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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all, I'm new to LaunchBox but looking for some assistance with Nestopia; whenever I launch a game and set it to run full screen all starts up fine, runs perfectly etc - issue is occurring when I try to exit a game in BigBox or LaunchBox. When tapping ESC (or similarly assigned controller hotkey, the game appears to attempt to exit out (goes to black screen with menu bar at the top) before returning to the game I was playing; trying again just loops this behaviour. Essentially I can exit out by pressing alt+enter or shift+tab but part of the joy of LaunchBox was being able to fully navigate etc using a controller and meant I could be lazy and not get up off of the couch... I've also successfully got N64 and SNES emus up and running and can exit out of those with no issues so I'm curious to know whether I'm overlooking a simple setting somewhere with this one? Thanks!
  2. I've put NstDatabase.xml to system dir,core can load game,but black screen.Anyone has chance to run successfully?
  3. I'm new to launchbox, I tried importing all of the Nintendo games and using the emulator Nestopia. Clicking on the games. I'm getting this error Nestopia Error: language\english.nlg I'm reading in other online forums but not this one that the whole Nestopia folder has to be extracted. Is this true in regards to Launchbox or do you know what the problem is? And how do I go in there and edit the emulator for every Nintendo game? Is there a quick way to do it or do I have to now do every game individually or would it be easier to delete everything and start over and how. Is there just a way to change the emulator on each game would this be better? Thanks for your help, Greg
  4. Hello everyone! So I've had this problem with Nestopia. I have two Xbox 360 controllers that I've configured with it. I didn't like the fact that if both weren't on, Nestopia would have a popup saying "One or more joysticks is not connected would you like to remap?" And no matter if I clicked Yes or No, it'd erase my config. So I set the .xml file to read only. That helped and I even managed to get rid if an annoying popup when I closed it saying "Can't save the configuration!" by copying a ePSX ahk script I found online. So what could I do to get rid of the popup "One or Joysticks is not connected"? I've looked everywhere online and on AHK forums and I can't figure out how to automatically close the window when opening a rom using Nestopia. Here's what I've tried: ClosePopup: WinClose, Nestopia return $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } I'm not a coding expert, but I've tried examples similar to what I've read but nothing will get rid of that startup dialog box. I'm just trying to make my setup so I don't need to use a keyboard or mouse.
  5. Issue: Im unable to get Launchbox to launch any of my Famicom games. However, if I use just Nestopia ver 1.47 all my Famicom games launch with no issues. I also made sure the disksys.rom folder is in the RetroArch system folder. It appears I need to make a change to RetroArch so it knows where the games are or something. If I right click on a game, click edit, then select the Emulation tab, and change from RetroArch to Nestopia the game launches.The main reason i want to use RetroArch is because the Xbox controller all setup and ready to go. Going thru Nestopia I would have to use a seperate program to get it working correctly. Any ideas of what is wrong or any suggestion I can try?
  6. I've been setting up my HTPC to run with BigBox and so far I've had no issues. In fact, the issue I'm now having did not occur until I purchased my license and started poking around BigBox to OCD my collection. I'm sure I'll discover that it was something I've done to mess up the sound. Nestopia's sound works with my roms when I load them via the emulator through the File->Open dialogue. Unfortunately when I load via LaunchBox or BigBox the sound does not work. If I access the Nestopia menu Options->Sound and select OK in an attempt to 'activate' the sound I get an error message: Here's all the info that my LaunchBox has going on plus the Options->Sound dialogue from Nestiopia. If there's anything else I can provide please let me know. Much appreciated with any insight. LaunchBox Info: Nestopia Sound Options: My system: w/ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 Thanks again!
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