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Found 252 results

  1. These Arcade Bezels were made by me and tested on Windows 10 with MameUI and Retroarch running at 1920x1080. They are constantly tweaked and updated. I also take request. You can download my entire Realistic Arcade Bezel Collection for MAMEUI here - https://bit.ly/3aKg4hU You can download my entire Retroarch Bezel Collection here - https://bit.ly/2Lvq9VI Check out my youtube channel. https://www.youtube.com/orionsangel Here's a Tutorial on how to add my overlays to Mame. Donations are welcome and appreciated. 👍 https://www.paypal.me/orionsangel
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I love the designs by ÁlvaroMG but his DS design layout didn't work out for me. So I recreated it in a way to use the hybrid/top 2:1 ratio. I made this with Retroarch in mind so results may vary if you use a different emulator. Settings: 1870 Width 928 Height hybrid/top Hybrid Layout: Ratio 2:1 NDS.cfg
  3. Nintendo DS Overlay View File I love the designs by ÁlvaroMG but his DS design layout didn't work out for me. So I recreated it in a way to use the hybrid/top 2:1 ratio. I made this with Retroarch in mind so results may vary if you use a different emulator. Settings: 1870 Width 928 Height hybrid/top Hybrid Layout: Ratio 2:1 NDS.cfg Submitter Ryoda Submitted 01/20/2021 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  4. These custom console themed overlays were edited and assembled by me to play your retro console games with a unique nostalgic bezel on Retroarch. Please enjoy and have fun. Please give me credit and the others involved if you use it on your Youtube channel. Thanks. Most of the original artwork came from ReignStumble. Credit is given to RetroKenesis for the bezel frames. You can download all my console themed overlays here - http://bit.ly/2nbRtPs Here's a Tutorial on how to add them to Retroarch.
  5. Hello, I have a little problem with "RetroArch" and the "GameBoy" I tried all the cores but none of them launch my "gameboy" roms, on the other hand if I use "Virtualboy" as an emuulator it works, I absolutely want RetroArch for backups and the like, thanks in advance for your help.🥺
  6. Hi i've recently followed the guide to install SNES ROMs through Retroarch (Emulating the SNES tutorial) - and it worked well using the balanced core !! Although I skipped the config element. I now want to play with shaders so i have gone back to follow the tutorial... I know that since the tutorial that launchbox has since been updated, so I couldn't completely follow the steps. I therefore placed the config file reference into the 'extra command line parameters". This appeared to work ok for the shaders I set ( they look great) but on starting the game it opens in a separate window and I lost control settings for my joystick.... If I delete the config its back to normal game opens in big box but shaders not applied... I don't think I touched any other settings... I assume that I need to copy or change other settings in retroarch .... but would welcome any thoughts...
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Based on the Steel Blue theme for Retroarch, I decided to create some themes for the Mini consoles below SNES Classic Edition NES Classic Edition NEC PC Engine Mini NEC TurboGrafx Mini NEC Supergrafx Mini SNK Neo Geo Mini Playstation Classic Sega Genesis Mini Hope you like it!
  8. Retroarch Dynamic Themes Mini And classics Consoles. View File Based on the Steel Blue theme for Retroarch, I decided to create some themes for the Mini consoles below SNES Classic Edition NES Classic Edition NEC PC Engine Mini NEC TurboGrafx Mini NEC Supergrafx Mini SNK Neo Geo Mini Playstation Classic Sega Genesis Mini Hope you like it! Submitter ronipeterson Submitted 11/18/2020 Category Playlist Backgrounds  
  9. I tried Retroarch a while back, when I first started playing with LaunchBox, and at the time didn't see what the fuss was about... looked nice but, didn't find it very new-user friendly for figuring it out. Seen a few how-to vids since then that mention the same thing. I have had a lot of luck with the individual emulators though, finally think I have a grasp on MAME. I do see some mentions of Retroarch having some options for making games look better though? Not sure if upscaling, smoothing or what.... Seen a lot of posts about Retroarch vs Individual Emulators, but most responses were geared towards personal preference, having stuff all setup through 1 app, etc... what I'd like to know is 1) Can I make games look better with RetroArch? 2) For MAME, is there an advantage to use RetroArch (ie. making graphics look better) or since I've now gotten 0.186 sorted out, just use MAME/DEMUL for the ARCADE stuff, and RetroArch for the rest?
