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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, just bought and HDMI splitter to be able to play the same content in two screens but had not think about playing in the 2nd one (not the one the input comes from) alone, so when I turn off the first one the second is not working. Any ideas to make this without having to tweak my cable setup every time I need to do this? Following this image, it would be something like having output 2 monitor working when TV (output 1) is off. Obviously the purpose is to have both working at the same time but it won't be like that always and it'd be good to have this variant. Thanks!
  2. svitko

    BigBox minimized

    Hello, just starting out thanks in advance for your help! I installed Visual Pinball in LaunchBox however when it launches a pinball game the game was placed in the center of the screen and you could see LaunchBox in the background on the right and left of the playing field. I found the setting in LaunchBox to minimize LaunchBox when launching a game, and used a black desktop so that was a workaround. However, BigBox does not have or I can not find this setting so when playing pinball you can see Bigbox menu in the background. I did find a setting in PinMame which stretches the screen, but this is just distorting the pinball table. Any help appreciated! Thanks again, Steve
  3. madmart22

    Another Noob Arcade Cab question

    I am thinking about putting my pc in a cabinet now I have it all set up with Bigbox. Can you get narrow lcd screens that are a similar size to the actual marquee on the actual arcade cabinet ? then you could display the actual marquee on the cabinet and have it change depending on the game by maybee setting it up as a second scree ??? Think that would look pretty cool but dont know it such a thing is available ? I cant see anything but... I am pretty new on this so maybee its a stupid question :-)