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  1. I initially got stuck when downloading metadata from EmuMovies I believe. It got stuck at "Player's Edge Plus Screenshot - Game Title" the first time and I waited about 15 minutes, tried to hit cancel and eventually had to End Task. After that I restarted LaunchBox again and it started downloading where it left off. Eventually it got to the same exact file name, "Player's Edge Plus Screenshot -Game Title," but this time as it is stuck where it lists filenames, it's still downloading other files as the numbers are changing...just not the names anymore. Not sure if there is some issue at emumovies with that particular file or not. Edit: This morning it has hung again on the file "Showdown - 3D." Once again it is after searching the Emumovies database. Apparantly there is some problem occurring between launchbox and emumovies involving metadata.
  2. Hi, So I'm having a bit of trouble with the metadata image downloading. When I download the media everything downloads fine as shown in the first attached picture, but when I go back to edit metadata/media and go to images I find that it has downloaded a ton of duplicate images as shown in the second attached picture. I have everything set to download to a specific folder on my external hard drive to save space on my computer if that info helps. Any help would be greatly apricated.
  3. For some reason it looks like Launchbox's Rushdownloader can't download any of the screenshots from the Steam storefront. It does fine with Steam Posters and Achievements, but when choosing to download just the Steam Screenshots option I get this error. I'm also going to include a Debug log from when I attempted it too. It's odd since GoG works alright (I noticed for EGS and Uplay games that trying to download the screenshots from the storefronts isn't really an option when you go to the Edit>Media>Images section of individual games to download them. Have to download the Screenshots Gameplay options I'm guessing from the LB Database despite it being an option when importing games.) I've tried adding Launchbox to my firewall settings too and that error still pops up so I'm kinda at my wits end here and wondering if anyone else has this problem? I have the current beta build of Launchbox, but I was using the current Stable build before trying it and it happened there so I thought that the beta version would work, but sadly it didn't. Debug 2021-07-24 02-15-51 AM.log
  4. I'm running the latest LaunchBox/BigBox with the latest Windows10 on a i3-4130 PC with 16GB of memory and 250GB SSD and a Radeon HD5770. When I try to download the Metadata and Media for my game collection (less than 1000 from 9 platforms), it works for a little bit, then it eventually gets stuck/frozen trying to download a particular .png. Like right now, at the moment it's stuck downloading 4 file 7: Fanart - Background xxxxxxxxx.png for the game Puchi-Carat... Pressing cancel doesn't do anything but I can close the LaunchBox normally via alt-F4 or the clicking the X window button.. Also, if I try with less media types and/or only with a platform with few games, then it works.. but as soon I try to to download more media types or selecting a larger platform, the same thing happens.. It always gets stuck trying to download something... I'm not a premium member for EmuMovies, but I'm not downloading any videos or using premium features.. And I've also tried not using EmuMovies at all, with the same results... I don't think it's the issue with my computer or Windows or my Internet connection... Any ideas? Thank you!
  5. I would appreciate if someone can help me, I have been trying to find the metadata of Super Mario Bros. 3 but they do not match, I only see Super Mario Bros. 3X which is a HACK Rom in which the original images do not match, I have tried several names but I can't find the correct database connection
  6. Greetings. I'm using version 11.11 and 11.12 of Launchbox, but still having trouble updating metadata and media for close to a month now. I have a lifetime membership of Launchbox and lifetime membership of Emumovies, but as my picture above, I'm currently downloading 23,280 files but they've all timed out. This had happened countless times and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling everything including using the beta version, but the result has been similar - they all timed out. How do I fix this problem, as I have yet another batch of 116,000 games to update, but can't even do an update of my first 30,266 games. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
  7. When Importing modern games and downloadable content add-ons I'm having a problem in which Launch box is unable to recognize DLC and group it with the games that they belong with, instead it imports DLC as separate games (DLC shows no data or pictures, games do). The files that I have for the X360 XBLA (Xbox 360 Live Arcade) don't have file extensions, so that may make it harder for LaunchBox to import the content properly. I also thought my issue might be caused by having different file names of games and DLC. Is there a proper format for DLC? This is an example of how I have mine labeled now: "3D Ultra Mini Golf 2 [258410A3B] Fairy Tales Map Pack (DLC)". Perhaps the title of the DLC should be in parenthesis or next to game title, is there a guide for this? (more modern console examples) Shouldn't Launch box show what DLC you have with the associated games in the games details? (that seems like a standard feature for modern consoles) Rather than combine each DLC to their game individually in Lunchbox after importing them (unable to do so, greyed out combine button). How do I properly import this DLC so that it is sorted properly? Also adding an option to not import .zip and .7z file format for ALL consoles would be helpful.