  10. Hi i have imported successfully Bally Astrocade to launchbox but unfortunately i cannot get the emulator to work. I have seen some information on the forum but still i cannot figure it out. I have tried mame and retroarch but no success. On retroarch i have tried Mame, mame2014 and MESS core i get a flash of a window and then dissapears. I have also read that i have to do MESS bioses to system folder of Retroarch and i did. With-regards MAME i do not even get the flash window. I have also put the bioses on rom folder of MAME. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I've searched through the forums to solve my issue. There was a posting in March 2016 where someone had the same issue I have, but the problem that was solved for them did not work for me and was wondering if I was missing anything. I have a problem where Launchbox wont load my 3DO games via Retroarch 1.3.6 (4DO). I go into Retroarch and can load the games no problem. I went back into Launchbox and changed the games to load the .iso file instead of the .cue sheet and still have the same problem, I click on a game and nothing happens. I also tried using custom command-line parameters (-L "cores\4do_libretro.dll") and i still get nothing. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Hello all, I am having some issues with controller configuration and hoping someone can help. I play my games using Big Box launched through SteamLink. I recently bought some Vilros Retro Gaming USB controllers. I have setup custom controller config and set the parameters in LaunchBox to use them. All of that works great. However, if I launch Big Box from Steam (both on the PC and using SteamLink), the controllers no longer work correctly inside RetroArch. The controllers work in Big Box and in SteamLink just fine. Its just once I am in game. I went to the quick menu to check the config and everything is working fine. I tested it launching from the PC, launching it from Steam and launch it from SteamLink. Only Steam and SteamLink cause this issue. Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I like use these controllers but need to use the SteamLink as I play in a different room from the PC. I also don’t want to build another PC or use the Raspberry Pi. Also, as a side note. I noticed that when launching from Steam and SteamLink, that the RetroArch control configuration loads 4 times with two controllers plugged in. I think once I saw it load 6 times. See attached image. While taking these screenshots, I also noticed that from the PC it says Retro-bit Genesis and from Steam it says XInput Controller.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    * Updated 8/29/2020 Here is a collection of Arcade Media I created for my vertical theme. This includes HD Overlays and HD Marquees if you are running a second monitor. This now includes a few additional systems and videos for things that weren't in my preferred format in the db. Pico-8, Dreamcast, X-Box 360 and Naomi. I'm no longer creating 4K assets. I may circle back around when I upgrade my system to be able to handle 4k. Pinball Media is here. Windows Media is here. A bunch of these are chopped up versions of @Arsinvictus excellent work found on the Retroarch forums. This is a snapshot of my work on this system and will be updated periodically throughout the year. If you would like to be notified when I add additional content to the pack click on the follow button. Arcade.mp4
  14. Hello all, I just updated my retroarch build to the latest version 1.8.1 at the time typing this. I updated my cores and core info files, and noticed a new core called NeoCD (2019). A Neogeo CD emulation core in retroarch. I was happy to try it out then I noticed that I couldn't get any of the bios files I have working with this core. Anyone else having this issue? Has anyone else tried this core yet? I also checked here too: (didn't help me much) https://github.com/libretro/neocd_libretro
