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  • cocktail mass settings mame 4 launchbox?

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Found 238 results

  1. Can't seem to find the answer to this, though I found a very similar post, that seems to have gone unanswered: I have my bin/cue Neo Geo CD games loading directly from Retroarch using the FBAlpha core. But, I cannot seem to get these to launch form within Launchbox. I used to do this through RocketLauncher, but i'm sick and tired of using it and would like to streamline things. Any ideas? I'm probably missing something simple... i'm still a little new to LB.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I was inspired by @ArsInvictus and Covid19 quarantine to make some vertical overlays for retroarch. Credit for the Mushihimesama overlay goes to them. I'm using the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection shader for an inside bezel.
  3. Cave Vertical Retroarch Overlays.zip View File I was inspired by @ArsInvictus and Covid19 quarantine to make some vertical overlays for retroarch. Credit for the Mushihimesama overlay goes to them. I'm using the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection shader for an inside bezel. Submitter goblindriver Submitted 03/18/2020 Category Game Media Packs  
  4. Hello all! I'm uploading some custom overlays I created for Retroarch in 4K just in case someone is looking for something like this. 4:3 ratio. Enjoy! dc.zip Genesis.zip n64.zip nes.zip psx.zip sms.zip snes.zip turbografx.zipcandycab.zip
  5. https://youtu.be/xPhtQhLkpAk I got it all set up , all buttons are 100% working but non are registering within retroarch or any steam game. Just bought the xin-mo because i had the same problem with my ipac. This really sucks , i really wanted my pc to be used in my arcade cab! Any idea's what i'm missing?
  6. Hi guys ! My setup of Launchbox/Bigobox is all fine on my computer and I can launch all platforms and play my games without any issues. Things get annoying for me when I want to play my games on my Tv through HDMI. Here is why : I can play all games when I use stand alone emulators (snex9, yabause, epsxe, etc.) except when I choose to play them through Retroarch. This multiplatform emulator works fine when I use it on my computer but crashes when my computer is connected through hdmi to my tv ! I searched on the forums and googled this problem but no one seems to have that issue Can anyone please help me solve this problem since I don’t want to configure stand alone emulator for each platform. It’s a lot more convenient to play my games and platforms using just retroarch Thanks in advance for your help
  7. One of my favorite features and very useful most of time, is the possibility of control the volume level with controller automation, The problem is with Retroarch, if I try to use adjust the volume with control automation while I'm playing , Retroarch shows a bottom/left message that says "null", afterward the control does not respond anymore, so I must close the game, this happen both Launch Box & Big Bog. Do you have the same problem? Is a config problem? thank you guys
  8. When configuring retroarch at the Launchbox platform, I could not find the core I wanted to use when running PSX using retroarch (The core Beetle PSX HW), that's such a shame because that is the core with the best customizations at least for me
  9. I found a bug that is driving me crazy. This BUG occurs only in Big Box and not the desktop Launchbox. Basically the Bug comes out with Mendafen Saturn's CORE in retroarch. If I start a game from the desktop launchbox, it works perfectly, if I start the same game from the Big Box the Mednafen core starts to have problems and has impressive drops in framerates. I also tried to eliminate the "LOADING PAGE" because I thought it could interfere with the loading of the core, unfortunately I don't get any improvement. I can't understand what breaks the mednafen saturn core from BigBox and not from desktop launchbox . PC AMd Ryzen 3 , 8 gb Ram , SSD , Gpu AMD 560 4gb .
  10. I am working on an arcade box that will be running MAME along with emulators for console games. My goal is is to use the built in arcade controls for MAME and then be able to plug in USB gamepad(s) to use for console games (RetroArch). This is all running on a PC. Thinking about going with Mag-Stick plus and Mini-PAC and using the USB connection. Is there a way to setup MAME to ignore the USB gamepads and only recognize commands from the Mini-PAC? Conversely, if I bind the P1 and P2 controls in RA to the gamepads, the Mini-PAC joysticks will be ignored correct?
