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About Me

  1. These Arcade Bezels were made by me and tested on Windows 10 with MameUI and Retroarch running at 1920x1080. Here are my bezels in one large pack. https://bit.ly/2TWXkZQ It's over 5gb to download. This includes most of everything that I made except for the arcade bezels made using Hyperspacemadness's shader reflections. I hope to release those in their own pack sometime soon. Check out my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/orionsangel Here's a Tutorial on how to add my overlays to Mame.
  2. These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. Most of the original artwork came from ReignStumble. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames. You can download all my console themed overlays here - http://bit.ly/2nbRtPs Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch.
  3. Atari Jaguar Bezel Pack View File Made for RetroArch, Naming based on No-Intro. Submitter Beakerman Submitted 07/11/2021 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Made for RetroArch, Naming based on No-Intro.
  5. There's an incomplete list of cores in the "Edit Emulator > Associated Platform" tab inside of LaunchBox I have multiple Cores installed in RetroArch that are not showing up in this list inside of LaunchBox. How do I add the cores that are missing?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Wasn't a fan of how small a screen all the gba bezels/overlays seemed to want me to have. It might be pixel perfect or w/e I dunno and I'm just a scrub, but I wasn't a fan. So I repurposed a wallpaper I found on google images. It's about as basic as you could expect from a bezel. Used mGBA in retroarch, all default settings except Integer Scaling turned ON. Oh I forgot to add, it's for a 1920x1080 display.
  7. How do I force LaunchBox to use a single instance of RetroArch? As I'm swapping between games in the LaunchBox library I'm ending up with dozens of RetroArch instances in my Windows 10 Taskbar, each running a different rom.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Retroarch resolution Aspect Ratio 19:14
  9. My LucasArts Bezels/Overlays for ScummVM View File Tested in Retroarch 1.9.3 My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Shader crt-geom.glsl Submitter Aniv Cuderoes Submitted 06/20/2021 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Tested in Retroarch 1.9.3 My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Shader crt-geom.glsl
  11. Hello, I've been looking through this forum and across the internet for a day and change now, and I've really wanted to avoid posting this before at least trying to find some way to make this work myself. I'm currently setting up some Dreamcast games, using RetroArch Flycast core. In RA, it works a treat, no bother at all. In LB, I get this screen: And this pops up in the bottom left: So, I right clicked the game, in this case, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike (absolute banger of a game), and selected this file to launch it specifically: Which is
  12. I've been having a loooong standing issue getting my mame games running in LaunchBox, took a long break and now I'm back at it determined to make this work. To start fresh and skip the old details: I recently downloaded the new 0.231 non-merged romset. To keep things simple for troubleshooting, I picked ~30 games and got them to work in mame 0.231. I reinstalled RetroArch and downloaded the mame 2003 plus core and scan directory only would find 4 games. I figured this out by performing a manual scan and it found all the games in the directory, Appears to be a RA bug,
  13. Hey guys, any help would be appreciated. I'm not sure what's happening, but in retroarch while using my arcade cabinet, down is up and up Is down on the joystick. I've changed it numerous times and it still reverts to going the wrong way. I've entered retroarch through the game, through launch box, I've done everything I know to do. However, I can't get this fixed. I've attached a video going through what exactly I'm talking about even showing the settings. Here's the video of what I'm talking about. https://youtu.be/h3zs81ORJT4 I honestly don't know where to go from h
  14. Flinkken

