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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, I downloaded the "Complete Play Base Edition", because it is a good base for my new Libruary. I started to edit the games (Genres and Series). When I open a game entry in Launchbox, Launchbox freezes on me. I can only close it via the task manager. However, this does not always happen. Sometimes only after a few openings, sometimes I can work on it longer. Does somebody have an idea how I can solve the problem? Or how I can find out what could be the cause? Skinn0r
  2. I was adding some steam games last night and one of them kept giving me the error "Could not import game "": An item with the same key has already been added. " The game was Nights of Azure 2, and I did have the previous game, but I didn't have the game already synced. I'm not sure what is causing it, or what to do to fix it. I found kind of a work around by just adding it manually and directing it to the link in the steam file, but that is not a very clean solution as the steam menu pops up and then the game screen is tiny unlike the others that open full screen, and the screen that pops up asks me if i want to start the game, as in start the booting into the game process, this is very clunky and annoying, but it's the best I could do. I'm hoping that someone can help me fix this problem and get it working correctly, or if i will just keep getting this era every time i sync a new steam game, unless i scroll through and uncheck it. any help would be very much appreciated. ?
  3. When I launch the emulator in full screen it has those annoying white edges, is there any way to make them black like the rest of emulators?
  4. Hi everyone, I am having some difficulties with getting my X-Arcade Tankstick to work in BigBox. I have not long converted from Hyperspin, where the X-Arcade was self explanatory and a breeze. Though, unfortunately I am not finding it so here. I have gone to BigBox > Options > Controller > and ticked "Enable Game Controllers" and "Use All Controllers". Where it says "Device:" there is nothing there. Is that because these options only apply to an actual game-pad controller instead of the X-Arcade which is mapped as a keyboard? If so, does that mean in the options I do not worry about "Controller Buttons" but just "Keyboard Mappings" instead? Also, regarding controls, using Nestopia as an example. I have gotten to the stage with BigBox where I can launch Nestopia full-screen into a chosen game but have no idea how to exit out of the emulator back into BigBox. Is someone able to point me in the right direction? Because at least to me it certainly is not obvious how (I am probable just a doofus). I have found other topics in the forum here about the X-Arcade from years ago but there were of little help as they were from a time where LaunchBox/BigBox seemed to not have compatibility issues with the X-Arcade? Thank you in advanced.
  5. I have read this problem in other sites without a clear solution. I have 11.7 premium version installed on my Windows 10 last update, but the start button in any control (gamepad, joystick) exit any game in any emulator. I checked the mapped buttons and exit all the steam, origin etc, but it does not seem anything wrong with that. Please any clue? Regards, Santiago
  6. Hi, I have a problem with ePSXe when I try to play any game. When I choose a game after 1 minute, the PlayStation logo screen freezes. This are my specs: Video card : GeForce GTX 1050 CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz Ram: 8 gb (DDR4) ePSXe plugins: Bios: scph1001 - us video plugin: Pete's OpenGL2 GPU core 2.0.0. sound plugin: ePSXe SPU core 2.0.0. CD-rom plugin: ePSXe CDR WNT / WSK core 2.0.0. SCREENSHOT (problem): Games: Thanks.
  7. Any time I try pressing a game on launchbox it says initializing and for some games it goes into machine loading up to about 50% then just closes. The tab just closes there is no error, I was previously having a problem where it said fatal error required files are missing the machine cannot be run. However, the problem has changed to not showing anything. The games also do not work on MAME itself. I've looked through different forums about the same question, but their solutions weren't working for me. I've tried editing the rom path on mame.ini. Thanks, for any help.
  8. Good Sunday from Switzerland everyone! I am basically new to the world of emulators and LaunchBox and whatelse there is out there. But a friend of mine had Ninendo games on his computer, what triggered me to try it myself this weekend. So I ended up downloading RetroArch and Launchbox this morning. I followed the steps of a Youtube tutorial. The next step was to download some games. I just went on Romsmania.cc and got the first game they recommended just to try it out. I downloaded and imported the game. Everything seemed to work. Now there is just one huge problem: The game won`t start. And I have no clue where I went wrong or which settings aren`t the right ones. Is there any one or any thing that could help me?
