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Found 22 results

  1. Hi! I want to use PSX2PSP to convert all my games to .pbp (compressed format, recognized by RetroArc core Beetle PSX HW), but this software need to have only one .bin by games. When a game have more than one .bin, I need to combine them, and I don't want to do it one by one (I have 3000 games). I can't find something to batch it... (a friend made me a .bat that do it, but I have no more sound...) Thank you very much for your help !
  2. Hello, semi-noob here, When trying to emulate Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (1) using ePSXe, I run into some weird screen issues and I wonder if any of you experienced the same behaviour and if so, have you found a way to fix this. And yes, I already tried to google the issue, but haven't found anything on this. At first I thought the ISO was just broken, so I found two new sources, tested both and got the same results each time. Issues are: Main Menu Screen, Character select screen or any screens (except the one when you play the game and skate around a level): horizontal screen flickering/flashing from top to bottom. Almost strobe-esque epilepsy inducing.. Objective screen, the splash-screen before each level that enumerates the objectives and tell you what to collect and such: black screen On the objective screen, you can still press the action button and the level will load as expected. Once a level is loaded everything works and the music also, but apart from that, it's just a mess. Any of you had this happen? Can it be fixed? Keep in mind I'm not very good with emulator configs.. I tweaked a thing or two here and there with a few tutorials but in all honesty I have no idea what i'm doing most the time.. PS. don't hesitate to tell me if i'm in the wrong forum thread.. will correct it SPECS: PC: Lenovo Processor: Intel Core i7 4710HQ 2.50GHz RAM: 16GB OS: WIN 8.1 Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M EPSXE Version: 2.0.5 Video Plugin: PEOPS OpenGL Driver 1.78 Video configs: see attached image
  3. Hi guys, I am spending the last few weeks putting all my effort on this core to save more storage on my drive mainly using chd games but as long as I've been playing around with it is not giving me an easy time. I am finding some difficulties when running PAL games. Some of the won't load (they do in bin/cue or pbp on ePSXe) or they are showing faults on the bios screen and the overall aspect ratio (screen grabs below). I have tried different settings in the core options but it doesn't seem to change anything. What I want to avoid after a huge batch convert of all my PAL games into chd, which are a ton, is spending hours checking one by one if they work properly on Mednafen. Any suggestions? Many thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have gathered a full set of US PSX games plus not a few PAL ones as well so my aim here is to save some space. After weeks of playing around and reading I have come up with different ways of combining games with multiple bins (normally audio tracks) into one, which is pretty straightforward to be honest. After this I tend to convert them into PBP files but since it is painfully taking a lifetime to convert every single game one by one I am seriously considering batch converting them to CHD. (I was using ePSXe first and now RA Mednafen HW). Everything is OK until this point BUT I have realised after combining bin files some games, they lose audio tracks and while playing I can hear, for instance, the sound effects but not the music. This has happened to me recently with Wipeout 3. My ideal world is to be able to: 1) Combine every single game to has just one cue/bin without losing any audio information and prepare them to 2) Batch conversion to CHD. This also without losing any kind of information from the prior cue/bin. Nor data or audio wise. My methods of combining bin files are: Daemon Tools Lite + Img Burn: mounting the .cue with Daemon in a virtual drive and creating and image from disc with the latter software. UltraIso: opening the .cue or main .bin and converting the game (again) into cue/bin. I am keen on suggestions of every kind or if you have a different workflow/pipeline for achieving this. Many thanks if you read this! This is driving me crazy.
  5. Project 64 1.6 won't run when I choose a ROM in Launchbox. I tried making a batch file and pointing to that like in this thread https://forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/28760-project64/ but it didn't help. Is there a fix that doesn't require me to download another version of PJ64? I don't want to risk getting malware. When I try to launch PS1 games PCSXR comes up like it's being run itself and I have to choose the game manually through the PCSXR menu. Is there a configuration to get games to launch without actually showing the emulator/background? The PC is a cheap old eMachines Windows 7 PC with a crappy integrated nvidia card from like 9 years ago, so I'm stuck with these two emulators. Can only run 2D Retroarch cores (so no n64/ps1 cores even though they work fine on Ubuntu. Guessing it's a lack of OpenGL or something, PCSXR needs D3D plugins to run full speed with Windows).
