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Found 20 results

  1. I've been having a loooong standing issue getting my mame games running in LaunchBox, took a long break and now I'm back at it determined to make this work. To start fresh and skip the old details: I recently downloaded the new 0.231 non-merged romset. To keep things simple for troubleshooting, I picked ~30 games and got them to work in mame 0.231. I reinstalled RetroArch and downloaded the mame 2003 plus core and scan directory only would find 4 games. I figured this out by performing a manual scan and it found all the games in the directory, Appears to be a RA bug,
  2. having issues when uploading my PSP ROM's to launchbox where its not differentiating between the files internals and the actual game therefore not uploading the game properly. any help with this?
  3. I came across this guide for filtering roms with clrmamepro and thought I would share it with you guys. I did not write it and I don't remember which site it came off of but here it is. Hope this helps you guys out. This guide will allow you to filter out all of the USA roms plus all of the exclusives from every other region. This guide uses no-intro rom sets Install ClrMamePro. Go to No-Intro's DAT-o-Matic, select the system of your rom set and download the parent-clone DAT file. Determine if your system rom set needs a header file on the global No-Intro datset download page
  4. Hello! I am loving this process so far, however, I have run into a small issue. I imported a folder of GBA Rom's of which several (more than 30) have a #GBA in the file name. These roms are already in LB and they play without issue. The problem is that Metadata does not get pulled reliably if at all. I have gone into a couple and manually changed the title and then the metadata is downloaded without an issue. This led me to use a mass file renaming utility (Advanced Renamer) which allowed me to get rid of just the #GBA in the file names. The problem is, LB still sees them wi
  5. Brand new to this! I just cleaned up a spare laptop and downloaded MAME along with LaunchBox. I downloaded a few games like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct (along with associated chd files) from the Internet Archive. The games work in MAME and show in Launchbox which is great. I'd like to download what I believe is called a "ROM set" where there are thousands of arcade games and not just download one at a time like I did. I've searched and read a lot, but I can't seem to find a place to actually download something like this. Can someoone point me in the right direction? I a
  6. I'm having an odd issue with Launchbox. In general had no problems but this specific game (Chaos Heat) will not work in Launchbox no matter what. It works without a problem in MAME when the application is used directly, but when the CHD (this is a CHD-only game) is imported to Launchbox, a couple of key things go wrong. First, the metadata does not get properly configured. The game is in LaunchBoxDB, but it is not recognized as a valid game and the name does not even set properly (screenshots below). I can manually go in and set the name and import the metadata after the fact, but this does no
  7. Any time I try pressing a game on launchbox it says initializing and for some games it goes into machine loading up to about 50% then just closes. The tab just closes there is no error, I was previously having a problem where it said fatal error required files are missing the machine cannot be run. However, the problem has changed to not showing anything. The games also do not work on MAME itself. I've looked through different forums about the same question, but their solutions weren't working for me. I've tried editing the rom path on mame.ini. Thanks, for any help.
  8. So I've been using rom center to double check my files to make sure we are in the good. Most are correcting but I have some where all files needed are there and the game simply will not load. List is being generated from mame it's self and cross reference with the ones I have in folder. Some examples would be both area 51 and area 51/maximum force Astro Chase - bass angler - bass angler 2 - battle arena toshinden 2 - bonze adventure Just to name some. Anyone else experience this issue and figure out what's going on? With the Capcom games I found there was a file needed that rom ce
  9. File 2 LB View File This is a basic cmd/bat script. It's main purpose is to copy full sets from a huge source folder. It's only purpose is to copy or move roms and images to your LaunchBox Games or Images folder based on a list. Because the file extension is set up with a wildcard, it can copy or move any file with the same name of the rom. Example being: Super Mario Bros. (World).zip / Super Mario Bros. (World).nes / Super Mario Bros. (World).mpg / Super Mario Bros. (World).png all can be moved/copied because it ignores the extension.
  10. Version


