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Found 19 results

  1. El enfoque es que al momento de estar jugando cualquier juego pueda salirme con facilidad solo presionando un botón, es posible ?
  2. I just bought a preconfigured/preloaded 2 tb hyperspin drive that was supposed to be plug and play, but is definitely not. When i try to launch Launchbo× or BigBo×, i get an error message reading: Error, which ive discovered is some type of visual c++ issue from its 2002 version. My other frontends that came with the hyperspin(rocketlauncher,gamee×( I actually get a white screen running roms in gamee× as shown below as well),emubo×,ma×imusarcade,newretroarcade,etc) typically launch, but when i try to play a rom through a frontend, alot of the frontends say: cpwizard_path missing cpwizard enabled. Once again, ive searched everywhere for a way to either install or delete this cpwizard, to no avail. Now, i can run some of my hyperspin roms through Retroarch (or each individual emulator in the hyperspin files,but thats a huge pain), but i have quite a few more emulators (119) than retroarch has Cores. Luckily, the pc games run without an emulator ofc. If anyone knows anyway to help, please see it in your heart to do so. Thanks for your time and consideration men and ladies.
  3. Hey Everyone, Switched my Pi4 retro pi setup to a Lenovo M900 Tiny PC to power my Arcade 1up Cab (SE Marvel Superheroes) with BigBox. I ran into a couple of issue along the way. ETA Prime cover quite a few things, but I'm still having some issues. 1. My Zero-Lag USB encoders arcade buttons are not being recognized by the Keyboard Automation. I'm trying to setup up an arcade Start button to be my "HOLD" button. None of my Arcade button are being recognize in the Keyboard Automation section even though they work perfectly in the Keyboard Mapping section. I can use my arcade button to navigate BigBox fine. 2. I have Retroarch with All cores installed and updated, but some Emulators wont start like Naomi, Sega 32x and Dreamcast. All other work fine. Here's a screenshot of my Emulator Manager: Please Ignore the "Missing Core Files", I took these pics before I moved the cores and correct Bios to the correct folders. I no longer have any "Missing Core Files: but games still wont start. Only a Video file will start to Play. 3. How can I back out of a Game that's using RetroArch without going to the RetroArch Menu and "Closing Content" first? I just want to get back to the Big Box Game list. Can I do this without Keyboard Automation since it's not working for me (see Q1)? 4. Last question. When I back out of a RetroArch Game by clicking "ESC" twice to go back to Big Box Game List, BigBox doesn't always load up fully, only parts of the screen come back (See pics below). I see my Desktop and I have to minimize and maximize BigBox to fix the issue. It happens on multiple themes that have the Aspect ratio option as "Any' since my Arcade 1up screen is 5x4 or 4x3 I believe, not widescreen. What can I do to fix this?? After closing the game: Should look like: I would appreciate any help since I'm new to this and I specifically bought my little PC to only running big box on my arcade one up after I realized that my retro pie setup is not powerful to run most of the games I would like to play (ETA Prime influenced). I was also looking forward to a cleaner streamline method to run thousands of games so it would not be confusing for my wife or son as well. The easier I can make this for everyone the better. Thanks?
  4. Not sure where i post this... Can I make one game in 1 platform run a different retroArch core IN launchbox? I have my saturn platform but some games need the yabasanshiro libreto instead of the beetle all the others use. I think if i had a command line paremeter i could place that in EDIT GAME / LAUNCHING - use costom command line paremter ? (might be wrong). I do have the choice to select either core on launch, as ive set them both up but I cant have 2 defaults and i cant see a setting to default for an individual game :? when I select the game it goes to the default and so fails to work ? I also want to do the same for n64 and mupen64plus next and paraellel64 in retroarch so pls tell me if this is possible. Any ideas? pls Thank you!
  5. I'm currently trying to iron out the last couple of kinks in my big box setup. I'm using the Unified- Redux theme and when I either go into a games details page or just cycle over it on the games wheel it always uses the same screenshot but I have several in the directory for metadata, is there a way to make it just pick an available screenshot at random to display each time? otherwise the extras are just taking up space on my drive and I dont have the money just yet to get an emu movies account for the video preview images. Secondly if I do have pdf manuals how do I open them to view in the in-built PDF viewer since nothing shows up as an option in the game details screen (unless it just shows up if you have the pdf manuals, idk if i do). Apologies for the long and probably simple questions and thankyou in advance for any help offered. Images of a game details as it currently stands (as part of an IMGUR album I made quickly for a different issue that is unrelated)
  6. I need a fresh set of eyes as I'm just not seeing what's wrong... My SNES games aren't playing through LaunchBox but they play in RetroArch just fine. Most likely a config issue... - Classic Nintendo and Genesis play just fine with LaunchBox and Retroarch. It's only SNES that won't play. - I've tried the mesen-s core, nestopia (which the Nintendo platform uses now) and neither work - Retroarch doesn't even launch. The double click just does nothing. Help a newb out, please!
