Advertisement fronts beneath image * Cabs/Back to the right Games View 6 (GameDetailsView) Same as Games View 5 Another example of FutureState Neon Deluxe in action: Here's the startup theme to accompany this theme: Submitter Mr. RetroLust Submitted 07/30/2018 Category Big Box Custom Themes  
  10. I'm going to be building an arcade cabinet and using a super wide screen as a digital marquee. Does anybody have sets of marquee images for console games? I saw a post on using Image Magick to create some but it didn't make much sense to me....
  11. Arcade Marquee Wallpapers View File Arcade Marquee Wallpaper/Fanart images 119 Cut-outs from high quality marquee images, can be used as desktop wallpapers and/or to be used as fan-art backgrounds for example, all up to you Ranging from 1080p to Ultra HD resolution and any resolution in between, all images in 16:9 aspect ratio. Arcade_Marquee_Wallpapers.zip Submitter Mr. RetroLust Submitted 04/20/2018 Category Game Media Packs  
  12. Hello, So my latest dilemma is with the images used for my marquee. I have a folder on my E Drive located at "Images\MAME\Arcade - Marquee" This is the folder that is default within LB to refer the marquees. I can not see where all these other images are coming from, because my marquee folder (within windows explorer) only shows my marquees The problem is that I see a bunch of old marquees downloaded from emumovies that randomly are show and look pretty bad (low resolution) . So my questions are: Can I bulk remove all the marquees I don't want. If not, can I make only one show and stop the random selection (very annoying this random image thing). if not to both above, what recommendations would someone have. It really is annoying that you can download 10 images all the same if you make the mistake of downloading media for missing games, even if you select "only media and meta data that is missing" Thanks!!!!
  13. Retro Neon Platform Category Marquee Set View File Here is a set of 7 Platform Category marquees to match the video and wheel set that I have just released. Dimensions are 1920x533 Submitter RetroHumanoid Submitted 04/08/2018 Category Platform Banners  
  14. Hi! I have struggled to change the second monitor marquee image to Clear Logo insted of the default Boxart. Is that possible? My first try was to change Image Source in GameMarqueeView.xaml but without luck.
  15. Mr. RetroLust's Arcade Marquees (Missing, Rare, Custom etc.) View File Missing, rare, previously unavailable & custom Marquees. Be sure to follow (button above) this thread as I upload it regularly with new Marquees. I try to find, restore, clean up, vectorize & color correct the marquees as best as I can and in max 3840 pixels wide (ultra HD) pixel dimensions. Some times I'll add custom made marquees when there isn't any marquee available made from official artwork and flyer sources, I'll mention it when they are custom made. Submitter Mr. RetroLust Submitted 04/05/2018 Category Game Marquee Images  
  16. Hi, I'm working on a BigBox plugin and an associated Android app to enable a tablet to be used as a side screen / auxiliary screen to show marquees / banners / control layouts and pdf manuals for the game that is currently selected in Big Box. The idea is that the tablet would be automatically synchronized via WiFi to the selected game in Big Box, and it would show relevant data for that game. This could be especially handy to show the control layout and manual for a game when using Big Box in a cabinet. I was wondering how much interest there would be in the community for me to release this plug in to everybody? Also, @Jason Carr, can I use the Big Box logo, or a derivative of it as the icon for the Android app? Thanks!
  17. I am thinking about putting my pc in a cabinet now I have it all set up with Bigbox. Can you get narrow lcd screens that are a similar size to the actual marquee on the actual arcade cabinet ? then you could display the actual marquee on the cabinet and have it change depending on the game by maybee setting it up as a second scree ??? Think that would look pretty cool but dont know it such a thing is available ? I cant see anything but... I am pretty new on this so maybee its a stupid question :-)
  18. Hi everyone! I'm looking to see if anyone has any clever images/ways on how to show console games with the dynamic marquees I like the idea of having some type of console marquee for each system, but I also like the idea of having the box art up there as well? Has anyone done anything like this before for consoles? Maybe some type of theme where the box art is shown in the middle, and there is an overlay to fill up the black space on all the sides? Thanks!
