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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys, just bought and HDMI splitter to be able to play the same content in two screens but had not think about playing in the 2nd one (not the one the input comes from) alone, so when I turn off the first one the second is not working. Any ideas to make this without having to tweak my cable setup every time I need to do this? Following this image, it would be something like having output 2 monitor working when TV (output 1) is off. Obviously the purpose is to have both working at the same time but it won't be like that always and it'd be good to have this variant. Thanks!
  2. When launching mame (groovymame) manually it will correctly launch to the monitor that is setup in the ini file. Playing from launchbox does not. It's like it's ignoring the ini file.
  3. THRobinson

    Cabinet Build Feedback

    I've been using a RaspPi for the past half a year with a PS3 controller and RetroPie. I was going to build a game console, like an NES or PSOne etc... and make custom joytsick with arcade buttons etc... got most of the parts, but more I look at builds, the more I want a full size cabinet. And while searching, I came across LaunchBox... which I know, uses a regular motherboard, not a Pi. At that point now where I'm debating which way to go really, and had a few basic questions since I'm still researching a Windows based system vs RetroPie. I saw Launchbox on a YouTube video, and looked great, but also see stuff mentioned about bigbox, hyperspin, retroarch, attract mode... are those plugins? skins? different versions of a similar app? is ther a decent Wiki or something that lists all that stuff and what it's for? Does Launchbox come with all (or most) emulators already installed, similar to Retropie? If I wanted to play games from PS2, like God of War... what type of system specs would I be looking at? RaspPi was pretty good with most stuff but it only went so far... no PS2 games, and arcade games older than the early '90s. I'm not a gamer so, I'm not sure all what I'll be playing, but I know a few more modern titles for sure. Plus of course, all the '80s arcade games, NES/SNES/N64, Sega Systems, TurboGrafix16, etc... which I assume will probably play fine on a quadcore 4GB system with a decent GPU. I have a spare GT650Ti videocard I plan on using... nothing great but, I don't have the budget to build something like an i7, 16GB ram and a GTX1070 or something either. For a cabinet build, looking at something around 24" 16:9... would a TV or PC screen be better? 720p/1080p? Seeing that a lot of the under 29" TV's now are 720p... at 24" the 720p is probably good enough? Other concern is the response rate. For my PC, I made sure to grab something faster than 5ms, a lot of TV's I'm looking at seem to be around 15ms. I see a lot of builds with 32" TVs... any issues with stuff like ghosting? Main reason I'm asking is if not really enough of a difference to notice, I'll go for a TV simply because new or used, they seem to be cheaper than PC monitors once you hit 24" or higher. Will the Zero Delay USB boards work for the arcade buttons? I already bought the kit, for weeks I was planning the console RaspPi build... then of course, after I pull the trigger and buy stuff THEN I see this app and start rethinking it all again. Sorry for the noob questions, just looking for a bit of feedback to see which way I should go... once I start building, I don't want to re-rethink the idea again.
  4. THRobinson

    4:3 or 16:9

    Been designing a cabinet for an arcade machine, still on the fence between RaspPi or LaunchBox... though finally getting some success getting LaunchBox working how I want on my PC... still sorting out some MAME and PS2 stuff though. Main debate is between ease of setup and cost. Either way, I need a monitor. Looking at used ones and was pretty gung-ho about a 22-24" Widescreen, but so far the games tested seem to be all 4:3 (makes sense given the age) and a 19" 4:3 monitor is the same height as a 16:9 23"... but of course, way way cheaper ($15CAD vs $80CAD). For those who have built cabinets... which way did you go? Widescreen? or the older 4:3? I would like to get the machine working with more modern MAME games and PS2 games... not sure if there are many games that 'need' widescreen. PS2 being 17yrs old, I assume many (all) games are 4:3. The MAME games I've gotten to work so far are pre-'95 games (all 4:3) but something like "Marvel vs Capcom 2" I can't get past the "loading" screen to know what aspect ratio it is. I don't think I'll have a lot of modern arcade games, haven't been to an arcade in over 10yrs so no idea what's out there, but definitely X-men and Streetfighter games. Too bad no vote feature on here... but anyways, just hoping for some feedback/insight. Thanks