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Found 6 results

  1. I believe for the future integrity of the database and continued success of Launchbox these basic database features are necessary and should be considered. Please add a "heavy DB revamp" option in the next poll, and link to this post so the community can decide on it. Thanks. #1 Dedicated help. Jason has talked before about having another developer in the future. This new dev position should be someone working full-time on the database. At the very least, have someone part-time or a volunteer who is fully knowledged in the database working on features/fixes. The database is crucial to the Launchbox experience, but goes pretty much goes to the wayside when Jason goes back to working on features. It's a constant balance for Jason between Launchbox features, and database features. Jason seems to enjoy developing the app more, so the next paid position should be someone working on the database. If you can't pay someone, or can't justify paying someone, get a dedicated volunteer, vet them, and put them to work. Requests like this list could be directed to this person and implemented, instead of competing against more flashy features for the program. Launchbox has been in development for a couple years now, yet the very thing that makes it work is still in "Alpha". That's just crazy. We absolutely need an official (ACTIVE) person working on it. #2 Protect "complete" Platforms from duplicate/invalid games. New games for "complete" platforms, for example NES, should require a lot more votes than normal to add since by this point it's probably a user error in not finding that the game already exists. This would lead to less junk for moderators to sort through and fewer duplicates. Currently a request can made about any game or value. No one wants to moderate when the next 50 changes are someone adding Mario, Zelda, ect to the NES. #3 Protect correct Database data. Existing data values could be given a "this is correct" option that could be voted on by moderators. Once data hits a certain threshold of votes (probably best not to publicly display this threshold number), it would become protected so that future changes could not be requested for this data. The same protection could be offered for data that hasn't been changed in months/years. In the case of abuse, enough moderator votes to flag the data as invalid would open it back up to change. Records should be kept on which games are constantly being changed so that it can be fixed 1 time with the correct values, and stop the users that keep modifying it. We should narrow the focus on completing a correct database, rather than moderators seeing absurd junk requests like changing the release date for Super Mario Bros to 2004. #4 FIX NAMES Platform names should be consistent. For example, all other consoles made by NEC have NEC in front, so "PC Engine SuperGrafx" should be changed to "NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx". #5 Tiered levels of database moderators. The lowest tier would be the same as the current "moderator". Medium tier moderator would be unlocked at x8 the current requirement for accepted changes to the DB. This would give double the voting power on any change you submit, and anyone moderating your change would see "Submitted by a veteran moderator". Top tier moderators would have previously mentioned perks, but would only be selected by Launchbox staff from the pool of Medium level moderators. These elite would be able to flag "correct" values (as mentioned above in #1), as invalid with only 3 votes required from top tier moderators before it is accepted as invalid. They could also see which user submitted the changes, and have the option to submit a request to ban the user from suggesting changes. Finally, both medium tier and top tier moderators would have access to an exclusive forum section to congregate and also to suggest database changes/features to Launchbox Staff. #6 FIX Fan-Art. I think everyone can agree that at the very least, fan-art submitted should be relevant to the game or sequels to the game on the same console. However this is currently a moderation nightmare, and is heavily influenced by personal bias since no fan-art is "correct". The real question we should ask ourselves is what benefits does fan-art add, and is it worth it compared to an optional fan-art internet scrape upon import? Some fanart from the entire series can be fine, but this could potentially spoil later sequels or even events in the current game (dead characters, betrayals, ect). I don't know how this slipped through the cracks, but personally on my setup any game that has "taz" in it displays fan-art of the Tasmanian devil character for me. Basically, either require fan-art to be specific to the game/sequence of games, or remove it. My solution is that I think we could do without fan-art. *EDIT: I don't mean reconstructions, those should definitely stay* It has no real quality standards so it leaves many high-quality fan-art submissions next to DeviantArt MS-paint fanart. It has no real moderation standards so it bogs down moderation. Seeing as there is no real limit on how much fan-art is "enough", it will constantly take up an ever-increasing amount of database space, increasing import times, but adding little to the experience or even degrading it at times (Tasmanian devil / spoilers). I'm sure many would be mad at the "loss of a feature" but an alternative could be that fan-art would optionally be scraped from the web as an import option. @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus @neil9000 @Zombeaver @DOS76
  2. Selymax

    Slow to Moderate database

    Hi All, I enjoy helping the Launchbox community by moderating the Database, Approving and Declining peoples updates. Recently though I have got very frustrated with how slow it is to do this. Clicking on the approve or Decline button seems to takes ages to move on to the next game. Timing it just now, it took 26 seconds to do a simple approval on a new image. There is currently a moderation queue of 1067 items and I have noticed this getting longer and longer, it use to be only a couple of hundred. So I assume I am not the only one losing patients with database. Due to various issues I have not been able to help out for the last couple of months, in that time I was hoping this would improve but it has not. Is there anything that can be done to improve this in the background? I know how big this database is and this is not an easy ask, but I fear you will start losing moderators if things do not improve soon. As is evident from the current backlog this already appears to be the case. For the record, I take pride in making sure I am checking for duplicates and that names/pics are correct, I am not simply spamming the Approve button to get the queue down.. I want the Launchbox database to be solid, reliable and accurate. Thanks
  3. thenecrocoffe

    moderate only with those I know

    You will see I am a moderator of the database but I tend to moderate blindly because there are consoles to which we give everything could create some kind of specialization for the moderators to only moderate the metadata of the consoles that we manage well. thank you anyway
  4. A question regarding moderation. Obviously, never done this before so forgive the possible noob question. But got to start somewhere! I have an entry as a "new game" which then asks to check if it exists in the list below, which it does. However, the existing one has no data other that the title, whereas the newly submitted entry has lots of information added. Is my only option to reject is as "game already exists" even though the new entry has more information and images attached to it? Thanks
  5. I'd like to help out with moderation - but I'm thinking of giving up if I keep getting these gameboy/playstation/whatever console platform titles... I play DOS/Windows games exclusively and have little interest in all else. I'd like to be offered only these platforms for moderation. This is just a request, not the start of a "discussion" about which platform is "best".
  6. misteridjit

    Moderation on Cancelled Online Games

    I came across an online game that was cancelled over ten years ago, called Earth & Beyond. The game did exist, but as near as I can tell, there's no way to play it since the servers went offline ages ago. In my opinion, the game should not be added, but I wanted to know if there is a precedent for this sort of thing.