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Found 178 results

  1. I helped my dear friend build a Bartop. . In the two Joystick sets he bought, these encoders were present . With Mame I have no setting problem , But with retroarch each time you check a button command, the backward menu moves back and forth on its own . Every time I look for a backward solution, I find timely news on retroopie . https://forum.recalbox.com/topic/4794/problems-while-building-my-arcade-with-dragonrise-inc-generic-usb-joystick https://github.com/libretro/retroarch-joypad-autoconfig/blob/master/udev/DragonRise Inc. Gamepad.cfg Now I do not have the bartop with me to do some tests, but somehow I have to try to fix this problem. Does it seem to me that the solution is setting playstation gamepad or wrong? Suggestions?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has the Daphne core in Retroarch working? I have the daphne program working as a stand alone emulator in my launch box build, but it would be nice to see how this retroarch version works. I don't even know if the same files I'm using with the daphne emulator work with the retroarch core, or if it wants the arcade files.
  3. Despite my best efforts and placing the tos.img in the retroarch system directory when loading a game file retroarch crashes.. does anyone have the hatari core in retroarch working?
  4. When I crank up Reicast's internal resolution to something like 1920x1440, it looks great, and runs great when I'm using Retroarch on its own. However if I launch the same games via Launchbox, Retroarch is crashing when using any Reicast internal resolution other that 640x480. Is there a conflicting configuration somewhere that Launchbox would care about? One that doesn't Retroarch when running independently? Update: Looks like the crashing is dependent on shaders, everything works great with no shaders enabled, once enabled starting a game from Launchbox crashes Retroarch. Update 2: Narrowed it down further to crashing only when a shader alters geometry, I can work around that but I'm still curious why this would only come into play when launching from Launchbox?
  5. One of my favorite features and very useful most of time, is the possibility of control the volume level with controller automation, The problem is with Retroarch, if I try to use adjust the volume with control automation while I'm playing , Retroarch shows a bottom/left message that says "null", afterward the control does not respond anymore, so I must close the game, this happen both Launch Box & Big Bog. Do you have the same problem? Is a config problem? thank you guys
  6. Hi there! I am using retroarch for emulating the Nintendo DS with Desmume core, the problem is that when i try to use the analog for the stick the control seems inverted. Like moving the analog Up and Down move the cursor from right to left, and moving the analog Left and Right move the cursor up and down. this problem come only with desmume core (as I tried with N64 emulation and everything goes well). I need some help 😅. Thanks for the answer.
  7. jasonmcclure48

    Error, Please help!