  19. Hello, I know how to show the marquee of any game while in launchbox but how do you keep a marquee on gameplay? I would like to have it show on all platforms, but would like to start with just getting mame 1.7 to do it. I have pointed the diretory within mame marquee to the correct folder, but nothing. Please help. my MAME 1.7 ini # # CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS # readconfig 1 writeconfig 0 # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # rompath "D:\Arcade\System roms\MAME\roms" hashpath hash samplepath E:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME17\samples artpath E:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME17\artwork ctrlrpath ctrlr inipath ini fontpath . cheatpath cheat crosshairpath crosshair pluginspath plugins languagepath language highpath dats # # CORE OUTPUT DIRECTORY OPTIONS # cfg_directory E:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME17\cfg nvram_directory nvram input_directory inp state_directory sta snapshot_directory snap diff_directory diff comment_directory comments hiscore_directory D:\Arcade\Emulators\MAME17\hi video_directory video # # CORE STATE/PLAYBACK OPTIONS # state autosave 1 playback record record_timecode 0 exit_after_playback 0 mngwrite aviwrite wavwrite snapname %g/%i snapsize auto snapview internal snapbilinear 1 statename %g burnin 0 # # CORE PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # autoframeskip 1 frameskip 0 seconds_to_run 0 throttle 1 syncrefresh 0 sleep 0 speed 1.0 refreshspeed 0 # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 1 ror 0 rol 0 autoror 0 autorol 0 flipx 0 flipy 0 # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # artwork_crop 1 use_backdrops 1 use_overlays 1 use_bezels 1 use_cpanels 1 use_marquees 1 # # CORE SCREEN OPTIONS # brightness 1.0 contrast 1.0 gamma 1.0 pause_brightness 0.65 effect Scanlines75x3_J4 widestretch 1 # # CORE VECTOR OPTIONS # antialias 1 beam_width_min 1.0 beam_width_max 1.0 beam_intensity_weight -0.0 flicker 0 # # CORE SOUND OPTIONS # samplerate 48000 samples 1 volume 0 # # CORE INPUT OPTIONS # coin_lockout 1 ctrlr XArcade mouse 1 joystick 1 lightgun 1 multikeyboard 0 multimouse 1 steadykey 0 ui_active 0 offscreen_reload 1 joystick_map auto joystick_deadzone 0.3 joystick_saturation 0.85 natural 0 joystick_contradictory 0 coin_impulse 0 # # CORE INPUT AUTOMATIC ENABLE OPTIONS # paddle_device keyboard adstick_device keyboard pedal_device keyboard dial_device keyboard trackball_device mouse lightgun_device lightgun positional_device keyboard mouse_device mouse # # CORE DEBUGGING OPTIONS # verbose 0 log 0 oslog 0 debug 0 update_in_pause 0 debugscript # # CORE COMM OPTIONS # comm_localhost comm_localport 15112 comm_remotehost comm_remoteport 15112 # # CORE MISC OPTIONS # drc 1 drc_use_c 0 drc_log_uml 0 drc_log_native 0 bios cheat 1 skip_gameinfo 1 uifont default ui cabinet ramsize confirm_quit 0 ui_mouse 1 autoboot_command autoboot_delay 2 autoboot_script hiscore 1 console 0 language English # # OSD KEYBOARD MAPPING OPTIONS # uimodekey SCRLOCK # # OSD FONT OPTIONS # uifontprovider auto # # OSD DEBUGGING OPTIONS # debugger auto debugger_font auto debugger_font_size 0 watchdog 0 # # OSD PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # multithreading 0 numprocessors auto bench 0 # # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video opengl numscreens 2 window 0 maximize 1 keepaspect 1 unevenstretch 1 waitvsync 0 # # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS # screen auto aspect auto resolution auto view auto screen0 auto aspect0 auto resolution0 auto view0 standard screen1 