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Found 18 results

  1. Hi and thank you so much for reading this as I'm going nuts trying to figure this out, I have a TON of games and I'm currently in the process of creating custom playlist for them so I can have them all neatly organized by series, the problem is it's VERY time confusing and prone to error trying to check if I miss a game because of the multiple platforms and over 50 plus custom playlist categories I have created... going to every playslist and right click and then go to the main menu, go to platforms, go to game...... is there's ANY way to check if I ****ALREADY**** put a game on a custom playlist WITHOUT going all the way to that particular playlist one, by one??? please, anyone? if not how can I humbly request this feature for massive neat nerds like me? please and thank you so much!!!! P.S. THANK YOU, AGAIN!
  2. Version 1.0.1


    Hi, First time uploading here, i made these for my personal arcade machine was inspired by mattyjm1991 to make my own and share them. i only did the ones i needed but if you have a request please let me know.
  3. Citycade MAME Playlist Banners View File Hi, First time uploading here, i made these for my personal arcade machine was inspired by mattyjm1991 to make my own and share them. i only did the ones i needed but if you have a request please let me know. Submitter ksoboh Submitted 07/06/2019 Category Playlist Banners  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Needed these. Let me know if there is interest in others.
  5. Adventure Genre Logos View File Needed these. Let me know if there is interest in others. Submitter Mr.Laor Submitted 06/13/2019 Category Playlist Clear Logos  
  6. Hello guys, Am i the only one having problems with populating arcade playlists? My problem is that i have many games missing from playlists that in fact are in my set, like if i search them in the Arcade platform they will show up but they are marked as missing in the playlists they belong. I tried several re-imports and the problem continues to happen, now the CPS II has also disappeared from playlits for no aparent reason. I have 7.8 version with lifetime premium license and a full mame split set. Thank you for your help. Cheers
  7. Is there a way to have a separate theme for playlists? Right now Playlists take on whatever I have set for Platform Categories. This doesn't work in my case as the Platform Categories series uses a full video theme and I don't really have videos for my playlists. It's just a black screen which breaks the presentation. The random video option doesn't seem to apply in the options menu either. Hoping to have a list view for my playlist section. Can this be done? Thanks!
  8. I've run into a kind of weird issue regarding these the two playlists: fighter classic and beat em' up. When I'm in Big Box, their videos take a good 3 seconds to load. This issue does not happen with any of the other playlists (legend of zelda collection, castlevania collection, etc). I've tried reencoding to a lower resolution. I've tried downloading from youtube. I don't think it's the video itself as other videos are longer, shorter, larger, smaller etc. I also looked at the playlist xml file, and I can't find anything obvious. Any thoughts?
  9. Some simple Mix and Match Intro Videos of Snap Collages for Playlists. I used the same font as @JamesBaker does in some of the videos so they can sort of mesh with his videos for now (until James gets around to making a playlist video) They can be Downloaded here:
  10. Quite straight, I just want to know if this is possible. And if it is, please explain me how it is done, like an absolute noob, step by step so I can follow. Thanks to any reply.
  11. I decided to re-post this because my last thread got a bit messy with all the changes I had made to the videos and logos over time, The collection is still not as good as I would like as simple a concept as these videos are but I'm happier with the way it is for now. I will take requests. This is a collection of mostly Console based Genre Intro Videos I have made (Point & Click and Simulation is PC though). The concept is to make the videos fit with @letstalkaboutdune's Arcade Genre collection though there are some slight differences. Big thanks to letstalkaboutdune for his help and his Beat 'em up, Shoot 'em up, Puzzle, Fighting, Platform, Racing, Sports and Run & Gun Logos. Thanks to @Mute64 for his LightGun Logo. The other Logos are either Hyperspin logos or were made by me. Many thanks to the EmuMovies community and the HyperSpin community. The video files are hosted at EmuMovies. Showcase: The Individual Video files can be downloaded here: My Playlists/Genres can be found here, they are not perfect but a good start
  12. Hi Guys, I have my MAME 0191 set imported under arcade and last night decided to have LB create the missing arcade playlists. As Launchbox created and populated these playlists it all looked fine. But when launching BB, the lists are there, but some are empty while LB shows them populated. For example: LB created playlist Cave and populated it with x number of games. BB on the other hand shows the Cave list, it even gives me a games count. But when I access the list it says 'No games available' while other lists show me just 1 game. Any idea on what this could be?
  13. tried not to overload w so many pics but wanted display marquees as well..I seperated my collection into 4 diff installations. consoles,playlists coin-ops and jukebox. allows me to be selective on images and cut out the fat so to speak .My baby is running mint tight and clean . wanna say im done tweakin but thanks to the awesome community here who knows what comes next .loving the bezels thanks for lookin
  14. Hello again everyone. the new Update is awesome!! I began this project by dragging and dropping several video game movies into LB, selected none of the above, and inported the movies. Is there any way i can get the platform section to show a preview of the movie being highlighted? Like if im scrolling through and i see FF7 advent children, it would preview like a few seconds of it? or at least show a thumbnail without me having to create a preview for each one? Cuz i have a ton of videos im about to import.
  15. Hi all. I am In the process of organizing EVERY Game in my collection into separate Genre Playlists. I was wondering if there is a way to see all games that are not in a playlist yet. For example when I am creating a Genre Playlist Any game that has a Genre tag is Easy enough to organize (though does require a lot of patience), however my library is very large and there are a lot of games that do not have a Genre tag (over a thousand) also as things change and games are added or removed or the genre tag in the database is updated etc, etc, It would be nice to have a simple view of games that are yet to be added to a playlist yet and it means it would be very easy to keep track of games with or without a Genre tag as they are added to playlists. Maybe there is a way of doing this already that I have not worked out?? If there isn't I think this would be a very handy option to have.
  16. On 7.8 beta 7, I seem to be having issues with adding two auto populate fields in one playlist. You see, I'm trying to create an auto populating playlist called "90's Games" that contains games released between 1/1/1990 and 12/31/1999. I've been trying to do this by having one field that lists games with the release date being "on or after" 1/1/1990 and another field that lists games released "on or before" 12/31/1999. Whenever I save the playlist with both of these two fields entered, It lists almost every single game in my LaunchBox library that has a release date in it's metadata at once instead of limiting itself to between the two release dates I set in the fields. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
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