    Hello All, I'm totally new to all of this so please bare with me. I downloaded Colepipe1978 No Intro Collection. When I load any game from any system I get a loading screen and then I can hear the game in the background but can't see it. Then after about 15 seconds I get one of two errors depending on if it uses Retroarch or Mame. It either says' There was an error waiting for the window "Retroarch ahk_class Retroarch to become active. Please check you have the correct version emulator installerd for this module, followed any notes in the module, and have this emulator working outside your frontend first. Also turn off fade to see if you are hiding your problem, or the same thing but instead of Retroarch it says ahk_class Mame. After the error goes away I can see the game in my taskbar and can click on it and bring it up and play it fine. Can someone please help me figure this out? Thank you for your help.
  8. so i bought big box and got a build going, but when i try to play my n64 games they all seem to crash, as if the pc was taking a load of 100% when it isn't. i am running retroarch with mupen64 plus and my pc specs- gtx1070 ti, core i5 8600k. some games start and crash as soon as something big happens or a video scene, i haven't changed anything other than the resolution but it will still crash.
  9. Using the same idea as @le_el ( this post ), I modified the code to split the main core and the info file, and all new cores have yours own options. Ideal to use a different shaders/overlays/remaps/overrides for each system. Instruction: Windows Place the two files in “cores” folder and run the .bat. The main core and the info file will be splitted. If run the .bat again, the splitted files will be recreated. Android (by @le_el) Copy from /data/data/com.retroarch/cores/ and /data/data/com.retroarch/info/ (you may need root), and put on somefolder\cores\ and somefolder\info. Run the .bat from inside the somefolder\cores\ folder and it will do it’s job. Then put back the new files from both folders back into/data/data/com.retroarch/cores/ and /data/data/com.retroarch/info/ (again, you may need root). If the Android’s retroarch can allow to change the core/info folder to the sdcard or main memory, it should be easier and avoid the need of root. Thanks, @le_el, for your method and, @RetroFans, for testing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SEGA SYSTEMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Genesis Plus GX - GN | CD | GG | MS | SG Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PicoDrive - GN | CD | 32X | MS Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gearsystem - MS | GG Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Reicast - DC | NM Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NINTENDO SYSTEMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mesen - NES | NFC | FDS Windows - Download Android - Download The custom palette “MesenPalette” is the same for all cores. Windows - Download (Alt) Android - Download (Alt) Alt. Version: The custom palette is diferente for all cores. [Nintendo] MesenPalette.pal [Famicom] M_NFCPalette.pal [Famicom Disk System] M_FDSPalette.pal --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Snes9x - SNES | SFC Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- nSide Balanced - SNES | SFC Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SameBoy - GB | GBC Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gambatte - GB | GBC Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gearboy - GB | GBC Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEC SYSTEMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Beetle PCE FAST - PCE | CD | TGX | TCD Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SNK SYSTEMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB Alpha 2012 Neo Geo - MVS | AES Windows - Download Android - Download --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ARCADE / AES SYSTEMS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FB Alpha - Arcade | AES Windows - Download Android - Download
  10. Current version date: 8-30-18 - Updated overrides to use new aspect ratio numbers for Retroarch 1.7.4 (they will not work correctly with older versions). Older versions of the overrides are still available for older versions of Retroarch. Introduction: There were two overall goals with these: Goal #1 was to ensure that the image was properly scaled to the top and bottom of the screen for all of my games. Something you'll notice if you play a lot of PSX games using RA Beetle PSX is that the aspect ratio settings that work best (scale to the top and bottom) for one game doesn't necessarily do the same for another game. This is because there's a wide array of resolution modes used in the PSX library that are entirely game-dependent, so what works for one thing won't necessarily work for another. Thankfully, overrides give us the flexibility to custom tailor these as we need from one game to another. What I found worked best was one of three scenarios: "AR Setting 1" Aspect Ratio = Core Provided Integer Scaling = Off "AR Setting 2" Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = 1600 (5x) Custom