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  1. Hey all, I posted this on the RocketLauncher forums but thought you guys might also like to use them. I'm making bezels for use with RocketLauncher. They're designed for 1920x1080 displays. I'll be making each to be as least distracting as possible while at the same time still filling in those ugly black bars. I've created a logo background for each system. See here for a few examples: I've also enhanced some of my old handheld bezels like so: You can view all the bezels here: https://mega.nz/#F!WYkGkaoA!oILq-t4Ohofc-dy-6qcG7A Just select as many as you want, download then paste them in your RocketLauncher/Media/Bezels folder. Keep checking back as I'll be adding new bezels as I make/test them.
  2. Hi all, I launch the rom from launchbox it loads for a while and gives me the following error https://prnt.sc/26vpvn7 In Rocketlauncher I have seen that I have three different mames but as default emulator I have the global MAME and they work as follows. MAME Global - Runs correctly and with scanlines and bezels it lets you change bezel by leaving the "t" pressed but does not change shader. MAME 0212 - Runs correctly and without scanlines and bezels lets you change bezel by leaving the "t" pressed but does not change shader. MAME 024 - Runs correctly and without scanlines and bezels lets you change bezel by leaving the "t" pressed but does not change shader. It doesn't matter which one I set in rocketlauncher as the default emulator because Launchbox always throws the same error mentioned above. This is how I have it configured https://prnt.sc/26vpz39 and the modules like this https://prnt.sc/26vq0ov It tells me that they are duplicated but it is because I have different Mame configurations, like Racing MaME or Gun MAME and the module is duplicated. This is the configuration I have of Rocketlauncher in Launchbox https://prnt.sc/26vq1to Thanks for all the help, If you need any help, just let me know. Best regards Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  3. Hi, I've been setting up exodos games in LaunchBox via Rocketlauncher. When running a game directly from RocketLauncher, dosbox opens, launches the game in fullscreen, and the bezel displays correctly. When launching from Launchbox, the game launches, but it is hidden behind the game startup screen. I've tried the individual and combinations of startup override settings, but nothing works other than disabling the startup screen, which is a shame as that's a pretty cool feature. Looks like its some sort of window focus issue. Would be glad to try any other tweaks/settings if anyone has any ideas. I'm running Windows 10, Launchbox 9.2 Thx!
  4. RocketLauncher for LaunchBox (beta) View File RocketLauncher for LaunchBox * This is a standalone application. What it is: RocketLauncher for LaunchBox automates the configuration of RocketLauncher so that you can quickly and easily get setup to use bezels, fades, and other RocketLauncher features. This app will read your LaunchBox configuration, convert the platforms to their RocketLauncher-friendly naming convention, let you choose RocketLauncher features to enable, and then write everything into RocketLauncher's configuration files. The conversions are largely powered by the included XML files -- PlatformIntegration.xml and EmulatorIntegration.xml. These are updated as the app runs. The default setup of PlatformIntegration lists all the RocketLauncher-supported platforms, the LaunchBox equivalent if the platform is supported there, and whether or not that platform supports MultiGame (disc-swapping). * I don't know all the platforms that support MultiGame. I currently have Sega CD, Mega-CD, Panasonic 3DO, Sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox setup to support MultiGame. Let me know which ones I've missed and I'll update the default settings for everyone! Features Supported: Zipped Roms: the app will enable this feature on a platform-by-platform basis if it finds any zipped roms for the platform in LaunchBox. MultiGame: this is the disc-swapping feature of RocketLauncher, and will be enabled on platforms that support disc swapping (Sega CD, Mega-CD, Playstation, and 3DO -- let me know which platforms I'm missing!) Bezels (Overlays): Custom borders around the edge of the screen while playing a game. Fade In: Game loading screen. Fade Out: Game exit/closing screen. (Hyper)Pause: Pause menu that lets you browse game manuals, videos, soundtracks, etc. Before Running the App: Some people may need to double-check their setup to get full functionality of the app if you have customized your platform or emulator names in LaunchBox, or to be sure you can use disc-swapping via RocketLauncher. Plus, if you haven't already, you'll need to install RocketLauncher. Here's the steps if any of those things apply to your setup: Backup your LaunchBox Data folder: As always, before running any kind of tool that will modify your configuration, it's best to backup that configuration -- just in case. I've tested this on my own system and setup, and made a ton of fake setups to test it out, and it worked well. Still, can't be too careful. Browse to your LaunchBox