    This is a basic cmd/bat script. It's main purpose is to copy full sets from a huge source folder. It's only purpose is to copy or move roms and images to your LaunchBox Games or Images folder based on a list. Because the file extension is set up with a wildcard, it can copy or move any file with the same name of the rom. Example being: Super Mario Bros. (World).zip / Super Mario Bros. (World).nes / Super Mario Bros. (World).mpg / Super Mario Bros. (World).png all can be moved/copied because it ignores the extension. Just make sure to run the .bat in the correct source folde
  11. so I'm trying to save space and compress my roms and then let Launchbox extract them as needed, this works GREAT for PS1 and earlier generation ROMs because they are already relatively small files. But when I tried this on my PS2 games it works, but takes forever (which is understandable sine the file I tested was a Double Layered Disc that is 8 GB), so my question is, which compression settings are the best for not only saving on File Size, but also Fast Extraction Time? For the record I am using 7zip and compressing to .ZIPs with these settings: Ultra, LZMA, 8 MB, 128 Word S
  12. Hi Guys, I have an issue when asking launchbox to extract a rom before launching it. When I check the box, then run the game, launchbox opens my default extraction app (7zip) and shows me the content of the zip/7z, or whatever compressed file within the 7zip interface. And nothing happens next to that... What am I doing wrong here? Isn't launchbox supposed to just do this extraction in the back and just run the rom (usually a cue, bin or other iso file i keep zipped for obvious space saving reasons). Thanks !!!
  13. So i really want to play some games, loads of people use wii games, some 360 games etc. but whenever i try to use this software its going great during set up. All the details show fantastic. The one downside is that it never fucking starts. Every tutorial i see never explains how they get the games they want as ROM Files like even with emulators allowing iso it wont let me use mine. I'm getting so fucking stressed out over this shit, can someone explain to me how this is done. I really want to play some of my games on my pc without having to set the old consoles up. Thank you ~Matthew
  14. So, I've been trying to troubleshoot this for a while now, but I just can't seem to get the Naomi Metal Slug 6 conversion to run properly in Launchbox. It runs fine when I launch it in Demul, although I do have to launch it via "Load decrypted rom", as it is a custom hack. The file itself is a ".bin" file, so I am not sure if this has anything to do with the problems I'm having. Here's my a screenshot of my default Naomi setup for Demul that I'm trying to run this conversion with (works perfectly for all normal Naomi games). When I run it with this setup, it just pops up with a demul window
  15. Hi Guys, First of all I'm just starting out, so still a lot to learn, but love bigbox, it's amazing and the tutorials help immensely! Was wondering how you all go about organizing roms and deciding what to import? Since I'm just getting into things I like to have a good setup from the get-go. Right now I have all roms in the appropriate folders like Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and so on. But within these folders I have rom versions from usa, europe, japan. Some games are region specific single games but a lot of games
  16. I really like how launch box merges roms with the same name and only one game is displayed. Would love to see a feature that allows us delete roms based on region preferences. For example; if I had mortal kombat (usa), mortal kombat (pal), and mortal kombat (japan), I could set up region preference to keep usa roms but when a usa Rom is not available to keep a pal Rom but when neither the usa or pal Rom is available to keep a Japan Rom. The would be awesome. If this feature is already available please let me know. Thank you!!
  17. Tommy1981

    Rom naming

    I've noticed certain games with versions in the names get skipped when downloading media. Dreamcast collection did this alot due to version numbers in the names. Anyone have any tips or lists I can use to rename my roms to ensure my roms will have the best chance at getting media downloaded for them. I mostly use no-intro and redump collections. Also, is there a tool or simi-easy way to rename the roms and media files I already have at the same time? I've manually added in 100's or maybe even 1,000's of the missing box art pictures. Mostly the front 2D & 3D covers. Thank you
  18. After following the LaunchBox Tutorial on how to set up Daphne with Launchbox, I kept running into this problem every time I tried to launch any of the games. "Daphne got an error and that rom xxxx couldn't be found in .../roms/xxxx. " After re-installing Daphne several times and spending hours on wiki and forums. I found no answers. - This is how I solved the problem. - First, I would recommend you to complete all the steps given in the LaunchBox tutorial on how to install Daphne. After you have downloaded your games and set up Daphne. Open the DaphneLoade
  19. I am looking for a script to clean up a files dating back 15 years that follow the MAME'S naming convention. overtime the collection is just gotten out of control. I Hoping that reducing this down will speed up BB/LB Loading.... Thanks in advance. for those that may post a script i know they come in may types so please post as txt along with what the program that is being used (power shell, command shell, vb script...). perhaps their are others looking to do the same. Thanks
  20. Hey guys, I have recently decided to split my game collection from my ROM hacks and make them a separate platform in LB and BB, my question is, do any of you have a video that would work for something like that? After searching you tube and emu movies, I haven't really found a platform video that was specifically dedicated to ROM hacks and was curious if anyone else has come across this dilemma as well.
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