Viewport Height = 1200 (5x) Integer Scaling = On Other Aspect Ratio = Custom Custom Viewport Width = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Height = [customized per game] Custom Viewport X = [customized per game] Custom Viewport Y = [customized per game] Integer Scaling = Off Most games fall into one of the first two categories. AR Setting 1 is what I'm using as a Core Override base. AR Setting 2 was used in per-game overrides as needed and when something more unusual came up I created a per-game override using custom width, height, X, and Y settings. Goal #2 was to setup each game to use the appropriate controller settings for that specific game. During the lifetime of the PSX there was quite a range of controllers, starting with the regular old d-pad-only gamepad up through the original dual shock controller. Support for the later controllers varied by game. The original pad (called "PS1 Joypad" in Retroarch) + Analog to digital type = Left Stick is used as the Core Override base. If the game supported it, either Dual Analog or Dual Shock was used as an override. For these, the analog to digital type is set to none (because otherwise you'll still be sending d-inputs) unless it's one of the instances where a game actually supported the vibration function of the dual shock controller but did not support actual analog input (there are a number of such cases); for those the analog to digital type is set to left stick just like the original PS1 Joypad ones, but you'll have vibration as well. Complete PSX and Saturn Audit Sheet 483 PSX / 109 Saturn titles covered The sheet shows what was used for each game along with the name of the relevant override file. The file name is important because it must match the filename of the game you want to use it with exactly in order for Retroarch to know that it needs to apply it. This means you're going to need to rename the configs to match your game if it's named differently. On that note, I'm using .m3us for all multi-disc games (.pbps would work as well), which means that there's only one override for those games (because it just needs to match the .m3u/.pbp filename) but if you don't use one of those and just have several disc images that you individually direct at Retroarch, separate overrides would need to be made to match each disc filename. You should really be using either .m3u or .pbp for those though... Another caveat is that these are designed for a 1080p display; if you're using a different resolution, the AR settings more than likely won't be correct for you. If a game used AR Setting 1 and the original controller, no game override is necessary as those are covered by the core override. Also, these are designed for the Core Option settings of Renderer = Software and Internal Resolution = 1x (native). You might be able to get away with alternate settings for those, depending on the game, but I can't guarantee the AR settings will be correct. This is the full list of core options (from retroarch-core-options.cfg) that I normally use for Beetle PSX HW (note that 32-bit color depth doesn't actually do anything in software rendering, but I leave it there for when I do want to try out either vulkan or opengl renderers, at which point I turn dithering mode to off; the PGXP options don't do anything in software mode either): One final note is that I'm using the CRT-Hyllian-Multipass shader in the core override (Beetle PSX HW.cfg) so that will apply to all your games unless you change it in the core override. You can edit the Beetle PSX HW.cfg file and change the "video shader = " line to a different shader or just remove the entire line. You could also just do this via Quick Menu -> Save Core Override, but you'll need to be careful that you don't accidentally overwrite a setting that you actually need as a base for these to work (listed below). CRT-Hyllian-Multipass is a good one because it looks good, it's super lightweight, and it looks correct even without integer scaling (which is super important for these). CRT-Aperture is a good choice as well. Oh, and a final final note (we'll call this Goal #3) is that there are some PSX (and Saturn) games (primarily fighting games) that are in interlaced 480i format. I made some custom deinterlacing shader presets that I use for these games to remove interlacing artifacts and it's enabled in their overrides (they're noted on the audit sheet). The presets are included below. These just need to be placed in the base Retroarch\shaders folder. The overrides need to be placed in your Retroarch\config folder so the path should look like Retroarch\config\Beetle PSX HW\[config name].cfg Notes on the Saturn overrides can be found here and here. Beetle PSX HW Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip Beetle Saturn Overrides 8-30-18 (RA 1.7.4+).zip CRT Deinterlacing.zip Older (pre RA 1.7.4) versions: Let me know if you have any questions or issues! Obviously this isn't everything in the PSX library - I curate my library so I've "only" got a little under 500 PSX games but this makes a big dent.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Retroarch resolution Aspect Ratio 19:14
  12. stevencostner