  9. Hi all. I've got some problem with MAME recently. Maybe someone have the same experience and can help me with this. I can't start MAME exe file. When I start specific games from LB MAME works correctly - games starts without problem, but when I try to run MAME64.exe only black screen occurs and after 10 seconds it dissapear and nothing happen. So emulating games works perfet but I can't run MAME to change options. I try with other versions of MAME from internet but all of them behave the same. I made two changes recently - one of them is that i change graphic card - from XTX radeon r9 270 to MSI radeon r9 270 (the old card stop working). I change drivers to the newest. Second change is that I start running old platforms like coleco, rca studio II, etc with MAME and in one tutorial (to coleco) there was a suggestion to change video options. so i change video mode to opengl. that was the last time i run MAME exe file. I think it is some problem with graphic card but the strange thing is that arcade games works correctly. I think it is not problem with opengl video mode because when i download other version from internet it should start with default options. or MAME had some ini files with settings somewhere on the drive c? Please let me know if there is some command lines that i can start MAME with default setting or maybe i can go to mame options from game (when i push tab i know i have options but only for this game). Maybe someone had the same problem and can help me? ps. sorry for my english ;]
  10. I use retroarch to emulate virtual boy and mame with the cores mednafen_vb and mame2016 I have the correct cores selected where the emulators are and when opening a retroarch game does not do anything.
  11. it imports an incorrect title, I do not know why Mame 0.195
  12. Problem: LaunchBox gives an error at the loading screen after installing a new Plugin in Launchbox. Solution: Go into the properties of each .dll file in the plugin's folder and click "unblock" in the General tab.
  13. Hi, l would like to make all of my games work before buying Bigbox but I'm having some issues: I've added TG-16/PC-Engine games to my library, followed the instructions, the games are on the correct platform but, for some reason, RA loads games using an Atari 7600 core (Prosystem) instead of mednafen_supergrafx_libretro. I already did a bulk edit to change either the platform or the emulator but the problem persists. I also tried to work around it by deleting the Atari core but then it simply would not launch the games. l linked an image where you can all see my the default directories for Retroarch's cores (l don't even have Atari 7600 as an associated platform). Thanks.
  14. Hi. I bought BigBox and love the interface and have had fun setting everything up. Everything seems to work ok - certainly in terms of displaying my ROMs and loading up emulators. However I have an issue with Retroarch. I have retroarch set up as my default emulator for some of my platforms - for example Sega Genesis and it works exactly as it sould. However with N64 BigBox loads the emulator and game except the is a noticeable, unplayable stutter and lag. Of course I tested outside of BigBox by loading the games directly in Retroarch and they play perfectly, even with BigBox minimised. My system is plenty powerful enough - Core i7, Geforce 660, 16GB ram etc. Its almost as if BigBox launches the Retroarch N64 core with some sort of option or switch or setting which is causing issues because like I said its fine to play directly inside of retroarch. Any ideas? How should I start troubleshooting?
  15. Hello everyone!! When you change the views of the complete games in Big Box these (except for the 2 horizontal options and the first type vertical wheel) are shown type Coverflow or boxes and also some in Black Cover. They all look like that. Nothing changes. . I have tried with the theme default, CityHunter, CleanBG and also with CriticalZone. I do not know what else to do, I searched for info on this error in the forum and on the internet but apparently few knows how to solve it or never happened. I am very difficult not to know English and I have to adapt to a translator to seek help. For the same, I apologize if the translation is not clear: D I leave info that you may need to encourage your help: -LaunchBox version 7.10 -Lifelong license -Graphic Card Nvidia Gforce 970 (Video drivers updated to the latest version) - Intel i7 (3.6GHz) y 16GB RAM -DirectX 12 -Windows 10 64b From Chile (South America) I appreciate your support and be attentive to your solutions!!
  16. I was here yesterday and posted a question about a problem I had and that one has since been fixed. Yay! ^^ However, solving one problem apparently gives birth to another one that's unrelated. DESCRIPTION So I am using Snes9x v 1.53 and have imported around 200+ games into my library. However, when I try to play most of them, the black screen of Snes9x just keeps loading until I am forced to close the program because it stops responding. At first I thought this was a ROM-issue limited to a few games, but then I discovered that apparently the majority of SNES-games don't work in Launchbox. I have only discovered a handfull of games that work; so far I have confirmed that Actraiser (EUR) and Super Mario All-stars + World actually work in Launchbox. Seeing as how I am a little out of my league trying to load all games in the library one by one to see if each and everyone works, I am content for now with finding out that it is not a general issue but it actually seems to be oddly specific. Also, playing the games through the regular emulator outside Launchbox still works perfectly, so it doesn't really seem to be a ROM-issue per sé; more like it is a Launchbox problem. I have only discovered this problem with SNES games (so far); it might be cross-platform, I don't know as of this moment. But since my other emulators appear to play nice with Launchbox, it might be a Launchbox-Snes9X issue... but then again, why would SOME games work at all then; shouldn't it be a general problem if that was the case? Does anybody know anything about this?