  6. Current version date: 8-30-18 - Updated overrides to use new aspect ratio numbers for Retroarch 1.7.4 (they will not work correctly with older versions). Older versions of the overrides are still available for older versions of Retroarch. Introduction: There were two overall goals with these: Goal #1 was to ensure that the image was properly scaled to the top and bottom of the screen for all of my games. Something you'll notice if you play a lot of PSX games using RA Beetle PSX is that the aspect ratio settings that work best (scale to the top and bottom) for one game doesn't necessarily do the same for another game. This is because there's a wide array of resolution modes used in the PSX library that are entirely game-dependent, so what works for one thing won't necessarily work for another. Thankfully, overrides give us the flexibility to custom tailor these as we need from one game to another. What I found worked best was one of three scenarios: "AR Setting 1" Aspect Ratio = Core Provided Integer Scaling = Off "AR Setting 2" Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = 1600 (5x) Custom Viewport Height = 1200 (5x) Integer Scaling = On Other Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Height = [customized per game] Custom Viewport X = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Y = [customized per game] Integer Scaling = Off Most games fall into one of the first two categories. AR Setting 1 is what I'm using as a Core Override base. AR Setting 2 was used in per-game overrides as needed and when something more unusual came up I created a per-game override using custom width, height, X, and Y settings. Goal #2 was to setup each game to use the appropriate controller settings for that specific game. During the lifetime of the PSX there was quite a range of controllers, starting with the regular old d-pad-only gamepad up through the original dual shock controller. Support for the later controllers varied by game. The original pad (called "PS1 Joypad" in Retroarch) + Analog to digital type = Left Stick is used as the Core Override base. If the game supported it, either Dual Analog or Dual Shock was used as an override. For these, the analog to digital type is set to none (because otherwise you'll still be sending d-inputs) unless it's one of the instances where a game actually supported the vibration function of the dual shock controller but did not support actual analog input (there are a number of such cases); for those the analog to digital type is set to left stick just like the original PS1 Joypad ones, but you'll have vibration as well. Complete PSX and Saturn Audit Sheet 483 PSX / 109 Saturn titles covered The sheet shows what was used for each game along with the name of the relevant override file. The file name is important because it must match the filename of the game you want to use it with exactly in order for Retroarch to know that it needs to apply it. This means you're going to need to rename the configs to match your game if it's named differently. On that note, I'm using .m3us for all multi-disc games (.pbps would work as well), which means that there's only one override for those games (because it just needs to match the .m3u/.pbp filename) but if you don't use one of those and just have several disc images that you individually direct at Retroarch, separate overrides would need to be made to match each disc filename. You should really be using either .m3u or .pbp for those though... Another caveat is that these are designed for a 1080p display; if you're using a different resolution, the AR settings more than likely won't be correct for you. If a game used AR Setting 1 and the original controller, no game override is necessary as those are covered by the core override. Also, these are designed for the Core Option settings of Renderer = Software and Internal Resolution = 1x (native). You might be able to get away with alternate settings for those, depending on the game, but I can't guarantee the AR settings will be correct. This is the full list of core options (from retroarch-core-options.cfg) that I normally use for Beetle PSX HW (note that 32-bit color depth doesn't actually do anything in software rendering, but I leave it there for when I do want to try out either vulkan or opengl renderers, at which point I turn dithering mode to off; the PGXP options don't do anything in software mode either): One final note is that I'm using the CRT-Hyllian-Multipass shader in the core override (Beetle PSX HW.cfg) so that will apply to all your games unless you change it in the core override. You can edit the Beetle PSX HW.cfg file and change the "video shader = " line to a different shader or just remove the entire line. You could also just do this via Quick Menu -> Save Core Override, but you'll need to be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite a setting that you actually need as a base for these to work (listed below). CRT-Hyllian-Multipass is a good one because it looks good, it's super lightweight, and it looks correct even without integer scaling (which is super important for these). CRT-Aperture is a good choice as well. Oh, and a final final note (we'll call this Goal #3) is that there are some PSX (and Saturn) games (primarily fighting games) that are in interlaced 480i format. I made some custom deinterlacing shader presets that I use for these games to remove interlacing artifacts and it's enabled in their overrides (they're noted on the audit sheet). The presets are included below. These just need to be placed in the base Retroarch\shaders folder. The overrides need to be placed in your Retroarch\config folder so the path should look like Retroarch\config\Beetle PSX HW\[config name].cfg Notes on the Saturn overrides can be found here and here. Beetle PSX HW Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip Beetle Saturn Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip CRT Deinterlacing.zip Older (pre RA 1.7.4) versions: Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Obviously this isn't everything in the PSX library - I curate my library so I've "only" got a little under 500 PSX games but this makes a big dent.