    Nintendo DS Bezels/Overlays

    Nintendo DS Bezels/Overlays View File My desktop resolution is 2560x1440 Retroarch resolution Aspect Ratio 19:14 Submitter stevencostner Submitted 09/01/2018 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  13. Can someone please explain to me why when I start up a platform in launchbox that uses Retroarch it opens in its own window instead of inside of Launchbox. Thank you for your help.
  14. Version 1.0.0


    I love the systematic theme for Retroarch, but since I use LaunchBox, I rarely get to see it. So I converted a bunch of it to .ico pack for all of my rom folders. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. I couldn't find a more appropriate area. The icons are multi size, from 16x16 up to 256x256, so they should look good at any size. Not every systematic icon is converted, but pretty much any commonly used platforms should be represented. Enjoy!
  15. orphen92

    Retroarch neo geo cd

    Hello boys, I want to launch my neo geo cd with retroarch but when i launch it i have this error: [libretro INFO] Starting game from command line:Z:\Roms\SNK Neo Geo CD\sonicwi2.zip [libretro INFO] ARGUV[0]=Z:\Roms\SNK [libretro WARN] Driver Z:\Roms\SNK not found -1 [libretro WARN] Game not found: sonicwi2 [libretro INFO] RES:-2 In my rom folder i have: -aero fighters 2 (1994)(snk)(jp-us)[!][sonic wings 2].chd -sonicwi2.zip -neocd.zip -neocdz.zip -neogeo.zip I have check my neocd Hash files and all is good. Can you help me please? Thanks you very much
  16. I've been experimenting with latency-reduction via RetroArch's runahead method and am very pleased with the results. Whilst a truly lag-free experience can only be achieved with original hardware and CRT displays, RetroArch produces results that are, in my opinion, good enough. However, this technique often comes with a serious performance cost. I have been experimenting with various RA cores to see which are better suited to latency-reduction on more modest specs. Surprisingly, Genesis Plus GX has no noticeable performance loss, whereas BSNES-balanced suffers audio and framerate stutters as does Nestopia. After switching out to less accurate cores, (SNES 9X and FCEUX) I have seen a performance boost in conjunction with significant lag-reduction. Unfortunately, I am not having any luck with Gameboy Advance, as the audio and framerate suffer from similar stuttering. My default emulator is MGBA and even the VBA core did not produce satisfactory results. I would like to compile a list of cores that support the runahead method (I believe the MAME cores do not) as well as which cores are good substitutes. Does anyone have any RA core/setting suggestions that they've found useful as it relates to latency-reduction? (I am only referring to emulator settings, not TV/display settings.)
  17. I was asked to post my program here that I started over on the RetroArch Forums. Shout-out to lordmonkus. You can update your RetroArch Nightly builds and Cores in a few clicks instead of manually off the website. It is still in testing, if you experience a bug or crash, send me a message. Download https://stellarupdater.github.io Check for new versions as this is in development. Please update only once per day to conserve Libretro server bandwidth. Program requires 7-zip installed in order to unzip the files. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How it works: It analyzes http://buildbot.libretro.com/nightly/windows/ Gets the latest 7z file Extracts and overwrites exe's to your RetroArch folder Updates latest cores How to use: All you need is the exe. It's portable, no install. Select your RetroArch folder, click Update. It will download the latest Nightly 7z and extract only retroarch.exe and retroarch_debug.exe to your folder. The Check button will preview the file URL before downloading. It should not overwrite your configs, but keep a backup before updating. If RetroArch is installed in Program Files folder, you may need to Run As Administrator. Menu Options New Install - Installs RetroArch, Redistributables, & Cores. Replaces Configs with default. Upgrade - Upgrades RetroArch to the latest version, including Redistributables and Configs. RetroArch - Updates RetroArch to the latest version, excluding Redistributables and Configs. RA + Cores - Updates RetroArch and currently installed Cores. Cores - Updates currently installed Cores. New Cores - Installs Cores that are newly releseased or missing from your current install. Redist - Installs Redistributables. Helpful if RetroArch won't start after update. New Install: To install RetroArch and Cores for first time use (Large download): Create a RetroArch folder on your computer Select the folder Select New Install from the Download menu. Don't use this option to Update or if you already have it installed. Please conserve Libretro bandwidth. If you don't need Nightly alpha builds, consider using the Stable version1 before installing. Cores Update: Select your RetroArch main folder Select Cores from the Download menu Click the Check button to preview download (optional) Click Update It will check if Server Core Dates are more recent than PC Core Dates. Downloads only Cores you currently have, won't add more. Temp zip files are stored in %appdata% and deleted when complete. To Exclude Core from Updates Download List Click Check Button → Uncheck the Cores you don't want to update → Close Out → Click Update It won't save the checkbox states (for now), you will need to exclude again each time you update. Keep a backup of your important cores in case of accidentally overwriting Requirements: 7-Zip or WinRAR to extract 7z Older Windows may need .NET Framework 4.5 installed. Old versions of Windows 7 may need to be updated to SP1 Run as Administrator if accessing Program Files path (should be default). Notes: Only a few updated cores are released on the Server each day, not all. Server Time might be ahead of your PC Time, making some cores appear newer. Buildbot Displayed Modified Times are not the same as the Parsable HTML Times. This software is in Beta Testing.
  18. Omen

