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Found 11 results

  1. Hey guys, new member here. Just starting with Launchbox and want to say how awesome this project is, the ease of management for large game collections is amazing. I have a Launchbox Premium account and Emumovies basic account that is already set up in Launchbox and tested ok. I've been following this tutorial here: To get the video previews for some games that I imported for SNES. The matching seems to be ok, since launchbox finds a DB ID for the game, but when I go to the EmuMovies tab I get no option to download videos, only images. I'm attaching a screenshot of the issue for Battletoads VS Double Dragon but it's happening on all titles I've imported (all SNES). Hmm, actually I'm trying other platforms and no vids there either. Is a supporter account in EmuMovies needed for this? I see they mention videos being supporter only in EmuMovies Sync but then the tutorial and even the EmuMovies site itself says basic accounts should have access to SD videos.
  2. Hi! I'm doing everything like ETA prime guides but my Neo Geo scraping is not good. I already tried scraping as SNK Neo Geo AES, MVS and Arcade. Lots of missing box arts, but the games are recognized perfectly. I believe my romset is good. Where can I see which rom names LB uses for Neo Geo AES? Thanks
  3. Dear Arcade fans, I have a question concerning scraping media for games. A few days ago I added several Mame rom files with the help of the default Launchbox wizard on my Arcade system. Scraping all media is a process that takes a lot of time. In my case days on a row... While scraping all media (i.e.: Artwork), I noticed that I could not see the total amount of rom files that are being ‘scraped’. My question is: Is there an option so I can see if the system is scraping all the rom files? For example: pseudo code 😊 à scraping game with name (X), number (Y) of a total amount of games (Z). Based on that I can see if everything works as it should be. Otherwise I will abort the process (instead of waiting for hours/days). The underlying reasons of my question is that I constantly missing a lot of games after the import process. Thank you in advance for feedback!
  4. newbie here I've imported a big set of snes roms but very few got automatically matched with a db entry. If I manually edit the game though, there is an obvious choice. As an example see this: To me the first entry is an obvious choice that LB could have picked up While importing I specifically said to not import wikipedia stuff, so ignoring that, we remain with just one possible entry Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to tell LB to 'accept the best guess' and not be picky? thanks
  5. Hi - I've recently installed Launchbox Premium, linked up to EmuMovies etc. and started adding systems (migrating from Hyperspin). But, I'm having some problems with the import/scraping function, and I'm wondering if there's options I can select or some other process I should be following. For example, for the BBC Microcomputer Sytem I have 1591 roms (I think the more or less complete No-Intro, named accordingly). I can import all of these in, and if I select force import duplicates, every rom is imported. In the rom list which pops up in the wizard, I can see that (for example) Empire (Europe) and Eagle Empire (Europe) are recognised as two different games. But, Eagle Empire is the only one in the Games DB, and when the list is imported, the name, cover art and metadata for both games is set to Eagle Empire. Is there any way around this, to force a more accurate matching? Even if not, then going into the rom audit tool to check for these, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to 'delink' Empire from the Eagle Empire metadata (short of manually deleting every single field). I'm quite happy for Empire to be in the list with no images/data, but I don't want it there with a different games name and metadata. Looking in the xml's, there is a files.xml, which appears to have all of the correct filenames in, with these two games seperated; but in the metadata.xml (just with Eagle Empire), there seems to be no field to link the entry to a specific file in the files.xml, so there doesn't even seem to be a manual way to do it. Is there any way of linking these two files, or requiring the use of the files.xml information? Or of importing data from an XML rather than a directory scrape (I have the hyperspin/rocketlauncher xml with all these files and the game titles in, but I can't see a way of using those as the basis for import). Related to this are titles with the same name from different publishers, that are often different games; so Darts (Superior Software) (Europe) is in the DB (As Darts), but e,g, Darts (Statasoft) (Europe) and Darts (Europe) (Unl) are not, but they are all linked to the first Darts that is in the database and get it's metadata. Thanks for any help you can provide, Tom
  6. LaunchBox fan here that just bought Big Box a while back and love it! Using that and ES at present. I'm trying to come up with a better way to save time when organizing my media for my rom sets. So far, my current process is a bit time consuming, but if it's the only/best way, then I'm OK with that. But before I devote too much more time with it, I want to first make sure there isn't a better way that could save time and yield better results. Let's take my NES collection for example. I have about 764 ROMs curated from a no-intro set that represents the perfect (in my opinion) US retail collection. I'm in a desktop environment, so I have been using the latest beta build of SkraperUI. It pulls everything from the Screen Scraper database. My results have been decent thus far. I find everything within about 5-6 games that are missing. So I have to find those manually. No big deal. But videos are a little more challenging, and usually take a little more time. THEN I notice that some of the regions are not right. For instance, I might end up with a PAL cover or European cart design, instead of only English/US region (like I have it set). Having to check all these for over 700+ games for just one collection (then multiply that by over 10-20 other sets I'd have to do this for), I'm in for quite the tedious amount of checking and tweaking to get the media just right. My question is as stated above; is there a better way? Is there another database or program I can use that will yield better or more accurate results, without as much need to curate on my end after the fact? Should I build a pie and let the LaunchBox or other pie scrapers that are popular right now do it instead (I heard they are pretty hardcore). Or is this a pretty good representation of what anyone should expect when scraping this much media, and am I only getting pretty much as good as I'm going to get?
  7. So I just made the jump over here from GameEX. I loved the front-end but the UI just didn't update well, so hello! I've begun importing my ROMs and was wondering if I could queue a handful of system to scan say over night. It seems that I can not add a new set of ROMs till the past one is done scanning. Am I able to import the info (for example) Sega 32X, NES, Playstation, of where all these ROM are located, then set LaunchBox to start scanning all new ROMs? Thanks for the help and can't wait to get creating!
  8. Hey, I imported the ScummVM 1.9.0 Set into Launchbox but it couldnt find most of the Media/Artwork. the 1.9.0 Set (and the ones before) use the full game title seen here https://www.scummvm.org/compatibility/ But the media scrapers I use and probably most other people too (HyperSync, Emumovies), use the short gameid for artwork instead of the full title. example: Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar (CD PS1).zip gets imported as "Broken Sword 1 The Shadow of the Templar" The artwork I found would be called "sword1.png" because the gameid is "sword1". Is there a tool that renames either the artwork to the full name or (probably easier) the "Roms" to the short name?
  9. THRobinson