  15. Starting a series of setup videos for LaunchBox x RetroArch x RocketLauncher. Platform: Apogee BK-01 Emulator: RetroArch Core: MAME Driver: apogee Romset: MAME softwarelist Video - Table of Contents This is how you properly load the MAME core in RetroArch using softwarelists. In the video I cover the following: 1. Usage Instructions - How to load the cassettes through RetroArch (RA), switching between fully and partially emulated keyboard, load data blocks and play. 2. Identify Media Type - How to identify which media type to use and in which slot as well as crosscheck driver maturity to know whether emulation is possible or not for other MAME systems using MESSUI. 3. Edit RetroArch AHK - To load this system through RocketLauncher (RL), you will need to modify the AHK module. I'll show you how to do it to add this system and get it running in RL through RA. 4. Platform Overview - Lightly touching on how the Emulator and Associated Platforms are setup in LaunchBox before an in-depth walkthrough stepping you through the process and thinking behind it. 5. MAME Folder Structures - How to correctly place your MAME softwarelist roms and softwarelist bios files so they load correctly through RA without altering Emulator or Associated Platforms in Launchbox beyond the basic script. 6. Platform Setup - A detailed walkthrough of setting up and importing softwarelist roms. In this case, we don't use the Hash descriptions because this Russian system uses the same naming convention as the shortlist title. 7. Apogee Media Pack - Discuss the Clear logos [x104] I created about three years ago for HyperSpin. Download found here in the download section. 8. Troubleshooting - Briefly discuss the retroarch-core-options.cfg and provide an example of what will work with this setup. Apogee Testimonials: Emulator: Associated Platforms: Bit of history about me: I've been in the emulation scene over 24 years and just recently came out of a 2 years hiatus. I started a website to record the systems I've started collecting, curating and emulating again; I have an FTP server for hosting everything and Discord Channel that you're welcome to join to come and pick my brains about system setups. Everything is free and I'm doing this as my hobby. I'll try to reply to comments in this thread, as well as, the video if you need further instructions. Please let me know if this was useful or not by leaving a comment in my YouTube video, liking, subscribing and sharing to someone else in the community. I have been banned for life from the HyperSpin community for trying to redistribute media and setup non supported systems such as the one in the video here. I had about 500 systems setup before I took my 2 year hiatus and plan to help this community grow through this video series. Website: http://www.emulationclub.com/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/EmulationClub/ Discord Channel Invite (I'm most active here): https://discord.gg/9jWkE4V
  16. Can't seem to find the answer to this, though I found a very similar post, that seems to have gone unanswered: I have my bin/cue Neo Geo CD games loading directly from Retroarch using the FBAlpha core. But, I cannot seem to get these to launch form within Launchbox. I used to do this through RocketLauncher, but i'm sick and tired of using it and would like to streamline things. Any ideas? I'm probably missing something simple... i'm still a little new to LB.
  17. Lately I've been getting some odd notifications when starting retroarch via launchbox. Here's what happens: I'll select a game while in BigBox mode. Then, when I press the guide button on my xbox one controller, I get the following notifications in retroarch: "Waiting for client" "Joined as Player 1" (then after about 25 seconds) "port remap failed" It's only after I receive the final message that I can do anything such as save/load state. Now, I realize LaunchBox has nothing to do with retroarch from a development standpoint, but when I start retroarch directly, I don't get any of these odd notifications. I would also like to point out that I'm not using any special launch parameters. Does anyone have an idea as to what could be causing this? Thank you in advance for your help!
  18. One of my favorite features and very useful most of time, is the possibility of control the volume level with controller automation, The problem is with Retroarch, if I try to use adjust the volume with control automation while I'm playing , Retroarch shows a bottom/left message that says "null", afterward the control does not respond anymore, so I must close the game, this happen both Launch Box & Big Bog. Do you have the same problem? Is a config problem? thank you guys
  19. Version 1.0.1


    Here are the 6 Overlays/Borders used in Mega Man LC recreated for use with RetroArch and using the Bezel Project NES template. Enjoy!