install folder. Copy the Data folder, and paste it somewhere safe. Maybe create a Backups folder somewhere if you haven't already done so. Cloud-Sync: If you have cloud-sync turned on, I recommend you turn it off for this app. If you use the cloud sync option in LaunchBox (Cloud -> Sync to My Collection), then you will either need to make sure LaunchBox is disconnected (Cloud -> Disconnect), or that you keep LaunchBox open and run the sync again once everything is finished. Otherwise, whenever you close or open LaunchBox all of the changes will be overwritten as your cloud sync gets restored. Platforms: If you have given any of your platforms custom names, make sure the Scrape As was populated for that platform. If you're sure it was, you can skip this step. If you started using LaunchBox before "Scrape As" was a feature, it may be missing in your configuration, please verify by following the steps below. In LaunchBox, go to Tools -> Manage Platforms. Open any platform where you're using a name other than the LaunchBox default, and make sure the "Scrape As" field is populated correctly. If you have a platform missing on the RocketLauncher tab, it's most likely because the Scrape As field wasn't saved into configuration. Please try doing the above, then running the app again. Emulators: If you are using custom names for emulators (other than the actual name of the emulator -- like calling RetroArch "Multi-Platform Emulator" or something), you'll need to rename the emulator to the actual emulator name. This is something I may automate at some point, but it seems like an uncommon case. To rename your emulators, do the following: In LaunchBox, go to Tools -> Manage Emulators. Rename any emulators with non-standard names (calling it something other than the name of the emulator). Multi-Game: RocketLauncher disc-swapping requires games to have a certain naming convention. You're probably already using this naming convention, but if not, you'll need to rename your multi-disc roms to their expected format. You can see instructions on that naming convention here: MultiGame - RocketLauncher Wiki There is also a custom pause menu for changing discs that looks amazing. More details on that can be found here: Pause Change Disc Menu - RocketLauncher Wiki Essentially, it will involve adding media to RocketLauncher/Media/MultiGame/[PlatformName]/[GameName]/*.png Installing RocketLauncher: RocketLauncher Download RocketLauncher from RocketLauncher Download Unzip to wherever you want RocketLauncher installed (Note: the password to unzip the file is www.rlauncher.com) RocketLauncher Base Media Pack Download the RocketLauncher Base Media Pack from RocketLauncher Base Media Pack Download Unzip it and copy the Media folder to your RocketLauncher install folder, let it replace any existing files. This contains extra and default media, bezels, fades, etc. from RocketLauncher, all of which are contained in RocketLauncher/Media. Run the RocketLauncher Update Once installed, you'll need to make sure you have the latest modules, etc. installed. Open RocketLauncherUI.exe from the RocketLauncher/RocketLauncherUI folder. When it opens for the first time, it creates all the default configuration files that we're going to update with our app. When RocketLauncherUI opens, if you are prompted to check for updates, click OK. This will open the Auto Updater window. It will not start checking for updates by itself, you'll need to click "Check Updates" in the bottom left. Otherwise you'll sit there and start a countdown timer until swearing begins. After clicking "Check Updates" it will go out and do its thing, click OK when the results notification comes up. Then click "Apply Updates". After the updates actually download, you'll get a notification to install the updates. Click OK. If there was a Critical Update included in the download, you'll get a warning notification. Click OK. After everything installs, you'll get a success notification with a prompt saying that RocketLauncherUI will restart for the updates to take effect. Click OK. Once RocketLauncherUI re-opens, close it. We're finished with RocketLauncher. * You'll need to check back for updates regularly as, anytime an emulator is updated, the RocketLauncher Module that wraps around that emulator to provide the extra functionality (bezels, fades, etc.) will also need to be updated. RocketLauncher for LaunchBox: * One more thing! Make sure RocketLauncher is closed before running the app. RocketLauncher doesn't like its .ini files being modified while RocketLauncher is open and reading from them. Now then, here we go: 1. Open the app and tell it where your LaunchBox and RocketLauncher installations live. Then either click Next or the now-enabled LaunchBox button. After clicking either button, the app will analyze your LaunchBox configuration and list any platforms that need to be renamed to Rocketlauncher-friendly platform names. It will also notify you if it couldn't find a certain platform, with instructions on how to fix that error. 