    Image Scraping

    Where does LaunchBox scrape from? I know with KODI, I scrape from TMDB, and I made an account and did a lot of custom cover artwork for stuff that was missing, low quality or just the wrong dimensions (2:3). Is there a site like that where LaunchBox scrapes from? where I can create an account and help make artwork for games that have none?
  10. I've noticed, especially with N64, that my front box art is sometimes European boxes. These are random games but are all U region games. I have my priorities set to NA and USA scraping. I still have to go in and change 30 or 40 images. For some odd reason I am getting European box art when scraping with Emu movies but if I scrape each game manually and choose Launchbox database, then I get the choice of two region art. When I choose Emu Movies, I just get the European box art. Doing a full art replacement scan for the whole N64 platform and un-checking Emu Movies leaves me with the same smattering of European art. What gives? Edit: I've found something interesting. I moved Launchbox to another drive last month. I found the N64 box art downloads to a new folder seperate from my LB directory. I bet the config is screwed up. Ugh
  11. Hi, When I add more ROMs to my Launchbox Collection, I have always to tick/untick scraping prefrences like what I want to download in scraping and to not download PDF files. And when I import more ROMs i have to do that always... Per example every time I import ROMs when i reach the step that says "Would you like to download images for your games?" I select/tick only: Box - *, Cart Front, Cart 3D, Clear Logo, Disk, Banner, Screenshot {Gameplay, Game Title, Game Select}; and when it reaches the step that says "Would you like to download media from EmuMovies" i only select: Banner, Box - *, Cart Front and 3D, Clear Logo, Screenshot{Gameplay, Game Title, Game Select}; and in step that says "Would you like to specify any custom options" i untick "Look for PDF files for use as the game manual". What I need/want is i don't have to do all this steps in future imports in that platform at least. How can i achieve that?
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