  7. Hi All, Was wondering if anyone could recommend the 'best' settings to use in RetroArch for PS1 games. I am using the Beetle PSX HW core and I was hoping that it might be possible to get some advice on which settings are safe to tinker with? I do appreciate that different games may react differently to certain settings, but I am just looking for the options that are okay to change for all or most games? I have played with a few settings and although on some games they worked great and made the game look amazing, other games really didn't like them and caused crashes or visual glitches. System Specs are below to assist with any suggestions you might have; CPU : i5 3570k @ 3.5 Ghz GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 RAM: 16GB DDR3 Any help is much appreciated. N.B: These are my emu machine specs, so please don't laugh I have a main PC with much better specs, I promise!
  8. Hello, folks I am currently delving into PSX emulation on PC, and I would like to know your experiences with the current PSX emulators in Retroarch (Beetle, Beetle HW and PCSX ReARMed). The word on the street seems to be that Beetle HW is the best of the bunch, but for some arcane reason, I apparently cannot run it successfully. I am currently using RA 1.7.1, and everything is updated neatly. When I try to load content with the Beetle HW core loaded up, all I get is a screen pop and bam, back to desktop/Launchbox. So, I would like to hear from you about your experiences with it, while I try to fix this problem somehow. Thanks! EDIT 1 - Well, for some reason, my RA had the wrong folder for BIOS... now I can load the core, but the PSX games hang at startup, black screen. I'll now try to use the Quick Menu to fiddle with options and see what works.
  9. Hello LaunchBox Community, What are your thoughts on Games DB and LaunchBox adding serials (like catalogue numbers)? An example will be SLUS-00001 which is for Air Combat. I think it is great to have it. Regards!
  10. Posting this here per request, be gentle its my first post, feel free to use it as you like! Youtube Dropbox: 1080P 720P 800x480 640x480 320x240 LaunchBox.mp4
  11. Hello, I'm using RetroArch and having trouble launching ps1 games from LaunchBox. "scph5500.bin", "scph5501.bin", and "scph5502.bin" are in the RA system folder and the md5 info matches. The BIOS directory is set in RA. I'm using Beetle PSX HW core ("mednafen_psx_hw_libretro.dlll") in my "Associated Platforms" setting. I added the .CUE in LaunchBox and its pointing to a .BIN with the same name. I can load this .CUE successfully in RetroArch and play it just fine but if I hit "Play" in LaunchBox it doesn't do anything. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Help, long storyshort i have lost connection to the net on laptop andusing a very chrap smartphon haha. Can someone please upload the psxcore for retroarch on pc so i can download it with my android and transfer? Thank you and sorry for the spelling errors!