2. Click the "Rename" button and the app will update all of your LaunchBox configuration files, and all platform-named folders (media, manuals, etc.), to the RocketLauncher-friendly name. Once complete, the Next and RocketLauncher buttons become available. Click either (they take you to the same place). As there are multiple Arcade and PC platforms in RocketLauncher, please note that Arcade will be renamed to MAME, and Windows will be renamed to Microsoft Windows. If one of your platforms does not get renamed, please try the "Before Running the App" -> "Platforms" step above. At this point, it is setting up the global configuration of RocketLauncher. Global configuration basically means setting defaults that, unless otherwise configured, will be used by a platform. It's setting up your frontend as LaunchBox (pointing to BigBox.exe -- if you want it to point to LaunchBox.exe, you'll need to go into RocketLauncher, click the RocketLauncherUI tab, click the Frontends tab, then edit the LaunchBox frontend entry to point to LaunchBox.exe instead of BigBox.exe). It's adding all your LaunchBox emulators as Global Emulators along with the rom extensions for games using those emulators. It's setting each emulator and rom path for each platform. Finally, it's setting 7zip and MultiGame options. 3. Once all that is done, the RocketLauncher feature options load in the app. Here, you can specify which features you want to enable on a platform-by-platform basis, or you can "Select All" for a feature to enable that feature for all platforms. Once ready, click Save and you're done with the app. Final steps: To enable this integration, you'll need to do a couple things. I'll likely automate this in the future, but for now: Add RocketLauncher as an emulator in LaunchBox: Open LaunchBox. Go to Tools -> Manage Emulators. If you don't have RocketLauncher set up as an emulator here, add it now. Use these settings Emulator Name: RocketLauncher Emulator Application Path: (The folder where you installed RocketLauncher) Default Command-Line Parameters: -f "%launchboxorbigboxexepath%" -p "LaunchBox" -s "%platform%" -r Click OK and close out of Manage Emulators. Set RocketLauncher as the preferred emulator for your games: Wherever you would like to enable RocketLauncher -- whether for a certain platform, a category of platforms, a playlist or all games, select the appropriate option in the LaunchBox left navigation. Select all games. You can do that by clicking a game and then hitting Ctrl + A. Right-click on one of those games and select Edit. This opens the Bulk Edit Wizard. The field you want to change is Emulator, and the value you want to set is RocketLauncher. Click Next and that will change all of the selected games to use the RocketLauncher emulator. Adding Bezels, Fades, Pause: Your RocketLauncher install should have come with some default media for these features, but there are amazing people out there with a ton of custom media, such as @RetroGaming's RocketLauncher Experience. You'll need to download any additional media you would like to use for these features and add them to the appropriate folders in your RocketLauncher installation's Media folder. If you want to further customize any additional RocketLauncher features and functionality, I highly recommend colpipes1978's video tutorial series on LaunchBox and RocketLauncher. In the video descriptions, he also includes links to download the media he uses for each platform he sets up. They're very clear instructional videos that make set up easy. Thanks! Thanks to everyone for making this such a fantastic community, and to the LaunchBox team for making this an amazing platform. If you have any questions or issues with the app, feel free to post on the support page or message me directly. Submitter UnderwoodNC Submitted 08/26/2017 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
  5. Starting a series of setup videos for LaunchBox x RetroArch x RocketLauncher. Platform: Apogee BK-01 Emulator: RetroArch Core: MAME Driver: apogee Romset: MAME softwarelist Video - Table of Contents This is how you properly load the MAME core in RetroArch using softwarelists. In the video I cover the following: 1. Usage Instructions - How to load the cassettes through RetroArch (RA), switching between fully and partially emulated keyboard, load data blocks and play. 2. Identify Media Type - How to identify which media type to use and in which slot as well as crosscheck driver maturity to know whether emulation is possible or not for other MAME systems using MESSUI. 3. Edit RetroArch AHK - To load this system through RocketLauncher (RL), you will need to modify the AHK module. I'll show you how to do it to add this system and get it running in RL through RA. 4. Platform Overview - Lightly touching on how the Emulator and Associated Platforms are setup in LaunchBox before an in-depth walkthrough stepping you through the process and thinking behind it. 5. MAME Folder Structures - How to correctly place your MAME softwarelist roms and softwarelist bios files so they load correctly through RA without altering Emulator or Associated Platforms in Launchbox beyond the basic script. 6. Platform Setup - A detailed walkthrough of setting up and importing softwarelist roms. In this case, we don't use the Hash descriptions because this Russian system uses the same naming convention as the shortlist title. 