  8. Hello! I have a few questions about the "Play Mode" field. On LaunchBox, the 5 default options I see are: Single-Player Multiplayer Cooperative 2-Player Alternating 2-Player Simultaneous From what I understand, games on the database can only be marked as the first three listed, and anything marked as "Cooperative" is also marked as "Multiplayer" (which makes sense I guess). So, what's the point of the 2-Player options? Or, better question, why aren't they part of the database? Seeing as the "Max Players" options exists, these seem redundant. Also, why not just have "Cooperative" and something like "Versus" or "Competitive"? That way, coop games don't also have to be marked as multiplayer. Tl;dr, I'd like to propose the following as default play modes for simplicity, as well as incorporating a selector into the database for all modes: Single-Player Local Co-op Local Versus, Local Competition, Local PVP, something along those lines Alternating Online Co-op (Namely for pc games, not really thinking netplay) Online Vs (Or something like that) MMO (Debatable but I thought I'd list it)
  9. Hi, i was changing the paths of my games and i started to notice that the games have the file name and not the metadata although the metadata is correct. does anyone know how to get it back to normal?
  10. Hello guys! i'm looking for Metadata.xml do you have at least updated file?! mine is old, can't identify what roms am i searching when adding rom because my metadata isn't updated... I've also tried to update the Metadata file.. when adding games but it's freezes when almost completed... then it'll close... Ahmm.. guys could you give me one file of your Metadata file?! :) :) thanks in advance and considerations!
  11. Provided below are screenshots of what I'm trying to load onto my LaunchBox. Ever since I updated my software, I get this same error message for every game I try to add on here. Even when I try to manually add my artwork and or metadata I still get error messages. How do I fix this issue? URGENT - bROKEN Trigga
  12. Hey there, I was trying to add a ps2 game on launchbox, but it's been half an hour since it's stuck on updating local metadata from launchbox games database... why is that? Is it not working anymore?
  13. I know Steam mucked up a lot of things recently, but this has been happening intermittently for quite a while now. I am keeping up with the latest betas (lifetime premium member) in the hopes this is a bug, but now it is getting to be more consistently bad. I import games with my Steam API Key, check every box to metadata and images, and some games don't import anything except the Steam banner. I have plenty of other games that do import the metadata (like Publisher, Genre, etc.), but many do not, and the process is the same for me each time. When I try to update metadata it usually only gives me the Wikipedia prompt (which I don't want) and still does not give me anything from Steam. If I check the Steam game itself on Steam, the game has plenty of videos, images and metadata, and I can manually save them and update each game, but that is not something I do for the other games that work. Am I doing something wrong, is this a fundamental misunderstanding on my part on how this feature works (like if it is not in the Games DB it won't update the game?), or is this a bug? Anyone else have this issue? Some examples of missing game data: TINY METAL (meta and images) Sorcerer King: Rivals (images) Dungeons & Robots (meta and images) Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (images) In these above examples, they were all imported at the same time with other games that had both metadata and images (on July 2, 2018, if that helps). I have more examples if needed, but that is the most recent import. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! As a side note, I turned off my firewall to make sure that was not affecting anything, but then again, I would think all the games would fail with it it on if it was part of the problem. Either way, the result is the same. I also went through the Download Metadata and Media Wizard with no change.
  14. HI guys, I like to order my games by genre but so many games are included in several genres and it makes the navigation tedious. Is there a way to force Launchbox when downloading metadata to only add one genre for each game (it seems that most of the time the last genre is the main one)? Thanks.