  17. Hey everyone. So I recently updated to the latest beta release of Launchbox (Beta 7) and when Launchbox was initializing, it got stuck at "Caching Playlists", which was one of the new features Jason implemented for this beta I believe. It was stuck for well over 5 minutes and I couldn't close the program unless I used task manager to end the task. Afterward I tried relaunching it and that time it loaded, however it continues to get stuck the majority of times right at "Caching Playlists". It's also worth noting that I received an error stating that my metadata.xml file is corrupted and recommending me to re open Launchbox to avoid other issues. I've received this error twice now. So far Launchbox keeps getting stuck and occasionally I get the same error that my metadata.xml file is corrupted. Launchbox is a great front end, and I thank Jason for developing this awesome program and everyone else who contributes to the community. I just need help with this one issue. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the error: Metadata.xml file is corrupted. Please try closing and restarting LaunchBox. App: LaunchBox Version: 7.10-beta-7 Type: System.Exception Site: System.Data.DataSet () Source: Unbroken.LaunchBox at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.get_DataSet() at () at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetPlatforms() at (String , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Search.LocalDb.GetValidPlatformName(String name, Boolean officialOnly) at (PlaylistGame , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& , Dictionary2& ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.PlaylistGame.GetGame(Dictionary2& platformFileNames, Dictionary2& platformTitles, Dictionary2& platformRoughTitles) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.<>cDisplayClass156_0.<GetGamesManual>b5(PlaylistGame g) at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereSelectEnumerableIterator2.MoveNext() at System.Linq.Enumerable.WhereEnumerableIterator1.MoveNext() at System.Collections.Generic.List1..ctor(IEnumerable1 collection) at System.Linq.Enumerable.ToListTSourceat Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGamesManual(Boolean sort) at (Playlist , Boolean ) at Unbroken.LaunchBox.Data.Playlist.GetGames(Boolean sort) Best wishes. IMG_2054.MOV UPDATE: Jason fixed this problem for the new beta. It no longer gets stuck at caching playlists. Thanks Jason
  18. Well like 2 days ago I installed the creators update for Windows 10, I had Comodo Antivirus and firewall installed on my system... The update is not compatible with one of those things... After Windows rebooted from the updates nothing worked right, all the icons on my desktop had zero text and programs where missing text and I couldn't even perform a system restore (broken stuff) None of the tools I would normally use to repair Windows with would work. OK no problem just reinstall Windows and all my stuff? (This is how I learned that Comodo was not compatible) OK 2nd Windows install in one day (thank God for a fast SSD and my windows install being stored on a USB 3.0 thumb drive.) I finally have all my programs installed and I wanted to enjoy some of my Launchbox/BigBox games... All of those files where stored on other drives so Windows being reinstalled shouldn't have been a problem.... But a lot of programs refuse to run from my other drives it's hit and miss... NeoRageX 5.0 runs fine (with compatibility mode for Windows 95 and DPI scaling off) but other ones including LaunchBox will not run. I have tried the take ownership (takedown) command on all the drives and all the folders and even setting Launchbox to compatibility mode doesn't work (also run as admin) If anyone has any helpful advise please tell me what I am doing wrong lol (I have also googled my brains out and resorting to forum posts are my last resort, I try not to bug people with any problems, as usually Google has answers for almost everything.) Edit: Also I gave every account on my machine full access to all drives, still nothing. Edit 2: Good news everyone! I downloaded Launchbox again and had it just reinstall to the same folder, everything now works as it should even the 3 emulators I tested, the installer gave me some odd error that I managed to fix by right clicking the installer and selecting "install as administrator" Not sure why all this is going on... Makes me miss Windows XP and even 7 never gave me these issues (I have had multiple drives forever, it makes things like Windows reinstalls a lot less painful.
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