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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, Does anyone have the eeprom/nvram file for Street fighter Alpha 3 that has the light blue title screen unlocked? Originally on arcade you had to leave the machine running for 5 weeks approximately to activate this screen. There are 5 different colour screens, this being the last one. A different colour activating every week. There are also codes to enter in the input test menu but you have to do them quickly, I haven't mastered them yet. The full explanation is here http://streetfighter.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_cheats/codes thanks in advance bman
  2. Alright, so I am presently using a mixture of MAME and Demul for my Launchbox rig. I love that Demul has functionality for not just Dreamcast, but also for Sega Naomi/Naomi 2 and Sammy Atomiswave as well. Overall, Demul is great for all my purposes and I have it pretty seamlessly integrated with the rest of my Bigbox lineup, complete with a key bound to quit. However, it recently came to my attention that my high scores have not been saving in the various Naomi games I have. I first realized then when I inputted the code in Cannon Spike's bios to unlock hidden characters, only for them to be gone when I returned. I did some digging and realized that Demul only saves the game's nvram when you do a proper exit from the game(s) (File>Exit in the Demul window itself), which requires you to have a keyboard handy to alt-tab and completely defeats the purpose of a seamless arcade experience (I have mine in a proper multicade cabinet). Of course, I am pretty sure there's no way to get Autohotkey to tell Demul to save the nvram before closing, all I'm doing now is using the simple code below: sleep 5000 MouseMove, 1920,1080 ~5:: Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} It does the trick, but of course does not allow for Demul to write to nvram and therefore does not save any of the machine highscores or configurations. I did find that, at the very least, if I input any machine codes or modify configurations and then "properly close" Demul, it does save it permanently, but this isn't really sustainable for the way I am using the emulator. Does anybody have any suggestions for ways to force Demul to write to nvram or save high scores upon quitting that can be seamlessly integrated so the user doesn't have to do any extra steps? Any suggestions are appreciated!
  3. Hello all!! I am a proud lifetime purchaser of LaunchBox and after messing with it for 2 weeks now, I have only come across one issue, which should indicate how great of a program it is! I am using DEmul in LaunchBox so that I may play some of my favorites like House of the Dead 2, Marvel vs Capcom 2, etc on my MAME cabinet. However, there is a very weird issue. I am not sure if it is a glitch or what. If I enter DEmul by double clicking the executable and running the games that way, games save just fine. A good example of a game that needs to save is Marvel vs Capcom 2, because you don't want to lose the experience/unlocked characters every time you exit the game. However, if you use LaunchBox, that is exactly what happens. For whatever reason, when launching any Naomi/DEmul games with Launchbox, the NVRAM file is never written/updated. Only when Demul is opened normally in Windows will it save the NVRAM file progress. I am using the latest version of LaunchBox with the latest version of DCEmul in a Windows 10 environment if it helps! Does anybody know what is going on? I saw one other member here complain about this but there wasn't any fix posted. Any advice to this very strange issue would be greatly appreciated!
  4. snoopaloop83

    MAME 2014 RetroArch NVRAM Saves

    I cant seem to be able to import a nvram save to MAME 2014 Games running through Retro Arch. For example, I am trying to have all the characters unlocked in tekken tag tournament. I have tried putting them into C:\Users\lukel\RetroArch\saves\MAME2014\cfg\nvram\tektagt but that doesent seem to work. Any ideas? Thanks