  11. Hello all, I am having some issues with controller configuration and hoping someone can help. I play my games using Big Box launched through SteamLink. I recently bought some Vilros Retro Gaming USB controllers. I have setup custom controller config and set the parameters in LaunchBox to use them. All of that works great. However, if I launch Big Box from Steam (both on the PC and using SteamLink), the controllers no longer work correctly inside RetroArch. The controllers work in Big Box and in SteamLink just fine. Its just once I am in game. I went to the quick menu to check the config and everything is working fine. I tested it launching from the PC, launching it from Steam and launch it from SteamLink. Only Steam and SteamLink cause this issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like use these controllers but need to use the SteamLink as I play in a different room from the PC. I also don’t want to build another PC or use the Raspberry Pi. Also, as a side note. I noticed that when launching from Steam and SteamLink, that the RetroArch control configuration loads 4 times with two controllers plugged in. I think once I saw it load 6 times. See attached image. While taking these screenshots, I also noticed that from the PC it says Retro-bit Genesis and from Steam it says XInput Controller.
  12. https://www.patreon.com/posts/3-new-cores-3rd-8569768?utm_campaign=postshare&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter
  13. Hello, The current command line for Colecovision in Retroarch specifies the MESS core which is no longer available for download. -L "cores\mess_libretro.dll" There is a MESS_2014 however it does not appear to work. (I made the following change to the command line incorporating MESS_2014): -L "cores\mess2014_libretro.dll" Again, it does not work I also tried the Blue MSX core, but I can't figure out how to use it to actually load a GAME in Launchbox. It loads the Colecovision BIOS for every game I select and nothing else. I think I need a command line (that I don't know). Would love to have Colecovision working in Launchbox (Bigbox) so thanks in advance for any tips!
  14. Current version date: 8-30-18 - Updated overrides to use new aspect ratio numbers for Retroarch 1.7.4 (they will not work correctly with older versions). Older versions of the overrides are still available for older versions of Retroarch. Introduction: There were two overall goals with these: Goal #1 was to ensure that the image was properly scaled to the top and bottom of the screen for all of my games. Something you'll notice if you play a lot of PSX games using RA Beetle PSX is that the aspect ratio settings that work best (scale to the top and bottom) for one game doesn't necessarily do the same for another game. This is because there's a wide array of resolution modes used in the PSX library that are entirely game-dependent, so what works for one thing won't necessarily work for another. Thankfully, overrides give us the flexibility to custom tailor these as we need from one game to another. What I found worked best was one of three scenarios: "AR Setting 1" Aspect Ratio = Core Provided Integer Scaling = Off "AR Setting 2" Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = 1600 (5x) Custom Viewport Height = 1200 (5x) Integer Scaling = On Other Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Height = [customized per game] Custom Viewport X = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Y = [customized per game] Integer Scaling = Off Most games fall into one of the first two categories. AR Setting 1 is what I'm using as a Core Override base. AR Setting 2 was used in per-game overrides as needed and when something more unusual came up I created a per-game override using custom width, height, X, and Y settings. Goal #2 was to setup each game to use the appropriate controller settings for that specific game. During the lifetime of the PSX there was quite a range of controllers, starting with the regular old d-pad-only gamepad up through the original dual shock controller. Support for the later controllers varied by game. The original pad (called "PS1 Joypad" in Retroarch) + Analog to digital type = Left Stick is used as the Core Override base. If the game supported it, either Dual Analog or Dual Shock was used as an override. For these, the analog to digital type is set to none (because otherwise you'll still be sending d-inputs) unless it's one of the instances where a game actually supported the vibration function of the dual shock controller but did not support actual analog input (there are a number of such cases); for those the analog to digital type is set to left stick just like the original PS1 Joypad ones, but you'll have vibration as well. Complete PSX and Saturn Audit Sheet 483 PSX / 109 Saturn titles covered The sheet shows what was used for each game along with the name of the relevant override file. The file name is important because it must match the filename of the game you want to use it with exactly in order for Retroarch to know that it needs to apply it. This means you're going to need to rename the configs to match your game if it's named differently. On that note, I'm using .m3us for all multi-disc games (.pbps would work as well), which means that there's only one override for those games (because it just needs to match the .m3u/.pbp filename) but if you don't use one of those and just have several disc images that you individually direct at