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Found 24 results

  1. It's an all in one, clean awesome emulator that is really easy to set up. Can it please be added as an option on all systems?
  2. Hi guys ! My arcade configuration is using a lot of different official gamepads (dreamcast, gamecube, n64, psx etc...) For each platforms i'm using joy2key to play with my arcade panel, xbox one gamepad and an official one (when there's one) Problem : The platforms who use analog sticks can have only one gamepad configuration, and i want analog on my xbox one controller and the official gamepad The solution could be like that : get a copy of the original emulator with another gamepad configuration and when we launch a game, launchbox/bigbox ask you to select what emulator (gamepad) you want to use Is there something similar already done ? Or is it enough interesting so someone could develop this ? Thanks in advance
  3. Hello there, I was thinking if it is possible have more badges in future. For example those for inputs in each game like in Steam. For example if a game it's only playable with keyboard or with controllers Etc.
  4. There have been a few instances where I accidentally upload the wrong file or didn't edit it before submitting. Problem is that I can't cancel the change and have to wait for it to be declined before I can submit the corrected file. Could there be an option to cancel pending submissions to save time for both uploaders and moderators? (Image is an example)
  5. Hi BigBox theme creators, I would love a nvidia shield theme as thats what my primary use of bigbox is. So am I asking for someone to create it. Also maybe a few would like this too. I would do this myself, but I'm not very technically minded. If not, no worries. If anyone has some spare time on there hands this would be greatly appreciated
  6. Hello! I have a few questions about the "Play Mode" field. On LaunchBox, the 5 default options I see are: Single-Player Multiplayer Cooperative 2-Player Alternating 2-Player Simultaneous From what I understand, games on the database can only be marked as the first three listed, and anything marked as "Cooperative" is also marked as "Multiplayer" (which makes sense I guess). So, what's the point of the 2-Player options? Or, better question, why aren't they part of the database? Seeing as the "Max Players" options exists, these seem redundant. Also, why not just have "Cooperative" and something like "Versus" or "Competitive"? That way, coop games don't also have to be marked as multiplayer. Tl;dr, I'd like to propose the following as default play modes for simplicity, as well as incorporating a selector into the database for all modes: Single-Player Local Co-op Local Versus, Local Competition, Local PVP, something along those lines Alternating Online Co-op (Namely for pc games, not really thinking netplay) Online Vs (Or something like that) MMO (Debatable but I thought I'd list it)
  7. Hi I'm a decent old user of LaunchBox. I Love it ! If i can make a future request, that's that one : Can you use the application .exe instead of .lnk when "drag & drop" shortcut to LaunchBox please ? Thanks in advance
  8. I like to see the progression of video games when i'm in default Launchbox but would love to see the sorting option in Big Box too
  9. It keeps sending me to the BIOS screen with "Drive Empty" messages! I've tried everything I can think of, running the .cue files, the other files, all of it! What the heck do I do?!
  10. Is there a Nokia N-gage emulator available? Would be highly appreciated. :)
  11. FlyFSX

    Config Presets

    A cool, feature would be if launchbox would be able to tell on which device it's running and create a preset for each emulator and device, so you're able to keep your settings even when using many different devices.
  12. Hey I'm new to the forums and I was wondering if someone could make a theme similar to the Playstation 4 or the Xbox One UI. I really like the Switch Theme by Grila and think it would be cool to have a theme similar to those consoles as well.