  13. Whenever I launch any game in Launchbox, all Crash Bandicoot games, I get sent immediately to a black screen with no sound. I've followed the tutorials on youtube from the Launchbox channel and another tutorial which was the second video when i searched 'retroarch ps1 blackscreen'. I've followed every step and have the bios in correctly I made cue files from the iso for each game and haven't had any luck. I will be happy to provide screenshots of anything requested and any help would be graciously appreciated since I told myself at 3pm EST " I'll just set up the PS1 emulator and then go shower", thinking it would be as easy as Dolphin, I still haven't showered.
  14. I need help setting up a psx emulator. I have tried pcsx reload, psx finale and epsxe. All work well externally, but when I launch them from launchbox / bigbox I get a black screen and return to the launchbox / bigbox screen. My operating system on windows 10 creators and I have a gtx 1060 6gb graphics card ... I tried to use compatibility modes, change plugins and I did not get any results. I would greatly appreciate your help.
  15. https://www.libretro.com/index.php/new-core-px68k-androidioswindowslinuxmac/
  16. Version .6


    So, there wasn't an actual category for this, so I put it here because I think it best suits what I'm doing. So, there is a theme that I love, and it utilizes the ability to set an individual controller graphic per game, so to help with this, I thought it would be nice to have a template. Right now I only have PS1 and PS2 controllers in there but I'll update periodically to include more controllers. I might even fill some out with in-game controls. Anyway, I think I saw somewhere that this might be implemented as a feature in a future LB build, but that might not be the case, regardless, I know that specific themes can take advantage of this, so for anyone using those themes, I hope this helps make your library look a bit cooler and more helpful
  17. Controller Mapping View File So, there wasn't an actual category for this, so I put it here because I think it best suits what I'm doing. So, there is a theme that I love, and it utilizes the ability to set an individual controller graphic per game, so to help with this, I thought it would be nice to have a template. Right now I only have PS1 and PS2 controllers in there but I'll update periodically to include more controllers. I might even fill some out with in-game controls. Anyway, I think I saw somewhere that this might be implemented as a feature in a future LB build, but that might not be the case, regardless, I know that specific themes can take advantage of this, so for anyone using those themes, I hope this helps make your library look a bit cooler and more helpful Submitter Pyrometheous Submitted 05/31/2017 Category Game Media Packs  
  18. Hi Sorry to ask another question tried to get PSX running on launchbox cant get EpsxE or stock emus in REtroarch added roms and bios click on screen and nothing Thanks
  19. I'm having trouble getting certain zipped game images working. Playing compressed BIN/CUE images works fine but I cant get zipped IMG/CCD files to play in retroarch/beetle. Is there a work around for this or is it just a limitation? THANKS YOU SEXY BEASTS
  20. Hi there, For some reason, Retroarch through Launchbox will not open any of my PS1 games. When I double-click the game, nothing even opens. When I opened open Retroarch outside of Launchbox, the game doesn't open either. I've switched to ePSXe, but I like the Retroarch much better. I'm using Mednafen. Doesn't that emulator open .bin files? Am I using the wrong files? I've tried both .bin and .cue files and both don't work. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  21. Morning All I seen Launchbox the other day and loved the work being done here. I have since donated and become a lifetime supporter. However i got to the the PS1 emulation and hit a wall. I have some games that are (Pal) and Most (NTSC) The games that are for Pal when try to load from Launchbox get a black screen. Is there no default command to have Retroarch use a specific Bios for specific games. I have the bios files required as i can get them to work in PSXE but i am trying to get as many working in Retroarch as possible before going with other emulators. How does Retroarch choose what bios to use when launched? is it only working with NTSC bios's ? The only solution otherwise it to find NTSC versions.
  22. Introducing Vulkan PSX renderer for Beetle/Mednafen PSX There's a new article up on Libretro about a new renderer option for Mednafen PSX that uses Vulkan. I haven't tried it out yet. I'm not a big fan of upscaling for PSX personally, but I know a lot of people are. The article's full of a lot of wonderful technobabble like "PSX renders one primitive at a time, so it is quite obvious that we need to aggressively batch primitives." Pfffsh...well yeah. Everybody knows that.
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