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  1. Dear Arcade fans, I have a question concerning scraping media for games. A few days ago I added several Mame rom files with the help of the default Launchbox wizard on my Arcade system. Scraping all media is a process that takes a lot of time. In my case days on a row... While scraping all media (i.e.: Artwork), I noticed that I could not see the total amount of rom files that are being ‘scraped’. My question is: Is there an option so I can see if the system is scraping all the rom files? For example: pseudo code 😊 à scraping game with name (X), number (Y) of a total
  2. So I noticed that im running out of space. And I see that IMAGES and MUSIC and VIDEO is now nearly 1/5 of my 500gb drive space. As well as my roms. Maybe you have experience with this and cam make suggestions. But I am still adding new roms and plan on adding the BB jukebox and music files. This is a dedicated pc win 10 LAUNCHBOX system with only launchbox and related software. I have 2 drives. 500gb ssd for software system and most roms 2TB hd for backup and lazerdisc games. Trying to keep roms on the faster drive but that is becoming increasingly diffi
  3. Hi all, Have a strange one. I have previously loaded and saved my roms into LB no problem. But recently noticed that I was missing a rom in particular. Virtua Cop 2. It had previously been loaded. However I tried to re load the rom to LB but it comes back saying 0 saved. I can't now seem to load this rom. Has anyone come across this before? Any suggestions? Thank you
  4. Hi All! I don't want to have a crap ton of MAME games. I am just looking to probably get 20-30. I have them downloaded, but when I go to import ROM, Launchbox doesn't like that I have uncompressed MAME files. I am able to play the games on standalone MAME, but when I try to import file using the ROM importer, it picks up 3/4 different things and none of them work right. What is the best way to import uncompressed MAME files? I've used the full importer, but that takes 6-8 hours and I end up just deleting everything anyway. PLEASE HELP!
  5. I’m slowly getting my emulators up and running with launchbox except for sega Naomi. I followed the instructions on the latest you tube video but reicast is no longer available, only flycast (when using retroarch). I placed the bin and lst files anyways but when I ran launchbox it only found one game and it would work... is there any other way to get sega Naomi to work?
  6. Version b1.5.0.2


    Repository: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game Explanations in English: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README.md Explications en Français: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README-FR.md Beta version: don't change anything in LaunchBox. Use it only with roms ! What it does: It copies then compress everything about a game contained in the db of LaunchBox app. It generates a short xml file with the main information about the game It takes images, pdf manual, video, music, rom file. It ta
  7. bjwest

    NAS for Roms?