    Omen Bezels

    Omen Bezels View File Here are my bezels/overlays for RetroArch and RocketLauncher. They are designed to make figuring out a system's controls easily. Some systems have multiple layouts for different controller mappings (pictured are 4 N64 layouts). I will release a template soon, so you can make your own bezels. Submitter Omen Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  19. figured out how to copy the post I'm going to post this answer in a few different areas on the forum. I have been trying to figure out how to launch retroarch mame for the systems that don't have a stand alone core. I have finally found a mostly elegant solution 1) Add a New Emulator - I have named mine RetroArch MAME console cores Add your retroarch.exe Make sure to check "Don't use quotes..." 2) Tab over to the Associated Platforms Here's the magic sauce example 1 "neocdz -cdrm \"%romfile%\"" example 2 "a5200 -rp \"F:\Roms\Atari 5200\" -cart \"%romfile%\"" example 3 "coleco -rp F:\Roms\ColecoVision\ -cart \"%romfile%\"" The reason for the "Don't use quotes" and adding this as a new emulator is because of the special thing we have to do to the command line using mostly the same arguments has standalone mame/mess you have to have all the arguments in double quotes " but because of how Windows handles long file names with spaces the locations have to be in quotes to. This throws retroarch/the windows commandline off. This is where the \ before the double quote at the beginning and the \ before the closing double quote per directory/location. Also we can use the launchbox variable %romfile% to help make this work. 3) On top of all that you also have to specify the rompath if the mame core hasn't generated an ini with the rompath. This is needed for the bios of the core you are loading. If all your mame console bios files are in the same dir you could just use that for each entry The core will generate ini files for each system after first run. 4) I also edited my retroarch core options file. I probably enable boot to bios but I don't at the moment. There is my setup for launching roms through retroarch mame. I hope this helps
  20. ivan.cavazos

    Retroarch no funciona

    I use retroarch to emulate virtual boy and mame with the cores mednafen_vb and mame2016 I have the correct cores selected where the emulators are and when opening a retroarch game does not do anything.
  21. snoopaloop83

    Retroarch and Vsync

    Hello, I seem to be having trouble with getting my retroarch emulator to run smoothly as far as vsync goes. I always have some screen tearing no matter what I do in retro arch. When i run other games or emulators they run quite smoothly. not sure if Retro Arch is just not good at implementing vsync. I have tried enabling vsync in retroarch, disabling it, turning on HARD Vsync and many combinations of these setting on or off but to no avail. I have also enabled and disabled vsync in my nvidia control panel. There is also a display of your monitors estimated refresh rate, i have tried manually adjusting it but since it fluctuates so much it seem impossible to get it to work. Is there anything else I can try or anything you would reccomend to work? I have also tried rolling back my nvidia driver. My specs are as follows 7/16/16 latest version of retro arch Core i7 Geforce 960m with latest drivers Windows 10 anniversary update. Also note I am on a laptop, and I do switch between the laptop display and my TV which may be causing the issue. Thanks
  22. Seems like when I fix something another problem occurs. I just went to play a two player game on the SEGA Megadrive through RetroArch and the controls magically screwed up on their own as I certainly did not attempt to change anything. What has happened is in the input menu for player 1 and 2 at the very top where it normally says RetroPad, or gives the option for it, that is no longer an option. The controls work for player 1 but the buttons do not work for player 2 and player 2's d-pad also controls player 1's d-pad. I tried the NES and RetroPad is an option in RA's input options but it makes no difference as it is doing exactly as I described for the SEGA Megadrive. What the hell is going on?! Has anyone has this happen before. I deleted my config files for RA in the main directory and started RA back up again, but no difference. I am giving up for the night as I am too frustrated as I have been trying for nearly an hour to no avail but if anyone would be kind enough to shed some light if they know it would be greatly appreciated.
  23. TentaclePentacle