  13. Hey guys, I have this concept/idea for an Xbox Original theme (4:3 and 16:9 Ratio) and was wondering if anyone could make this concept a reality. Hyperkin has developed a new "Duke" controller for the Xbox One/PC so having the controller and a Big Box theme to match it would be cool in my opinion. I would develop it myself if I had any coding experience. Would anyone want to take a stab at it? Here's some images and a psd file of what I had in mind. 1920x1080 1600x1200 Template Xbox Original Dashboard with blur/noise effect Font I used: https://www.dafont.com/imagine-font.font PSD Files: Xbox_Original_Theme.psd Xbox_Original_Theme_2.psd
  14. Hi gang! After a year of using BigBox just about every day (just renewed my licence for another year. Wohooo!!!) I documented my issues and ideas for BigBox, and I wanted to share them for discussion. I already filled them on BitBucket, and wanted to know what you think of them. You can read more details on each issue by clicking the link for each one on the title: #1363: Use Z-Axis (Triggers) to Scroll doesn't work in BigBox This was filled by OmenBoy, but wanted to raise awareness of this issue #3521: [Request] Fan Art or Screenshots for Loading splash screen I would like to suggest an option for BigBox to replace the current "Now Loading" box with random Fan Art or Screenshot from the game. The behaviour would be similar to the way Xbox One or PS4 loads a game, once selected and as it loads, it shows some artwork. #3522: [Request] Definable "Now Loading" box or splash screen time This would be very helpful for a lot of us using RetroArch or CEMU in a standard plate HDD, since from a cold boot they sometimes take 8 to 10 seconds to load, and the "Now Loading" screen is long gone by then. To a novice user this could create some confusion in the seconds it takes to load the program, since the Now Loading box disappears, nothing happens and they might think the game failed to boot for some reason, the user tries again and at worst case scenario, they end up loading two copies of the same emu at the same time, with obvious performance problems. #3523: [Request] "Themeable" button inputs I would like to request a standard way of defining button inputs on BigBox. Right now a lot of themes display some button inputs on their themes, but this has created some big issues: Since there's no "canonical" button mapping on BigBox, some custom themes just "guess" that the Y button on XB controllers (or the triangle button on PS Controllers) is mapped to the "Search" splash screen and they display this info on the screen, when on my custom configuration, that button it is mapped to change the theme's view or layout. More info in the link above. #3524: [Request] "Themeable" Game Details Page This one is short and sweet: I would love that the Games Detail page becomes themeable. Since the theme developers keep making more and more impressive themes, I think that a themeable Games Details page would make their heads explode with ideas, coming with some very good-looking way to select games with Multiple Versions or Multi CDs, or even selecting a different emulator altogether, maybe all of this with icons, images or even videos (spinning CDs is one idea). #3526: [Request] Custom Line Parameter to remove options screen I have a custom arcade cabinet running BB on it, and sometimes when I invite my friends to play while browsing the games and platforms they accidentally go all the way back to the settings screen. Even if it's "locked", this confuses even my best tech-savvy friends, since they are not familiar with the way BB navigates, and they don't know what to do. You can imagine that my less tech-savvy friends just think that the machine is malfunctioning and they just stop playing. I would like to request a BB custom line parameter to completely disable the options screen. When the user is on the first screen of BB (doesn't matter if it's the platforms, categories, playlists, etc, when the command line is present on launch, the user can't go back to the settings screen. If the back button is pressed on this first page, BB would do nothing. This would be extremely helpful for us that have BB on an arcade cabinet, and we made sure that everything is ready and set before we invite our friends to play. I wouldn't mind having to Alt+F4 or similar to quit BB when this custom line parameter is used to launch BB in a special "cabinet mode". _____ Anyways, hope you like them and hopefully together we can help the LB team make an even better program! Cheers!
  15. the idea here is to make our video's look better, easier. lets say youve got a video you want to include in your Big Box for a game (using my own personal example here because its the game Im currently playing), lets say Growlanser Heritage of War. you record your video, it looks nice, but you dont really know how/have the programs needed to make it into one of those super nice "Theme" video's that some others are making here. No Problem! Find a fanart background you like, stick the video right into it, automatically give the video a border (like the one in CZ2) so it looks nice, and you're done! So, what do I mean when I say all this? Well here's a screenshot of a typical "theme" video found on this forum. Note: the foreground image (overlay) doesnt move at all, its completely static. The only moving part of this video is the Generic gameplay footage on the top Right corner. wouldnt it be easier to just let people make their own Generic Gameplay footage and pick an image similar to this and the video outputs to it. So lets say youve got an image (like the one above) and where the Top Right Box is, its just Transparent. So it would play the video on the layer Under the Image (I assume using Z-indexing???) Thoughts? (Im not sure I did a good job explaining this, but I hope you all understand)
  16. it would be great if we could delete our own change/update requests on the Database. I just accidently uploaded the same image twice, but I cant do a thing about it. all I can do is hope people are smart and pick the first one to be approved and the second one to be rejected. -update- also I just realized I posted this in the wrong section. please move to the proper section. thx!