7. Apogee Media Pack - Discuss the Clear logos [x104] I created about three years ago for HyperSpin. Download found here in the download section. 8. Troubleshooting - Briefly discuss the retroarch-core-options.cfg and provide an example of what will work with this setup. Apogee Testimonials: Emulator: Associated Platforms: Bit of history about me: I've been in the emulation scene over 24 years and just recently came out of a 2 years hiatus. I started a website to record the systems I've started collecting, curating and emulating again; I have an FTP server for hosting everything and Discord Channel that you're welcome to join to come and pick my brains about system setups. Everything is free and I'm doing this as my hobby. I'll try to reply to comments in this thread, as well as, the video if you need further instructions. Please let me know if this was useful or not by leaving a comment in my YouTube video, liking, subscribing and sharing to someone else in the community. I have been banned for life from the HyperSpin community for trying to redistribute media and setup non supported systems such as the one in the video here. I had about 500 systems setup before I took my 2 year hiatus and plan to help this community grow through this video series. Website: http://www.emulationclub.com/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/EmulationClub/ Discord Channel Invite (I'm most active here): https://discord.gg/9jWkE4V
  6. hey all, i have been told to post here my problem to see if it can be resolved. First thing i should say is that i had a few problems with the System to begin with. I installed the roms as you normally would but ran into problems launching them through RocketLauncher as it was not sending the file to RL it was sending the Full path to file which meant as i was a hyperspin user the RL was being sent a shortcut lnk file as the rom (Its set up this way in RL so it can pass the rom audit with all roms being detected) so i was told on discord that in order to use cemu properly its best to set the rome file as the rpx file so i tried this but because the rpx files have the same name sometimes it just wasn't going to work with RL. So after changing to the rpx on about half the roms i had a rethink and thought there must be a better way to do this. So i decided to start again and deleted the system from my LB setup. After this i tried to install the roms again but when it got to the parsing files part it just kept doing nothing. the box on the screen wouldn't change to the list of roms, so i had a brainwave and tried to reinstall the backup for it but this didn't work so i shut down the LB and started it up again and the system appeared in the list but all the rom files were a mess, some pointing to shortcuts, some pointing to rpx files. so i had another brainwave and decided to open the system xml in notepad++ and proceeded to run a regular expression scan and replace the launch target rom file with all the shortcuts i had used with hyperspin. After talking with the RL people they told me to alter the setting in LB that sends only the file not the full path to RL which makes everything work together again, LB and RL and cemu in harmony. Now i noticed in the rom list in LB that some rom files are duplicates and some don't show at all (initially it matched what i had in the rom folder perfectly) so i tried to sort it out a bit, there's like 6 or 7 problem roms. Picture 1 shows a rom called Y.A.S.G, when i load LB it gets loaded as Snoopy's Grand Adventure (which i have already in the System, i also don't understand why Y.A.S.G is being shown as Snoopy in the dropdown for LB Database) i fully edit the entry to Y.A.S.G and all its info changing the notes and video location and all available info (shown in picture 2) but when i close LB and start it again the entry is back to be snoopy grand adventure again and Y.A.S.G is not in the list. As i say there's about 6 or 7 roms that this is happening with and was wondering if there's another way to do the change or make it save properly. ? In the System xml the entry for Y.A.S.G has and I.D. number (see picture 3) is this a number linked to the database entry and that's why it shows as snoopy in the dropdown ? Also adding a couple of missing roms isn't saving into the system xml either, I add the rom it shows fine but after a LB restart its gone. The problem roms are not roms i can see in the online database and was wondering if that's were the problem was arising. i have triple checked the system xml for any errors and can't find anything obvious so i am at a loss as to what to do here. any help would be gratefully appreciated thanks This issue is now fixed and to be honest it was my own stupid fault, i had made a backup of the wii u xml and left it in the folder that LB uses for its Platform xml's. Idiot thanks to DOS76 and neil9000 for there patience and help with this "issue".
  7. I have downloaded a pack of Actionmax shooter games and I wanted to add them to LaunchBox. They play well from the batch file but I am having difficulty adding them to rocket launcher or directly to launchbox. Mad Dog, Mad Dog 2 etc...