  20. Ever since the introduction of the screenshot grabber. I've been having a strange issue with certain cores in retroarch. Mainly cores for computers with keyboards. Also requests to save Phantom screenshots after exiting. Its as if my joypad movements are sending keyboard commands to retroarch. It renders the spectrum fuse core unusable. Its definitely a launchbox issue as it all works fine in an earlier version (which i have setup separately & not updated). Also works fine when running retroarch alone. I've changed nothing in settings. I don't have my pad set to do anything like this in launchbox settings either. Strange
  21. Version 0.5.0


    These are from my very-far-from-being-finished Retroarch overlay project. I've been meaning to put these up for a while now, but was waiting to cover more systems but... who knows how long it'll take to get through more, so I figured I'd put up what I have so far. Originally I was just going to create some for Arcade stuff, but then decided to branch out into some other platforms as well. Like I said, this has a really long way to go before it's anywhere close to done. Current platforms covered: CPS1 (5 overlays; 4 horizontal / 1 vertical) CPS2 (4 overlays; 2 horizontal / 2 vertical) MAME (4 overlays; 1 horizontal / 3 vertical) Neo Geo (1 overlay) NES (6 overlays) Sega Dreamcast (1 overlay) Sega Genesis (4 overlays) Sega Saturn (2 overlays) Sharp X68000 (2 overlays) SNES (3 overlays) Sony Playstation (3 bezels of differing widths) Other image/video projects:
  22. Current version date: 8-30-18 - Updated overrides to use new aspect ratio numbers for Retroarch 1.7.4 (they will not work correctly with older versions). Older versions of the overrides are still available for older versions of Retroarch. Introduction: There were two overall goals with these: Goal #1 was to ensure that the image was properly scaled to the top and bottom of the screen for all of my games. Something you'll notice if you play a lot of PSX games using RA Beetle PSX is that the aspect ratio settings that work best (scale to the top and bottom) for one game doesn't necessarily do the same for another game. This is because there's a wide array of resolution modes used in the PSX library that are entirely game-dependent, so what works for one thing won't necessarily work for another. Thankfully, overrides give us the flexibility to custom tailor these as we need from one game to another. What I found worked best was one of three scenarios: "AR Setting 1" Aspect Ratio = Core Provided Integer Scaling = Off "AR Setting 2" Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = 1600 (5x) Custom Viewport Height = 1200 (5x) Integer Scaling = On Other Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Height = [customized per game] Custom Viewport X = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Y = [customized per game] Integer Scaling = Off Most games fall into one of the first two categories. AR Setting 1 is what I'm using as a Core Override base. AR Setting 2 was used in per-game overrides as needed and when something more unusual came up I created a per-game override using custom width, height, X, and Y settings. Goal #2 was to setup each game to use the appropriate controller settings for that specific game. During the lifetime of the PSX there was quite a range of controllers, starting with the regular old d-pad-only gamepad up through the original dual shock controller. Support for the later controllers varied by game. The original pad (called "PS1 Joypad" in Retroarch) + Analog to digital type = Left Stick is used as the Core Override base. If the game supported it, either Dual Analog or Dual Shock was used as an override. For these, the analog to digital type is set to none (because otherwise you'll still be sending d-inputs) unless it's one of the instances where a game actually supported the vibration function of the dual shock controller but did not support actual analog input (there are a number of such cases); for those the analog to digital type is set to left stick just like the original PS1 Joypad ones, but you'll have vibration as well. Complete PSX and Saturn Audit Sheet 483 PSX / 109 Saturn titles covered The sheet shows what was used for each game along with the name of the relevant override file. The file name is important because it must match the filename of the game you want to use it with exactly in order for Retroarch to know that it needs to apply it. This means you're going to need to rename the configs to match your game if it's named differently. On that note, I'm using .m3us for all multi-disc games (.pbps would work as well), which means that there's only one override for those games (because it just needs to match the .m3u/.pbp filename) but if you don't use one of those and just have several disc images that you individually direct at Retroarch, separate overrides would need to be made to match each disc filename. You should really be using either .m3u or .pbp for those though... Another caveat is that these are designed for a 1080p display; if you're using a different resolution, the AR settings more than likely won't be correct for you. If a game used AR Setting 1 and the original controller, no game override is necessary as those are covered by the core override. Also, these are designed for the Core Option settings of Renderer = Software and Internal Resolution = 1x (native). You might be able to get away with alternate settings for those, depending on the game, but I can't guarantee the AR settings will be correct. This is the full list of core options (from retroarch-core-options.cfg) that I normally use for Beetle PSX HW (note that 32-bit color depth doesn't actually do anything in software rendering, but I leave it there for when I do want to try out either vulkan or opengl renderers, at which point I turn dithering mode to off; the PGXP options don't do anything in software mode either): One final note is that I'm using the