Retroarch, separate overrides would need to be made to match each disc filename. You should really be using either .m3u or .pbp for those though... Another caveat is that these are designed for a 1080p display; if you're using a different resolution, the AR settings more than likely won't be correct for you. If a game used AR Setting 1 and the original controller, no game override is necessary as those are covered by the core override. Also, these are designed for the Core Option settings of Renderer = Software and Internal Resolution = 1x (native). You might be able to get away with alternate settings for those, depending on the game, but I can't guarantee the AR settings will be correct. This is the full list of core options (from retroarch-core-options.cfg) that I normally use for Beetle PSX HW (note that 32-bit color depth doesn't actually do anything in software rendering, but I leave it there for when I do want to try out either vulkan or opengl renderers, at which point I turn dithering mode to off; the PGXP options don't do anything in software mode either): One final note is that I'm using the CRT-Hyllian-Multipass shader in the core override (Beetle PSX HW.cfg) so that will apply to all your games unless you change it in the core override. You can edit the Beetle PSX HW.cfg file and change the "video shader = " line to a different shader or just remove the entire line. You could also just do this via Quick Menu -> Save Core Override, but you'll need to be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite a setting that you actually need as a base for these to work (listed below). CRT-Hyllian-Multipass is a good one because it looks good, it's super lightweight, and it looks correct even without integer scaling (which is super important for these). CRT-Aperture is a good choice as well. Oh, and a final final note (we'll call this Goal #3) is that there are some PSX (and Saturn) games (primarily fighting games) that are in interlaced 480i format. I made some custom deinterlacing shader presets that I use for these games to remove interlacing artifacts and it's enabled in their overrides (they're noted on the audit sheet). The presets are included below. These just need to be placed in the base Retroarch\shaders folder. The overrides need to be placed in your Retroarch\config folder so the path should look like Retroarch\config\Beetle PSX HW\[config name].cfg Notes on the Saturn overrides can be found here and here. Beetle PSX HW Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip Beetle Saturn Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip CRT Deinterlacing.zip PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Retroarch version 1.7.8+ some changes were made to how shaders were handled, which means you'll need to use the files in the attachment below rather than "CRT Deinterlacing.zip" above. Be aware that you'll also need to rename the presets to match your own files, just like with the overrides. 1.7.8+ Deinterlacing.7z Older (pre RA 1.7.4) versions: Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Obviously this isn't everything in the PSX library - I curate my library so I've "only" got a little under 500 PSX games but this makes a big dent.
  15. Hello and good day everyone! I'm Jesse and I'm new to LaunchBox. Actually, I'm kind of new to Windows too. After years of using a Mac and a few months of tinkering with emulation on the Raspberry Pi, I decided to buy a more powerful Windows machine. Windows seems to be the best platform for emulation. Anyway, onto my question. I'm trying to get the older 2nd gen consoles to run in RetroArch. Mainly because of the controller support and shaders. I started with the first one, the Fairchild Channel F. I got this to run in MAME (standalone) fairly easy, but I had no luck using the MAME core in RetroArch. Anyone out there who figured it out or could point me in the right direction? Greetings from The Netherlands! Jesse
  16. Hi i have imported successfully Bally Astrocade to launchbox but unfortunately i cannot get the emulator to work. I have seen some information on the forum but still i cannot figure it out. I have tried mame and retroarch but no success. On retroarch i have tried Mame, mame2014 and MESS core i get a flash of a window and then dissapears. I have also read that i have to do MESS bioses to system folder of Retroarch and i did. With-regards MAME i do not even get the flash window. I have also put the bioses on rom folder of MAME. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hello boys, I want to launch my neo geo cd with retroarch but when i launch it i have this error: [libretro INFO] Starting game from command line:Z:\Roms\SNK Neo Geo CD\sonicwi2.zip [libretro INFO] ARGUV[0]=Z:\Roms\SNK [libretro WARN] Driver Z:\Roms\SNK not found -1 [libretro WARN] Game not found: sonicwi2 [libretro INFO] RES:-2 In my rom folder i have: -aero fighters 2 (1994)(snk)(jp-us)[!][sonic wings 2].chd -sonicwi2.zip -neocd.zip -neocdz.zip -neogeo.zip I have check my neocd Hash files and all is good. Can you help me please? Thanks you very much
  18. I am trying to run my CPS2 games from my .183 mame romset but when I try and fire it up through Launchbox or Retroarch it begins to load but then initially crashes. Ive tried to test this on several different cores including various versions of mame as well as fbalpha. I cannot seem to find a solution online through searching so I thought maybe the community would have an answer.
