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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    I connected the switch to Launchbox. So I made a platform video for it. Please enjoy.😃 more to come....
  2. Nintendo Switch Platform Video View File I connected the switch to Launchbox. So I made a platform video for it. Please enjoy.😃 more to come.... Submitter Mo3Mo3 Submitted 06/03/2020 Category Platform Theme Videos  
  3. Nintendo is going to be here forever no matter which system you grew up with or grew to love, Nintendo has proven for decades that they will outlast any competitor and evolve at will. Today is the launch of the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo fans are losing it all over the world! Playstation flopped with their newest system but, The Xbox Scorpion is still in the running... It's also getting a bit messy on Amazon with all the preorder Switches customers are angry... Online retailer Amazon offered preorders for the Switch several times following the console’s release date announcement, promising day one delivery of Nintendo’s latest console. Now it’s day one, and many preorder customers are still waiting. All it takes is searching On Twitter for Amazon to see that many customers are regretting their choice of pre-purchase retailers. Complaints include customers stuck in “Shipping Now” status while orders still promise delivery this evening by 8 AM . . . Adding insult to injury, Amazon is still sporadically selling the Switch online. A small batch of Neon consoles went up for sale on the site earlier today, quickly selling out. Meanwhile, the Amazon Games Twitter account is tweeting about consoles being available for purchase at Amazon book store locations in the Northwest U.S. Multiple attempts to contact Amazon throughout the day regarding the Switch situation have been unanswered, but we don’t need an official comment to see that the retailer has bumbled this hardware launch badly. Did you order your Switch from Amazon? How’d that go? Let us know in the comments. How many of you are Nintendo fanboys and do you play do get this system? leave all your interesting and creating responses in the comment sextion now! pics and article courtesy of Kotuka
  4. Nintendo always had a reputation of being the least open to 3rd party and indie developers. The company promised repeatedly to turn that around, and it seems like it is finally fulfilling that promise with the Nintendo Switch. A Nintendo representative shed some light on the company's plans for 3rd party and indie support during the Game Creators Conference in Osaka, Japan. Ultimately, the process of bringing a game to the Nintendo Switch would be very similar to the one in place now for the Wii U and 3DS at the Nintendo Developer Portal, with some minor differences that are not yet detailed. More importantly, the Nintendo representative revealed that the Switch's development kit will be priced at around 50,000 yen ($440). This is only $140 above the retail price of the regular console. For comparison, the PlayStation 4 and Wii U development kits are priced at around $2,500 apiece. MegaGames
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