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Found 13 results

  1. I found a bug that is driving me crazy. This BUG occurs only in Big Box and not the desktop Launchbox. Basically the Bug comes out with Mendafen Saturn's CORE in retroarch. If I start a game from the desktop launchbox, it works perfectly, if I start the same game from the Big Box the Mednafen core starts to have problems and has impressive drops in framerates. I also tried to eliminate the "LOADING PAGE" because I thought it could interfere with the loading of the core, unfortunately I don't get any improvement. I can't understand what breaks the mednafen saturn core from BigBox and not from desktop launchbox . PC AMd Ryzen 3 , 8 gb Ram , SSD , Gpu AMD 560 4gb .
  2. My SEGA Saturn was working just dandy in Mednafen. Then all of a sudden something happened, like a gremlin crawled in there and got all up in its' shit. When I launch a Saturn title from LaunchBox or BigBox Mednafen starts up the Saturn first showing the startup screen then goes into settings where you set the date and time. It never used to do that and although I try entering the settings it never progresses further than that into the game. Has anyone ever encountered this before? I have tried searching for information but did not come across any.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a question perhaps someone can help me with. I am using Mednafen. I have Mednafen loaded into LaunchBox. The file directory in LaunchBox is set to go to the folder in Mednafen where I keep the roms. When I select the TG16 platform in LaunchBox it brings up my games. When I click on a game to play, it brings up the folder in Mednafen in which I have all my games stored instead of running just the one particular game on I clicked on to play in LaunchBox. Can anyone tell me how to fix this, so when I click on a game in LaunchBox it will actually launch just that game instead of bringing up the path folder in Mednafen where my games are stored? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Hi guys, I am spending the last few weeks putting all my effort on this core to save more storage on my drive mainly using chd games but as long as I've been playing around with it is not giving me an easy time. I am finding some difficulties when running PAL games. Some of the won't load (they do in bin/cue or pbp on ePSXe) or they are showing faults on the bios screen and the overall aspect ratio (screen grabs below). I have tried different settings in the core options but it doesn't seem to change anything. What I want to avoid after a huge batch convert of all my PAL games into chd, which are a ton, is spending hours checking one by one if they work properly on Mednafen. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  5. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could recommend the 'best' settings to use in RetroArch for PS1 games. I am using the Beetle PSX HW core and I was hoping that it might be possible to get some advice on which settings are safe to tinker with? I do appreciate that different games may react differently to certain settings, but I am just looking for the options that are okay to change for all or most games? I have played with a few settings and although on some games they worked great and made the game look amazing, other games really didn't like them and caused crashes or visual glitches. System Specs are below to assist with any suggestions you might have; CPU : i5 3570k @ 3.5 Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Any help is much appreciated. N.B: These are my emu machine specs, so please don't laugh I have a main PC with much better specs, I promise!
  6. I was messing around with my mednafen configuration for my PS1 games and now I can no longer launch PS1 games from LaunchBox. I get the attached error. The odd thing is, if I load Retroarch manually and load the mednafen core I am able to launch PS1 games without any issue. Any help is appreciated! EDIT: Nevermind. I am not a smart man. It turns out there is an issue with one of my PS1 games that is causing the crash.
  7. Hey guys. I didn't see anyone else having this issue and I need help. I tried using the latest Beetle/Mednafen core for sega saturn, and unfortunately many of the games have sound issues when ran through that core and retroarch. But I downloaded mednafen standalone and they work fine. I added the Mednafen emulator to launchbox, set the application path to the mednafen app, checked the box to be default for Sega Saturn. It will not run. In fact, it still runs off of retroarch. So I tried just deleting that line in retroarch, which gave me nothing working. I feel like I'm missing something here, but I followed the instructions for adding emulators to a T. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone. First time of posting. What a amazing product. I went premium pretty fast, such a doddal to set up. I just wonder if there is a tutorial to set up medafen standalone in lauchbox. The emulator works well for me better than in retroarch but I can't set up in launchbox. I've google and search no luck. Does this mean it can not be done. Thanks in advance. Chris
  9. OK, heres the issue. There is currently a bug in Retroarch which makes it impossible for it to detect Sega Saturn games. You have to load the manually. Id like to use launchbox without Retroarch and launch my Sega Saturn games with Mednafen through Launchbox. Now, as the pic, illustrates, Sega Saturn emulation does not seem to be an option. Why is that...?
  10. Just a sanity check. I was testing Ogre Battle Limited Edition (PS1) and noticed that the introduction music was not playing and the battle celebration music cut off. Is this behavior at all known for this core/game? I did some googling and came up empty.
  11. Introducing Vulkan PSX renderer for Beetle/Mednafen PSX There's a new article up on Libretro about a new renderer option for Mednafen PSX that uses Vulkan. I haven't tried it out yet. I'm not a big fan of upscaling for PSX personally, but I know a lot of people are. The article's full of a lot of wonderful technobabble like "PSX renders one primitive at a time, so it is quite obvious that we need to aggressively batch primitives." Pfffsh...well yeah. Everybody knows that.
  12. Name: Sega Saturn on Mednafen! Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-31 Submitter: SIMPLY AUSTIN Sega Saturn on Mednafen!
  13. Name: Saturn Disk Image Convert Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-12 Submitter: lordmonkus In this video I show you how to convert and fix Saturn disk image dumps that come with mp3 or wav files which Mednafen does not like at all. In the video I use the audio program Foobar to quickly convert the mp3s to wav but @Zombeaver said he used http://media.io/ Saturn Disk Image Convert
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