  15. Hello everyone, I'm very happy with my premium license! and I want to contribute every possible thing in my hands for the community and the app, pdta: sorry if my english is not appropriate, this is the situation: Have you think: Why something games does not download artwork and why do not merged automatically ? that's the answer: I've noticed that all the games (generally Japanese versions) in the database with an alternative names but without its corresponding region , have issues with auto download Metadata & Media and especially with the merge function as well. For example In my Snes roms I've one called "Takahashi Meijin no Daibōken Jima II" that is the japanese version of "Super Adventure Island 2" but the Japanese version was not auto included/merged into "Super Adventure Island 2" apps, for a simply reason, the alternative name does not have the region, It does not been specified in the database. as in the image: It easy to report it, I've reported all the Snes & Nintendo 64 alternative names without region, I like to help improving the games database, for this reason, for a better database please do not upload alternative names without his region, If you are a moderator of the database please take in to account that the alternatives names with his region helps to improve the merging in and download Artwork for the collections. If you see an alternative name without region please change it!! is simple, you must delete the previous alternative name by pressing backspace, and create a new entry with the alternative name and his corresponding region, like in the images: That's all!! This must seem very exaggerated hehe, but can you imagine the lot of games without his media & not merged/linked in his parent game, it's like a game without his parents and his home heheh, just for this simply reason, It must be mandatory add the region in every alternative name, this will improve the database and our collections a lot!! Thanks for reading!! have a nice game!
  16. Hi There, Launchbox newbie here (but veteran IT). First of all this is my new favorite frontend for pretty much everything that has to do with launching something (you dont say !). Small issue: I have multiple platform and theme music from my games were downloaded autotmatically from different sources (including Emumovies). Issue is for N64 platforme, 0 music, none. Question1: Where are theme song (from selection screen when you hover a game and the theme start playing) downloaded from ? Is it EmuMovies ? Question2: Is it just a normal issue and there is no actual providers for N64 games ? Thank you very much for your time. Jello
  17. well I have the version of launch box 1.7.14 and I have a problem the metadata of the database is not updated when I give it the task of updating metadata and images and when I do it manually they are not updated either but if I go to the page of the data of the game in gamesdb are the metadata that is missing in the video game
  18. Has anyone noticed certain emumovies downloads hanging? I've been trying to add small amounts of games at a time, and every 20 or so games, a certain one will just hang for up to five minutes (either downloading a video or music). Eventually, it produces an error, and the rest of the content goes through, but I wish there was a way to skip these troublesome downloads slowing the whole process. Any ideas?
  19. Hi all, I have a very large Commodore 64 collection (22,541 programs, over 2 GBs in .t64). Very few of the games are actually in the database. Note: Some have been cracked because often the manuals and cardboard that came with the games have all been destroyed or are sitting in a landfill. Since this is about the basic metadata and not the legality of the games, I hope it's okay to ask for help. My situation is that I have a very large folder where all the games are in separate subfolders with a .NFO file that has a large amount of pertinent metadata. I'd like to know if there is a way to parse the .nfo files automatically to convert that metadata to the games database with the game file in the folder. For example: Cavelon1.t64 is in a folder named Cavelon. A file in the folder named VERSION.NFO has this information: ============================================================================== GB-Version: 1 Filename: c1\CAVELON1_01337_01.zip Screenshot: C\Cavelon.gif Sid: GAMES\A-F\Cavelon.sid ============================================================================== ============================================================================== GAME INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unique-ID: 1337 Name: Cavelon Published: 1984 Ocean Programmer: John Hutchinson Musician: (Unknown) Language: English Genre: Arcade - Miscellaneous Players: 1 - 2 Control: Joystick Port 2 Comment: ============================================================================== ============================================================================== VERSION INFO: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Cracked/Crunched: Desperado (ASS) Game Length: 46 Blocks Trainers: 1 High Score Saver: No Loading Screen: No Included Docs: No True Drive Emul.: No Pal/NTSC: PAL(+NTSC?) Comment: ============================================================================== ============================================================================== NOTES: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ============================================================================== Is there a program or a good way to go about parsing the .NFO file and getting it into Launchbox? VERSION.NFO