    Retroarch PSP games black screen

    Retroarch is not working with PPSSPP. When I try to open a game it just goes to a black screen. When running in debug this is what I get. Any help is appreciated. RetroArch [INFO] :: Loading dynamic libretro core from: "C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\cores\ppsspp_libretro.dll" RetroArch [INFO] :: [overrides] no core-specific overrides found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\config\PPSSPP\PPSSPP.cfg. RetroArch [INFO] :: [overrides] no game-specific overrides found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\config\PPSSPP\Dead or Alive - Paradise.cfg. RetroArch [INFO] :: Shaders: preset directory: C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\presets RetroArch [INFO] :: Shaders: no game-specific preset found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\presets\PPSSPP\Dead or Alive - Paradise.cgp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Shaders: no game-specific preset found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\presets\PPSSPP\Dead or Alive - Paradise.glslp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Shaders: no core-specific preset found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\presets\PPSSPP\PPSSPP.cgp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Shaders: no core-specific preset found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\shaders\presets\PPSSPP\PPSSPP.glslp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ SET_VARIABLES. RetroArch [INFO] :: Remaps: remap directory: C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\config\remaps RetroArch [INFO] :: Remaps: no game-specific remap found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\config\remaps\PPSSPP\Dead or Alive - Paradise.rmp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Remaps: no core-specific remap found at C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\config\remaps\PPSSPP\PPSSPP.rmp. RetroArch [INFO] :: Redirecting save file to "C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\saves\Dead or Alive - Paradise.srm". RetroArch [INFO] :: Redirecting savestate to "C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\states\Dead or Alive - Paradise.state". RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_LOG_INTERFACE. RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ SYSTEM_DIRECTORY: "C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\system". RetroArch [INFO] :: Content loading skipped. Implementation will load it on its own. RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ SET_INPUT_DESCRIPTORS: RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "B (bottom)" => "Cross" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "Y (left)" => "Square" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "Select" => "Select" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "Start" => "Start" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "D-Pad Up" => "D-Pad Up" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "D-Pad Down" => "D-Pad Down" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "D-Pad Left" => "D-Pad Left" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "D-Pad Right" => "D-Pad Right" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "A (right)" => "Circle" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "X (up)" => "Triangle" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "L" => "L" RetroArch [INFO] :: RetroPad, User 1, Button "R" => "R" RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ SET_PIXEL_FORMAT: XRGB8888. RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ SET_HW_RENDER. RetroArch [INFO] :: Requesting OpenGL context. RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_USERNAME: "". RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_internal_resolution: RetroArch [INFO] :: 480x272 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_output_resolution: RetroArch [INFO] :: 480x272 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_button_preference: RetroArch [INFO] :: cross RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_fast_memory: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_set_rounding_mode: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_vertex_cache: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_gpu_hardware_transform: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_frameskip: RetroArch [INFO] :: 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_audio_latency: RetroArch [INFO] :: 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_framerate_limit: RetroArch [INFO] :: 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_language: RetroArch [INFO] :: automatic RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_LANGUAGE: "0". RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_auto_frameskip: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_block_transfer_gpu: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_texture_scaling_type: RetroArch [INFO] :: xbrz RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_texture_scaling_level: RetroArch [INFO] :: 1 RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_internal_shader: RetroArch [INFO] :: off RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_texture_anisotropic_filtering: RetroArch [INFO] :: off RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_texture_deposterize: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_separate_io_thread: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_unsafe_func_replacements: RetroArch [INFO] :: enabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_sound_speedhack: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_cpu_core: RetroArch [INFO] :: jit RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_locked_cpu_speed: RetroArch [INFO] :: off RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_rendering_mode: RetroArch [INFO] :: read_framebuffers_to_memory_gpu RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_force_max_fps: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_prescale_uv: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: Environ GET_VARIABLE ppsspp_threaded_input: RetroArch [INFO] :: disabled RetroArch [INFO] :: CHEEVOS system RAM: 0000000000000000 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: CHEEVOS save RAM: 0000000000000000 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: CHEEVOS video RAM: 0000000000000000 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: CHEEVOS RTC: 0000000000000000 0 RetroArch [INFO] :: Skipping SRAM load.. RetroArch [INFO] :: Version of libretro API: 1 RetroArch [INFO] :: Compiled against API: 1 RetroArch [INFO] :: Set audio input rate to: 44100.00 Hz. RetroArch [INFO] :: Video @ 968x544 RetroArch [INFO] :: Using HW render, OpenGL driver forced. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GL context: wgl RetroArch [INFO] :: Detecting screen resolution 1920x1080. RetroArch [INFO] :: [WGL]: wglSwapInterval(1) RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Vendor: NVIDIA Corporation, Renderer: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2. RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Version: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.66. RetroArch [INFO] :: GL: Using resolution 968x544 RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Default shader backend found: glsl. RetroArch [INFO] :: [Shader driver]: Using GLSL shader backend. RetroArch [INFO] :: Checking GLSL shader support ... RetroArch [WARN] :: [GL]: Stock GLSL shaders will be used. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL vertex shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found GLSL fragment shader. RetroArch [INFO] :: Linking GLSL program. RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Using 1 textures. RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Loaded 1 program(s). RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Initializing HW render (512 x 512). RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Max texture size: 16384 px, renderbuffer size: 16384 px. RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: Supports FBO (render-to-texture). RetroArch [INFO] :: Found XInput v1.4. RetroArch [INFO] :: Found XInput controller, user #0 RetroArch [INFO] :: Enumerating DInput joypads ... RetroArch [INFO] :: Device #0 PID: {0213} VID:{0E6F} RetroArch [INFO] :: Done enumerating DInput joypads ... RetroArch [INFO] :: Found joypad driver: "xinput". RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: 37 profiles found. RetroArch [INFO] :: Using font rendering backend: freetype. RetroArch [INFO] :: XAudio2: Requesting 64 ms latency, using 64 ms latency. RetroArch [INFO] :: Autodetect: selected configuration: C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\autoconfig\xinput\XInput_Controller_User_1.cfg RetroArch [INFO] :: Found menu display driver: "menu_display_gl". RetroArch [INFO] :: Using font rendering backend: freetype. RetroArch [INFO] :: Using font rendering backend: freetype. RetroArch [INFO] :: Loading history file: [C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\content_history.lpl]. RetroArch [INFO] :: Loading history file: [C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\content_music_history.lpl]. RetroArch [INFO] :: Loading history file: [C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\content_video_history.lpl]. RetroArch [INFO] :: Loading history file: [C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\content_image_history.lpl]. RetroArch [INFO] :: [GL]: VSync => on RetroArch [INFO] :: [WGL]: wglSwapInterval(1) RetroArch [libretro INFO] :: GPU Vendor : NVIDIA Corporation ; renderer: GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2 version str: 4.5.0 NVIDIA 378.66 ; GLSL version str: 4.50 NVIDIARetroArch [libretro INFO] :: Checking for GL driver bugs... vendor=1 model='GeForce GTX 960/PCIe/SSE2'RetroArch [libretro INFO] :: Not a VFS path: C:\Users\James\Downloads\Emulators\RetroArch\system\PPSSPP\PSP/shaders . Reading local directory.RetroArch [INFO] :: Paused.
  24. I know how to add the handheld border shaders through RetroArch like the GBA one which was included in RetroArch's initial download or shader update here: I find it much more enjoyable playing like this. Though I want to be able to add ones that I have downloaded like this Atari Lynx one: Problem is it does not have a .cfg file, it just came with the following:The .ini just has the following information in it: I know the short answer to this would just be to create a .cfg file, but I have tried and not succeeded. Has anyone done this before and if so would someone be so kind as to walk through it together and then hopefully others may benefit from it too. I have searched but have not found any tutorials or discussion detailing exactly this. Also, one more question. For systems that one may be using the same core like gambatte_libretro.cfg for the GB and GBC but wish to have different custom configure in order to have a different handheld border shader if you copy your gambatte_libretro.cfg in the RA config folder and name it to something like gambatte2_libretro.cfg will it show up in the RA UI options? Thank you in advance.
  25. Ok, just getting Retroarch 1.4.1 configured. I have a few custom setups for controls, all with the usual xInput controller (XB1). Some changes I've noticed: - Control input changes now apply to the Retroarch UI. Has this always been the case? For instance when configuring NES control, I prefer to have left button (x) be NES B and down (A) be NES A. This makes it more comfortable as the right thumb rests on the inside buttons. This also appears to be changing the "confirm" and "cancel" buttons in the UI as well to X as confirm and A as cancel. I don't recall this happening in 1.3.6. - I can't seem to double up controls. I have NES directional control mapped to the d-pad, but I would also like the left analog stick mapped to NES directional control. This gives the player (my guests) the choice of using either the joystick or d-pad. It worked fine in 1.3.6 but I can't seem to figure out how to do this in the new version.