  8. I've updated the video tutorial for setting up ScummVM with Launchbox and Rocketlauncher. Please let me know if you find that it doesn't work or you run into any issues with the new video. Your voice is heard here. Thanks. Go to this link for the files used in this video. https://mega.nz/#!m8ZVSS7Z!GCNRE6b_MvY3CcfV_t_qSb5cSFcM0AtA4xyZTtjvZkU I've read that some people are having issues using ScummVM within Launchbox. I understand Jason has some potential fixes in mind to make importing ScummVM a simpler process (hell, he may have already fixed this for all I know), but in the mean time, you can still use ScummVM if you use Rocketlauncher with Launchbox. Hopefully, this tutorial will still be relevant once Launchbox is in a place where it can natively open ScummVM titles without making you jump through a bunch of extra hoops. I think it will still be useful since Rocketlauncher gives us the ability to use bezels and fade screens. It is my hope that in the future, Launchbox will have features that supplant the need to use Rocketlauncher at all, but until then, using Rocketlauncher to do some of this stuff is your best option. It was my intention while creating this tutorial to make it easy to understand. I have tried to go from beginning to end to show how to get things running. What I have not shown is how and where to download Launchbox, Rocketlauncher, or the the ScummVM roms (7z files) from or how to install them. I have also not shown how to set up fade screens, bezels, pause or any other features in Rocketlauncher, although I do show a brief demo of some of those features in action. I may make a video in the future showing you how to set those up, but for now, this tutorial is all I have planned. I can probably answer any basic questions you may have about setting this up, but in all honesty, you are probably better off going to the Rocketlauncher forum for Rocketlauncher specific problems. Hope this is a big help to you guys.
  9. Omen Bezels View File Here are my bezels/overlays for RetroArch and RocketLauncher. They are designed to make figuring out a system's controls easily. Some systems have multiple layouts for different controller mappings (pictured are 4 N64 layouts). I will release a template soon, so you can make your own bezels. Submitter Omen Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Platform Bezels/Overlays  
  10. Hello, I'd be grateful if someone could help with this. I have multiple versions of many games for the Commodore c64. I know my problem has something to do with my folder hierarchy or file naming. I just don't know how to go about organizing to fix the problem. Example: California Games has several versions, from different sceners of the time, so I have them laid out like this: California Games (Epyx) <- Folder [ESI] <- Folder California Games (Disk 1 Side 1).d64 California Games (Disk 1 Side 2).d64 [REM] <- Folder California Games (Disk 1 Side 1).d64 California Games (Disk 1 Side 2).d64 California Games (Disk 2 Side 1).d64 Etc... I Keep the disk names the same so the manual will show up in pause too. But the problem is when I go to change disks, I have all the disks show up as options, instead of ONLY the [ESI] version, or the [REM] version. The only thing that I've come up with is to append the version after the (Disk 1 Side 1) just so I can differentiate between all of them. ex. California Games (Disk 1 Side 1) [ESI].d64 and California Games (Disk 1 Side 1) [REM].d64 Any help sorting this out would be much appreciated! :-) Thanks!
  11. MAME games launch and run fine through the RocketLauncher UI. I disabled 7zip as well as made sure RocketLauncher in launchbox is set to NOT extract zip files. Are there any other troubleshooting tips I could try?
  12. HI! any of the Rocketlauncher users ever get bezels to display on Nintendo BS-X Satellaview. I get the two black borders on each side and have my _Default folder setup and names correctly, but no bezels. Thanks!
  13. Fade Screens for RocketLauncher View File Since LB will likely get loading screens soon, I've decided to share my RocketLauncher fade screens. Included is a template so you can make your own fade screens. Submitter Omen Submitted 02/27/2018 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins  
  14. I got the rocket launcher to make overlays happen for each my systems but the issue is when I get to sega game gear. I need to push scale to 1.45 and have rest at 1.0.
  15. I'm trying to run rocketlauncher on my pc and i get an error that says this cappp can not on your pc anybodyelse getting this issue with rockelauncher Thanks
  16. Hi, I recently has started taking another jab at RL and got it setup and running via various video tutorials. My new problem now is that when it launches MAME 1.77 it just shows a black MAME screen that says "loading game 0%" and it stays like that. When I press ESC, it doesnt close the window and I have to hit the taskmanager to close the MAME 1.77 by force. These are very small roms files and disable 7z and rom checking in RL, but the game will not load. Outside of RL and only using LB, i have no issues. I want to use RL because i have been told that this is how to handle Marquees, Bezels and even U360 joystick settings much easier, instead of going through my massive library and doing each game one at a time. help? Thanks!!!!