  19. Hello all, I just updated my retroarch build to the latest version 1.8.1 at the time typing this. I updated my cores and core info files, and noticed a new core called NeoCD (2019). A Neogeo CD emulation core in retroarch. I was happy to try it out then I noticed that I couldn't get any of the bios files I have working with this core. Anyone else having this issue? Has anyone else tried this core yet? I also checked here too: (didn't help me much) https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro
  20. My Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Bezels/Overlays View File Bezels/Overlays Version B include logo (Sega, Treasure etc..) My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Shader crt-geom.glsl Retroarch resolution Aspect Ratio 19:14 Submitter stevencostner Submitted 08/08/2018 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  21. These custom console themed overlays were made by me to play retro console games on Retroarch. I wanted these overlays to evoke a nostalgic feeling. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit if you use it on your channel. Thanks. You can download them here - https://bit.ly/2qRffPJ Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch. Please donate if you can. So I can keep bringing you more bezels. It's appreciated. 👍 https://www.paypal.me/orionsangel
  22. Name: What Retroarch SNES core is right for you ? Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-18 Submitter: lordmonkus There are many SNES cores in Retroarch and knowing which to use can be confusing. This video is just my opinion and recommendation on which SNES core you should be using. What Retroarch SNES core is right for you ?
  23. Hi! I stumbled upon a problem with the NAOMI and NAOMI 2 system. I tried different emulators and each one has his own problems. Can't figure it out. If hope to get one of these emulators to work. First Emulator: DEMUL v0.7 alpha I can get DEMUL to launch through Launchbox but it give me the error:"Unable to find 'epr-21576d.ic27' in romset naomi". But that file is located in the directory that I assigned to the games and roms. The type of game rom files are *.zip and contains type *.ic* files. Maybe I'm using incompatibele rom files? In the settings menu I tried already the 3 different rom options (gdrimage, gdrCHD, gdrDEMUL). What's the correct one with these type of files? Command lines (-run=naomi -rom=) are put in the right place, Correct boxes are checked. Note: I also use DEMUL for Sammy Atomiswave and that works perfect with launchbox. Once you put in the proper command line (-run=awave -rom=) and check the right boxes. Second Emulator: RetroArch 1.7.5 with reicast core Starting the game in RetroArch through Launchbox works, the game starts but I get black screen. I know the game is in running the background because I hear sound when I use the controls. I used the epr-21576g.ic27 (2048kB) that I renamed and put in the ...\system\dc\ folder. Help Thx a bunch!
  24. I was wondering if anyone has the Daphne core in Retroarch working? I have the daphne program working as a stand alone emulator in my launch box build, but it would be nice to see how this retroarch version works. I don't even know if the same files I'm using with the daphne emulator work with the retroarch core, or if it wants the arcade files.
  25. I apologise if this has come up before, but I am having a hell of time getting NeoGeo roms and CPS1, CPS2, and CPS3 Roms running. I am using Retroarch and have followed the tutorial videos. As far as I can tell I am updating my cores (FBA_Libretro) and I have placed the neogeo.zip (bios) in my roms folder. When I attempt to run a rom, it either flat out does not do anything or by running a few of the different cores the roms start to boot and seem to hang at around 90%. If anyone has a fix for this, or any helpful tips I would be incredibly grateful. So far my experience with launchbox has been great, if I can just crack this nut it will be nigh on perfect. Thanks in advance Dirtybaz
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