  7. my cemu is no longer launching games from launchbox. it was working yesterday before i got a big box update and now it wont launch my games. it works when i am launching games from cemu but not from launchbox??? Desktop_2018_09.11_-_15_40_18_02.mp4
  8. i am using the cemu emulator along with citra, and was wandering what triple buffering exactly is? (in easier words/dumb) should i use it on all emulators? or should i use fast sync from nvidia control panel? specs: gtx1070 ti and i5 8600k.
  9. is cemu no longer compatible with big box? i don't have the option to choose that emulator. is there another way to add none supported emulators?
  10. Hello all! I've recently purchased the Big Box package because well... I wanted to support a cool way to catalogue media and really hope I can use this software for a jukebox as well someday ( looking at you music mode! ) In the meantime I've hit a few walls with ROMs and realised I should just embarrass myself and ask for some guidance. So here goes, and please don't laugh too hard -- It took awhile to get this far! 1) I think I've figured out how to get themes to work -- some are individually made and I can adjust them / download them for different sections. But I already have loads of gigs of videos for files that I'm not sure how to get LB/BB to find them. Base don where I got them, I'd make the assumption they are all for MAME files 2) First I'm looking for a way to get as many titles working on default controls at the same time. Is the best way via the updated video on retroarch? It looked like it was more for consoles than MAME which is what I'm working to tackle first so is there something I'm missing that's core related? 3) Some titles have versions that work while others don't, is there a place where I can setup the default version to launch with from BB mode? 4) I've told LB/BB to scan for ROM, leaving out non-working titles, etc but loads and loads of titles when loaded remind me that they don't work. Do I need to manually sift through these ones? 5) Same issue with repeated titles, when I think I've removed how it allow for repeats so I get loads and loads of repeats, many of which don't actually work 6) Many of the sections, say 'Data East' don't actually show all of the titles in the BB mode, only showing the first few. Can someone confirm I need to add these manually or is there a setting I've missed Thank you in advance! I'm sure there is a question I forgot to ask, but I think I should start here!
  11. It's my first time using LaunchBox (8.5 ver) and I'm loving it. Nevertheless, I have some issues with the background change when I select a game, which I find distracting and slows down my computer too. I have tried different options in the default background settings, but nothing worked. I deleted all the images in the Fanart - Background folder, but now the background is the default one + the logo of the game selected. Is there a way to keep the default background alway set? Am I missing something? Is that a premium option? Thanks!
  12. hi quick question for a noob i was watching a tutorial on naomi and noticed that the video advised not to get split or merged roms but that was for 0184. Which ones should I use for the latest build of MAME 0193 for use within launchbox? Any help would be appreciated Thanks
  13. For emulating many CD systems, a cue sheet and disc image (and sometimes .bin's) are required. Is there a format that combines all bin/cue/iso ect. into 1 file that an emulator can read? Or a way to format the disc image so that it doesnt require a cue sheet? I tried .zip/.7z with the correct files inside but Retroarch wouldn't run it. Preferably I'd just want a raw file similar to .iso, rather than the hassle of a zipped file (loading times for unzipping large games). If this process varies vastly between systems, I'm mainly trying to do this for Sega Dreamcast and Sega Saturn. Thanks.
  14. My goal is to not have attract-mode trigger when I'm actively using Launchbox, but have it rapidly cycle through systems when attract-mode is activated. So far I can only set it to activate at 3 minute intervals no matter what. Basically, I want attract-mode to start after 3 minutes, and once triggered, find a new game every 30 seconds.
  15. Hi, I've just signed up and downloaded Launchbox (I actually loved the idea of it so much that I went ahead and bought Big Box too, without having any idea what to do!) So I have Launchbox set up on my Windows10 PC, but I have no games for it, no emulators - basically nothing.. So was wondering where I would go to download games and emulators? I'm interested in Arcade Games to start off with, Capcom games - fighting games, streets of rage, gauntlet, turtles, simpsons - that kind of thing. Any advice on where I go and what I have to do would be very much appreciated :-) Launchbox looks a great front-end program from what I've seen in the tutorials. Thank you!
  16. Hi there so I am having a little bit of trouble setting up WindWaker into Launchbox through retroarch. Also I seem to be having trouble letting retroarch actually scan and recognize the iso file for windwaker? I imported the iso file into launchbox and made dolphin the default core for Nintendo Gamecube and such. However, the game does not launch when I click on it. I am able to play the game if I drag the .iso into retroarch. Any suggestions to why it wont load into retroarch also why launchbox isn't launching the game? I started LaunchBox yesterday so Im really nooby but please help if you can. Thanks!
  17. Hey all, whenever I try to run virtually ANY game for MAME, it just goes fullscreen, says "Initializing", then crashes back to Launchbox/BigBox. Any help, fellas?
  18. Is there a way to have the Images be sorted by game and not Image type i.e LaunchBox\Images\Platform\Game\ Instead of LaunchBox\Images\Platform\Image type\Region\ I know about custom directories but it is time-consuming to edit each game.
  19. So I have tried many front ends to Launch my Game Collection. I already have a Vast Collection of Roms, Videos and Themes. Now come the Questions 1. How do you import a collection into LaunchBox without having to downlaod everything again? 2. What you get a Licenses how does BigBox work and how do you set up a theme.
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