    Hi, I have a WD PR2100 NAS and am considering using that for my roms and using a PC for Launchbox (SSD), images/snaps and emulators (on HDD). The NAS has two ethernet ports (one currently connected to modem) and I would use other port to connect to my PC. Has anyone had much luck doing it this way? I would be emulating N64 and PS1 as the most demanding systems. Thanks
  8. Gday, Extreme noob here. When it comes to roms and romsets, do i need to use a certain type of ROM? Do they have to be in sets or can I piece a console together using different roms? I was told that No Intro are the best ones to use but I cant find certain no intro roms for certain consoles like MAME for instance. There are so many different types of the same games I don't know which ones i need. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. So I just made the jump over here from GameEX. I loved the front-end but the UI just didn't update well, so hello! I've begun importing my ROMs and was wondering if I could queue a handful of system to scan say over night. It seems that I can not add a new set of ROMs till the past one is done scanning. Am I able to import the info (for example) Sega 32X, NES, Playstation, of where all these ROM are located, then set LaunchBox to start scanning all new ROMs? Thanks for the help and can't wait to get creating!
  10. Hello everyone, i'm new to launchbox and trying to figure some things out. I've been searching for a while and couldn't find an answer. I've imported my roms for many platforms and the problem i'm facing is that for some games i have two or three different region roms e.g. Europe and US. Launchbox by default prioritizes those from Europe and i can't find a way to change it so it defaults to US. Also in region priorities it is on top but still that does nothing. If i go to edit and then additional apps i can choose default from there but i can't find a way to do it massively
  11. Hi there Im a new user of bigbox and i find this app really awesome! I usually google/solved most of the issues i came across pretty easily and my game collection is taking a nice shape (and space). 😅 But now i cant really find a easy/reliable solution for my problem. 1 - i have alot of arcade roms in a single folder "Arcade" 2 - i created cps1/cps2/taito/etc playlists and everything works fine ofc. 3 - but... what i really want ... is to move the rom files (and sub roms/apps associated) of those playlists (or from a platform) to separeted folders and this way cr
  12. PackMyGame View File Repository: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game Explanations in English: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README.md Explications en Français: https://github.com/daerlnaxe/Pack-My-Game/blob/master/README-FR.md Beta version: don't change anything in LaunchBox. Use it only with roms ! What it does: It copies then compress everything about a game contained in the db of LaunchBox app. It generates a short xml file with the main information about the game It tak
  13. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this or not. But anyways, I'm missing 28 games from my ROMs folder. These ROMs have already been sorted out by myself as 'parents only' (from m HyperSpin set), and I'd have liked to have all of them imported to Launchbox (with or without meta data), but it seems that if a MAME ROM is not in the database, it is not imported. I don't like that - if a ROM is going to be skipped like that, it would be nice if Launchbox would at the very least create a list of games that were skipped, so that I can then add the games manually, and enter in t
  14. Hi guys, I had to rebuild my LB library from scratch lately and did import my mame 0.194 merged set. Thing is, I usually had a last "screen" with several checkboxes allowing me to avoid importing clones, etc. This screen doesn't shown anymore and I now end up with all these terrible clones, adult games, gamble games etc. (8500+ games in total). Any clue how I can fix this ? thanks !!!
  15. hello Guys, Quick question about consolidation of roms. When I run a consolidation I see that LB merges "two" roms in one, but, if I have, let say, 5 versions of the same rom, I have to restart the consolidation process again and again, till all the extra roms are consolidated. Is there any way to make it consolidate all version in one single time ? Also, is there any plan to implement consolidation of all the system at once ? doing this for each system one by one is really time consuming. Thanks !!!
  16. Im adding in Roms to my Launchbox database in conjunction with my emulators. The issue I'm having is that Launchbox isn't properly scraping info on many of the Roms that I add, because the names are most likely incorrect or just not being properly analyzed by my Launchbox. So, lots of the box art and game data is missing on my ROM titles. My question is, where is the Database located.. or how can I read what the proper names should be? Another words... How do I know what the proper ROM name is that Launchbox is looking for? Does it have to be exact?
  17. I have been using Retropie but now moving to a PC based system and purchased BigBox.. Is there an easy way to use my retropie drive? I have over 2TB on an external drive complete with metadata and artwork.. Would love to be able to reuse them all.. I can import the ROMs but the drive is full of all the other stuff retropie uses and would be a PITA to clean it all out..
  18. Hello LB community. So im super frustrated...I've tried Hyperspin, wiiflow, and now LB and i cant seem to ever get these front ends fully set up. I thought this one would be promising due to the "user friendly" interface, but im STILL not doing something right. I followed the steps on the "Emulating the Arcade (MAME) - LaunchBox Tutorials" on youtube. All of my roms finally finished parsing etc etc. The rom directory is pointing to the right place..But when I go to play a game, it wants me to extract the rom, which ive never had to to when using mame by itself. I must be missing a
  19. Ok so i have c64 covertapes that im importing into launchbox. Each tape is stored as an individual folder ie Powerpack #01 (commodore format covertapes) & Inside the folders are the individual .tap files of the contained games. So when i import using folder names as game titles i get 64 roms listed as powerpack 0-64 respectively. Ok, so far so good. Only thing is the additional apps (the individual games in the folder) are all named after the folder too instead of their actual name. So when i right click the listed title i just see 'play powerpack version...' 4 times. Instead of 4 seperate
  20. Hello @Jason Carr, After update to LB 7.14, MAME roms not import correctly. Various games are missing. I,m tested using a MAME 0.191 Split/Non Merge full packs. Same error. Make print screens for help. Not show Street Fighter 2, 3 Alpha, Final Fight and others. Claudio
  21. I've added the super Nintendo platform but it does not show up on the list I cannot see under the nintendos eg. Gameboy, Gameboy ad,64 etc.. I even tried to rescan roms to see if it show up but it does not.
  22. Anyone else have this issue? I can no longer drag a rom (or any file) into LB to start the import dialog. (i just get the 'can't move that here circle stop sign symbol thing') I can still import them through the menu though it's just slightly annoying as I do alot of swapping. B
  23. Thought we could have a thread where people can request videos for rom hacks if they're struggling to find any! Personally, i'm looking for Pokemon Pink (Hack of Blue) and Peaches Winter Adventure (SMB nes hack)
  24. Hi Guys, First of all I'm just starting out, so still a lot to learn, but love bigbox, it's amazing and the tutorials help immensely! Was wondering how you all go about organizing roms and deciding what to import? Since I'm just getting into things I like to have a good setup from the get-go. Right now I have all roms in the appropriate folders like Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Genesis and so on. But within these folders I have rom versions from usa, europe, japan. Some games are region specific single games but a lot of games
  25. Hello, I imported my Mame collection v.185 and I use Mame v.188 to play,but some games in Launchbox are appeared with other name and media when I choose them. thnx in advance
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