    Delicate issue

    Hello, I have a delicate issue which i have tried get my head around for some time now, ive tried googling a solution but allways end up nowhere or generally something about one end of the issue, I have a little Intel Nuc with bluetooth LMP 8 core 4.2 and i have connected 2 Playstation 4 controllers to this NUC, i use retroarch for emulating most of the emulators and two specific ones for gamecube and ps2 (dolphin and pcsx2) I also use Ds4windows Ryochan7 version 3.0.1 currently. Now to my issue, ive been trying to get my ps4 controllers to act as when i start either
  15. Hi I think this is a looooong shot, since I can't find anything on this subject via Google, but does anyone know if it's possible to apply Pokes to games in Fuse running on Retroarch? I've recently made the switch from Spectaculator and have realised this feature seems to be missing. cheers!
  16. Hey guys, I just recently discovered that when scanning zipped files inside of playlist on retroarch, it runs insanely slow. Is there any magic settings or tweaks for the pc version to scan roms faster?
  17. Hello all! I'm uploading some custom overlays I created for Retroarch in 4K just in case someone is looking for something like this. 4:3 ratio. Enjoy! dc.zip Genesis.zip n64.zip nes.zip psx.zip sms.zip snes.zip turbografx.zipcandycab.zip
  18. Hey, everyone, I'm a little bit of a noob to emulation, but I'm using an Optiplex PC with windows 10 as an emulation machine. I've got BigBox as the front end, and it's going in a cabinet with arcade controls and two USB ports for controllers. I have 2 USB PS2 controllers. The highest I go with consoles is PS1, PS2, and Gamecube. I use Dolphin for Gamecube and a separate emulator for PS2 games. But I use the swanstation core in Retroarch to play PS1 games. I've mapped both controllers in the console emulators, and they work great for both players except for the PS1 games. The emulato
  19. I'm a big RetroArch user and a big N64 fan. I've been disappointed at the lack of compatibility for the Mupen64Plus core compared to other cores in RetroArch. Everywhere I've looked online points to GlupeN64 being the best core with the highest compatibility for the time being until ParaLLEL or Cen64 picks up steam. The problem is I can't figure out how to activate GlupeN64 as a core in RetroArch. I have the latest 1.4.1 edition of RetroArch, but GlupeN64 isn't listed as a core there. Does anyone know how to activate this core?
  20. figured out how to copy the post I'm going to post this answer in a few different areas on the forum. I have been trying to figure out how to launch retroarch mame for the systems that don't have a stand alone core. I have finally found a mostly elegant solution 1) Add a New Emulator - I have named mine RetroArch MAME console cores Add your retroarch.exe Make sure to check "Don't use quotes..." 2) Tab over to the Associated Platforms Here's the magic sauce example 1 "neocdz -cdrm \"%romfile%\"" example 2 "a5200 -rp \"F:\Roms\Atari 5200\" -cart \"%romfile
  21. Hello All, I’m having strange sound issue that seems to only be happening to the following Atari cores: 2600 (Stella), 800XL (Atari800), and 7800 (Pro System). I have been scouring multiple forums for weeks without any useful info, and have tried any and all RA settings regarding sound and video sync without any favorable results. Below are a few details regarding the issue: If I have Retroarch notifications turned on at game launch (eg) core re-map, controller info etc., I can see that the sound on some of the games will only start after the notifications being displayed
  22. Hello all, I'm having some issues with sound distortion and what I would assume is game slowdown. The custom BannerBox theme and Retroarch cores, appears to be the culprit. The platform that has the most apparent negative affects, is Atari 5200, while using the Atari800 core with Retroarch, in Bigbox (BannerBox Theme) I'm using game list, not wheel, and no background video. When launching the same 5200 games directly through Retroarch alone, they run perfectly fine, and when using the same Atari800 core through Retroarch in Launchbox, they also play perfectly fine... That said
  23. Hello, looking for advice or a tutorial on trying to set up multiple players on keyboard on retroarch. This is mainly for a 4 player arcade stick that is keyboard base. Would like to set up naomi and atomis wave games for 4 players and for coin insertions. Mainly for fighters and games like power stone. Thanks.
  24. Not sure where i post this... Can I make one game in 1 platform run a different retroArch core IN launchbox? I have my saturn platform but some games need the yabasanshiro libreto instead of the beetle all the others use. I think if i had a command line paremeter i could place that in EDIT GAME / LAUNCHING - use costom command line paremter ? (might be wrong). I do have the choice to select either core on launch, as ive set them both up but I cant have 2 defaults and i cant see a setting to default for an individual game :? when I select the game it goes to the default and
  25. It's been a while since I have gone looking for roms, and have still my old collection, however I'm looking to expand it again. The problem is, I'm having trouble findings roms with the .lst file in them. Is there a program that I use? or is it a specific rom that I would have to look for. I'm not asking for links, but the roms I find usually have various files, and a bin. No lst. Thanks.
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