  17. (This request is for desktop version, not bigbox since I don't have premium.) So I use LaunchBox as a nice organizing shortcut for all my retro games, and my non-steam PC games too. But what I'd like to do is to add a bunch of programs' shortcuts (for example: Blender, Discord, paint.net, etc) on my computer to this, without having them unnecessarily mixed up with the games (I have alot of programs on my computer which are hard to locate at times). I was thinking that there could be another button or something to switch from "games view" to "program view". If this is a feature in premium or if there is a plugin, please inform me. Otherwise I'd love for this to be a feature.
  18. Hello all! Loving the new plugin community, so many great ideas are being developed lately and it's really exciting! I have a plugin idea, but I didn't know where to post it, as there isn't a subtopic dedicated to requests. This is the idea I had: A plugin that scrapes Steam for images, content, etc. I don't always buy games on Steam, I'll get them from GOG, Humble Bundle, etc. but since the game is almost always on Steam too, it's a treasure trove of info. Situation: I download and import a game, but then I have to spend time going to grab all the images, description, etc from Steam. It becomes time consuming with multiple games, and especially when so many other things in Launchbox have already been optimized, it seems like a great idea! I wouldn't imagine it could be too hard to do this, as I've already seen a couple plugins that scrape YouTube and even Google images. Anyway, if anyone else sees this as a valuable plugin/feature, please post to keep the thread alive, and maybe a crafty coder will make it so! Side note, in case Launchbox devs see this: Is there any way I can import shortcuts as Windows games directly, instead of only Rom or MS-DOS? Thanks!
  19. hey, i'll jump straight into showing my photoshopped image of an example: The image should explain itself but.. Most of us don't use the original controllers for each platform, and even some games like most windows games have very different controllers scheme. So me for example use 3 different controllers for windows games, would be amazing to have an icon and an option in launchbox to set the games to show what controller the game requires, (& perhaps another option to set a desired platform to default a controller) I guess this could also be made into a plugin, doesn't have to be official now that we have plugin support? Just thought i'd share my thoughts, yesturday i went through a few of my ideas & i'll be posting more when i see fit. thanks in adv
  20. I see this and.... is possible add INSERT COIN TO PLAY Only for console 1 Coin 30 min 2 coin 60 min etc. Mame have coin button built in
  21. I apologise for my awkward title, I don't speak computer. I might mean 'file mask' but I might not. Basically, on a music database such as MediaMonkey you can customise how the program scans the file path to infer properties. For example, "01 - Summer Nights.mp3" would ordinarily scan as the title "01 - Summer Nights". However, using a string such as "<Track#> - <Title>" will put "01" into the track number field, and the title is a nice clean "Summer Nights". I am currently having the issue that all my NDS ROMs have a 4-digit string at the start of them, and when LaunchBox is scanning them it thinks that number is part of the title. Obviously, it then fails to fetch the metadata completely. Renaming 800-odd files is impractical and undesirable, so I was wondering if a feature like the one I described above could be implemented? I apologise if it already is, since it seems like a straightforward thing to include, but I can't see any reference to it. Cheers, and all the best.
  22. I'd really like to have a changelog implemented. It's very strange to update the betas and not understand what was changed without having to come here and look through the post. A link to the relevant post could even be provided for access ease.
  23. So, some emulators support bezzels and some dont. Most retro games though play in 4:3 leaving black bars on modern tvs and I'd love if this front end supported bezels for all games/emulators. In a way that could be easily managed. like a bezel foder in the game media folder.
  24. Hello again, I was wondering if there was any chance that a feature like this could be implemented? I have bound my controller touchpad (PS4) to ESC when firmly pressed to get back into the BigBox menu, problem is sometimes my finger slips and it exits a game I haven't saved in a while... Is this something that must be done inside the emulator's own settings? Or could one be added to BigBox to stop clumsy people like myself losing hours worth of game time? Thanks.
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