CRT-Hyllian-Multipass shader in the core override (Beetle PSX HW.cfg) so that will apply to all your games unless you change it in the core override. You can edit the Beetle PSX HW.cfg file and change the "video shader = " line to a different shader or just remove the entire line. You could also just do this via Quick Menu -> Save Core Override, but you'll need to be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite a setting that you actually need as a base for these to work (listed below). CRT-Hyllian-Multipass is a good one because it looks good, it's super lightweight, and it looks correct even without integer scaling (which is super important for these). CRT-Aperture is a good choice as well. Oh, and a final final note (we'll call this Goal #3) is that there are some PSX (and Saturn) games (primarily fighting games) that are in interlaced 480i format. I made some custom deinterlacing shader presets that I use for these games to remove interlacing artifacts and it's enabled in their overrides (they're noted on the audit sheet). The presets are included below. These just need to be placed in the base Retroarch\shaders folder. The overrides need to be placed in your Retroarch\config folder so the path should look like Retroarch\config\Beetle PSX HW\[config name].cfg Notes on the Saturn overrides can be found here and here. Beetle PSX HW Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip Beetle Saturn Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip CRT Deinterlacing.zip PLEASE NOTE: If you're using Retroarch version 1.7.8+ some changes were made to how shaders were handled, which means you'll need to use the files in the attachment below rather than "CRT Deinterlacing.zip" above. Be aware that you'll also need to rename the presets to match your own files, just like with the overrides. 1.7.8+ Deinterlacing.7z Older (pre RA 1.7.4) versions: Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Obviously this isn't everything in the PSX library - I curate my library so I've "only" got a little under 500 PSX games but this makes a big dent.
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Wasn't a fan of how small a screen all the gba bezels/overlays seemed to want me to have. It might be pixel perfect or w/e I dunno and I'm just a scrub, but I wasn't a fan. So I repurposed a wallpaper I found on google images. It's about as basic as you could expect from a bezel. Used mGBA in retroarch, all default settings except Integer Scaling turned ON. Oh I forgot to add, it's for a 1920x1080 display.
  24. 1080P Arcade Generic System Overlays View File Hello everyone! I did these overlays with available content in community and internet. I credit everyone for their respective content provided. Thankfully!! They are all generic arcade 1080p overlays. Use for Mame, FinalBurn Neo, Capcom and NeoGeo systems. Contains versions for curved screen, flat screen and HSM shaders, horizontal and vertical variants. I made them to use simultaneously with Retroarch + Launchbox, as it contains their logos. Obviously they can be used for Retroarch alone, of course! INSTRUCTIONS: Unzip the content into the Retroarch overlay folder. SCALING SETTINGS: Curved screen horizontal overlays: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 350 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 80 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1220 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 920 Shader: Use one which lets you define the curvature for best result (I prefer crt-guest-dr-venom). Curved Screen Vertical Overlay: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 608 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 72 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 702 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 934 Again, use a shader which lets you define the curvature for best result (I recommend crt-guest-dr-venom). Flat screen Horizontal Overlay: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 316 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 54 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1290 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 970 Flat screen Vertical Overlay: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 590 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 48 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 740 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 896 ----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------- BONUS 1080P arcade overlay (Mame and FBN versions) for vertically rotated monitors. NOTE: To use rotated overlays, you need to configure the image rotation by Retroarch video settings and, obviously, a monitor that allows you to rotate it physically. Curved screen vertical rotate overlay: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 230 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 80 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1224 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 918 Shader: One more time, one which lets you define the curvature for best result (I prefer crt-guest-dr-venom). Flat screen vertical rotate overlay: Integer Scale: OFF Aspect Ratio: Custom Custom Aspect Ratio (X Position): 198 Custom Aspect Ratio (Y Position): 56 Custom Aspect Ratio (Width): 1292 Custom Aspect Ratio (Height): 962 Have a good time! Submitter soqueroeu Submitted 06/26/2020 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  25. Version 1.0.0


    I love the systematic theme for Retroarch, but since I use LaunchBox, I rarely get to see it. So I converted a bunch of it to .ico pack for all of my rom folders. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I couldn't find a more appropriate area. The icons are multi size, from 16x16 up to 256x256, so they should look good at any size. Not every systematic icon is converted, but pretty much any commonly used platforms should be represented. Enjoy!
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