  20. Hey everyone. So I recently updated to the latest beta release of Launchbox (Beta 7) and when Launchbox was initializing, it got stuck at "Caching Playlists", which was one of the new features Jason implemented for this beta I believe. It was stuck for well over 5 minutes and I couldn't close the program unless I used task manager to end the task. Afterward I tried relaunching it and that time it loaded, however it continues to get stuck the majority of times right at "Caching Playlists". It's also worth noting that I received an error stating that my metadata.xml file is corrupted and recommending me to re open Launchbox to avoid other issues. I've received this error twice now. So far Launchbox keeps getting stuck and occasionally I get the same error that my metadata.xml file is corrupted. Launchbox is a great front end, and I thank Jason for developing this awesome program and everyone else who contributes to the community. I just need help with this one issue. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the error: Metadata.xml file is corrupted. Please try closing and restarting LaunchBox. App: LaunchBox Version: 7.10-beta-7 Type: System.Exception Site: System.Data.DataSet () Source: Unbroken.LaunchBox at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.get_DataSet() at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetPlatforms() at (String , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetValidPlatformName(String name, Boolean officialOnly) at (PlaylistGame , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.PlaylistGame.GetGame(Dictionary2& platformFileNames, Dictionary2& platformTitles, Dictionary2& platformRoughTitles) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.<>cDisplayClass156_0.<GetGamesManual>b5(PlaylistGame g) at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator2.MoveNext() at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereEnumerableIterator1.MoveNext() at System.Collections.Generic.List1..ctor(IEnumerable1 collection) at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToListTSourceat Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGamesManual(Boolean sort) at (Playlist , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGames(Boolean sort) Best wishes. IMG_2054.MOV UPDATE: Jason fixed this problem for the new beta. It no longer gets stuck at caching playlists. Thanks Jason
  21. Hi there! Today i tried Launchbox and it's awesome, i love it already! The "search metadata" is pretty good, but i noticed a little thing. Everytime i download more details about the game, more from Wikipedia, it's always the english one even if my pc has "Italian" as system language and it's not a problem for me cause my english is not so bad, but i just wonder if there was the possibility to choose the source of the details from a link or maybe from the same Wikipedia language as the System one without doing it manually, maybe with the next update
  22. Hi, Is there a way to update ALL the metadata of the platforms in Launch box? I mean, the year it came out, The platform image, the description of the platform, etc. I know how to do it to games, but what about platforms? Thanks!
  23. hello forum members i tried searching ahead of time but am not coming up with much and with being new hopefully someone might remember a link to a thread which can explain the few problems i am having. library maintenance *having a few whole series when trying to load a library the system will not retrieve the metadata because my library is in numerical order on release title instead of just title name ((example: 0002-Need for speed -underground 2 (U) and 1665-Need for speed pro street (U) )) now seeing that i have an entire library of 6400 NDS roms that is a lot of editing to change each one to just the name. So i dont know if there is a work around to this particular problem? *Scanning library's is for some reason not working example my wife and i found the 2 .hack gu games we have been looking for and when adding them to the storage folder that is mapped the system. I then went to the tools menu and went to scan for added roms and it will not detect any changes to the folder.To test the theory i even took a few folders out to see if it would detect the removal and it did not detect the absence of said roms. * I was wondering if there is a way to show on my main screen the consoles of my choice? not that i dont love my older systems i am trying to work through certain consoles and when it shows as all it is very distracting i was thinking maybe i can just show favorites or just the system that i am trying to play through before i move on to the next system? again i am sorry if these have been discussed as other issues or if there are any walkthroughs on these problems and if so could anyone hyperlink it for me?
  24. Is there any way the Hall of Light databases (http://hol.abime.net/) can be included in the default metadata searches. This appears to be the only 'one stop shop' for Amiga game information and includes heaps of information that is not available via LaunchboxDB, wikipedia or emumovies.
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