  17. Okay so, I used Launchbox --> Retroarch before but rocketlauncher offered a lot of nice features so i decided to give it ago. Forever later after i finally got it working properly i noticed i don't have custom configs for every console i'm using inside Retroarch (nintendo64, nes etc). So i looked through RocketLauncher and i found the "CLI Parameters" which i assume stand for something along the lines of 'command-line parameters'. Which is great, it's the same as the the option in launchbox called "Default Command-Line Parameters" where you put in your config source per console. Thing is i can't get it to work, the "command-line" i used in Launchbox was '-c "retroarch.cfg"' which takes the file from retroarch directory directly and puts them to use ('-c "config\retroarch.cfg"' is another example). Used the same command-line inside RocketLauncher but it doesn't use the config whenever i load up any game of that specific console in Launchbox. Anyone know a way to get the custom config to work through RocketLauncher? / I know the text is bit scrumbled but honestly my experience with RocketLaunch is the same, really messy but of course a great utility. // Also if i put this thread in the wrong forum section my bad - feel free to move it or w/e. thanks in advance
  18. Hi, I'm having issues with some roms not running correctly from LaunchBox, although they run fine if run via the RocketLauncher UI. I'm using the default command line parameters provided by Launchbox when selecting Rocket Launcher as the emulator. Basically, instead of the game launching, the rom file opens up in 7zip. Other 7zip roms work fine from Launchbox. The ones that don't work in Launchbox do work when run from the Rocketlauncher UI, so I know the rom is good. There's nothing in the RL log, so it looks like the command isn't getting that far. it looks more like its just trying to open the archive file as if double-clicking on it in the file system. I've removed/re-added the rom, shut down/restarted Launchbox and the PC, but no luck. Any ideas? Thx!
  19. ----This was posted in the RocketLauncher forums as well,so I basically copy and pasted the post to here..I figured a lot of my media might possibly be valuable to this community,even though it's purpose is for RocketLauncher----- -----EDIT: I'm not sure why my text is all black from here down,or if it's just my screen and doesn't effect anyone else,but sorry if it is----- Hey all! For anyone that does not know me,I have been running a Youtube channel for a while now,and collecting all sorts of media to fill Pause with,as well as making Fade screens and other various frontend artwork. I just wanted to extend an invite for anyone interested,to check out my channel,and see what I have available. I will provide the download links,a link to my channel, and some examples of my work below. I'm currently sitting at about 360gb of media...and I upped my subscription to my upload site to 2tb of space...so I have alot more to come. Some of the work includes.. --Custom Pause menu logos for 50+ systems /including a default set --Over 110 custom fade screens with Layer 4's --Over 700 NES soundtracks /tags and box art embedded --Over 700 SNES soundtracks /tags and box art embedded --Over 250 N64 soundtracks /tags and box art embedded --Over 900 MAME soundtracks / tags embedded --100's of soundtracks for various other systems /tags and box art embedded --Tons of videos and documentaries for multiple systems --System artwork (including console,controllers,boxes,carts,system boxes,and displays) for multiple systems --1000's of background images for multiple systems --1000's of Maps,Strategy guides,and Manuals for multiple systems --Custom 1080p Marquees (for use in HyperMarquee or other marquee software) covering 70 systems,which includes 1 marquee for the main wheel and 1 marquee for the sub-wheel for each system You can go here for my Youtube channel,which includes various release videos,and instructions - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeP60Vc-kRYCiJ1y2PvxryA Thank you everyone and Enjoy!
  20. After seeing jaythompson's awesome RLauncher demo, I figured I'd post my own. I have a love/hate relationship with RLauncher, but I do feel it adds a lot to the LB experience, especially Fade Screens and the Pause menu. Not only can you customize fade in and fade out screens on a per platform level, but also on a per game level, which I highlight toward the end of the video. About halfway through the video I show off Game Manual support, which you can use in game via RLauncher's pause menu, which is also highly customizable. The video is 5 minutes long but I think it's worth it. If anyone is having issues with RLauncher let me know, I'll help the best I can. RLauncher Demo (If stuff seems slow or fast at times, it's because of OBS recording):
  21. I was watching the last stream and I saw many people saying that hate RL and how it acts or has bugs? Can you elaborate on what is the negative effect of using it versus the builtin system of emulators of LB? What are the pros and cons? I have everything configured in RL and things work great so far and is independent of the front-end I use. Some have mentioned "What parts do you want integrated into LB from RL"? Thanks!
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