auto aspect1 auto resolution1 auto view1 marquee screen2 auto aspect2 auto resolution2 auto view2 auto screen3 auto aspect3 auto resolution3 auto view3 auto # # OSD FULL SCREEN OPTIONS # switchres 0 # # OSD ACCELERATED VIDEO OPTIONS # filter 0 prescale 1 # # OpenGL-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # glslpath glsl gl_forcepow2texture 0 gl_notexturerect 0 gl_vbo 1 gl_pbo 1 gl_glsl 1 gl_glsl_filter 1 gl_glsl_sync 0 glsl_shader_mame0 "CRT Geom HQ" glsl_shader_mame1 none glsl_shader_mame2 none glsl_shader_mame3 none glsl_shader_mame4 none glsl_shader_mame5 none glsl_shader_mame6 none glsl_shader_mame7 none glsl_shader_mame8 none glsl_shader_mame9 none glsl_shader_screen0 none glsl_shader_screen1 none glsl_shader_screen2 none glsl_shader_screen3 none glsl_shader_screen4 none glsl_shader_screen5 none glsl_shader_screen6 none glsl_shader_screen7 none glsl_shader_screen8 none glsl_shader_screen9 none # # OSD SOUND OPTIONS # sound auto audio_latency 2 # # WINDOWS PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # priority 0 profile 0 # # WINDOWS VIDEO OPTIONS # menu 0 # # DIRECTDRAW-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # hwstretch 1 # # DIRECT3D POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # hlsl_enable 1 hlslpath hlsl hlsl_prescale_x 0 hlsl_prescale_y 0 hlsl_write hlsl_snap_width 2048 hlsl_snap_height 1536 shadow_mask_tile_mode 0 shadow_mask_alpha 0.0 shadow_mask_texture shadow-mask.png shadow_mask_x_count 6 shadow_mask_y_count 4 shadow_mask_usize 0.1875 shadow_mask_vsize 0.25 shadow_mask_uoffset 0.0 shadow_mask_voffset 0.0 curvature 0.0 round_corner 0.0 smooth_border 0.0 reflection 0.0 vignetting 0.0 scanline_alpha 0.0 scanline_size 1.0 scanline_height 1.0 scanline_bright_scale 1.0 scanline_bright_offset 0.0 scanline_jitter 0.0 hum_bar_alpha 0.0 defocus 1.0,0.0 converge_x 0.25,0.00,-0.25 converge_y 0.0,0.25,-0.25 radial_converge_x 0.0,0.0,0.0 radial_converge_y 0.0,0.0,0.0 red_ratio 1.0,0.0,0.0 grn_ratio 0.0,1.0,0.0 blu_ratio 0.0,0.0,1.0 saturation 1.4 offset 0.0,0.0,0.0 scale 0.95,0.95,0.95 power 0.8,0.8,0.8 floor 0.05,0.05,0.05 phosphor_life 0.4,0.4,0.4 # # NTSC POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # yiq_enable 0 yiq_jitter 0.0 yiq_cc 3.57954545 yiq_a 0.5 yiq_b 0.5 yiq_o 0.0 yiq_p 1.0 yiq_n 1.0 yiq_y 6.0 yiq_i 1.2 yiq_q 0.6 yiq_scan_time 52.6 yiq_phase_count 2 # # VECTOR POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # vector_length_scale 0.5 vector_length_ratio 500.0 # # BLOOM POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # bloom_blend_mode 0 bloom_scale 0.25 bloom_overdrive 1.0,1.0,1.0 bloom_lvl0_weight 1.0 bloom_lvl1_weight 0.64 bloom_lvl2_weight 0.32 bloom_lvl3_weight 0.16 bloom_lvl4_weight 0.08 bloom_lvl5_weight 0.04 bloom_lvl6_weight 0.04 bloom_lvl7_weight 0.02 bloom_lvl8_weight 0.02 bloom_lvl9_weight 0.01 bloom_lvl10_weight 0.01 # # FULL SCREEN OPTIONS # triplebuffer 1 full_screen_brightness 1.0 full_screen_contrast 1.0 full_screen_gamma 1.0 # # INPUT DEVICE OPTIONS # global_inputs 0 dual_lightgun 0 joystick_id_1 0 joystick_id_2 1 joystick_id_3 2 joystick_id_4 3 joystick_id_5 4 joystick_id_6 5 joystick_id_7 6 joystick_id_8 7 Thanks!!!
  20. How does the Marquee naming structure work exactly? For all systems I have a "Platforms" section for main system images/videos but not one for Marquee... Do I name a System Marquee ie: Nintendo Entertainment System, "Nintendo Entertainment System" and put it in the Marquee folder? Also, are they named by the rom name for individual games because when downloaded names are not the same as the rom?
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