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  1. Starting a series of setup videos for LaunchBox x RetroArch x RocketLauncher. Platform: Apogee BK-01 Emulator: RetroArch Core: MAME Driver: apogee Romset: MAME softwarelist Video - Table of Contents This is how you properly load the MAME core in RetroArch using softwarelists. In the video I cover the following: 1. Usage Instructions - How to load the cassettes through RetroArch (RA), switching between fully and partially emulated keyboard, load data blocks and play. 2. Identify Media Type - How to identify which media type to use and in which slot as well as crosscheck driver maturity to know whether emulation is possible or not for other MAME systems using MESSUI. 3. Edit RetroArch AHK - To load this system through RocketLauncher (RL), you will need to modify the AHK module. I'll show you how to do it to add this system and get it running in RL through RA. 4. Platform Overview - Lightly touching on how the Emulator and Associated Platforms are setup in LaunchBox before an in-depth walkthrough stepping you through the process and thinking behind it. 5. MAME Folder Structures - How to correctly place your MAME softwarelist roms and softwarelist bios files so they load correctly through RA without altering Emulator or Associated Platforms in Launchbox beyond the basic script. 6. Platform Setup - A detailed walkthrough of setting up and importing softwarelist roms. In this case, we don't use the Hash descriptions because this Russian system uses the same naming convention as the shortlist title. 7. Apogee Media Pack - Discuss the Clear logos [x104] I created about three years ago for HyperSpin. Download found here in the download section. 8. Troubleshooting - Briefly discuss the retroarch-core-options.cfg and provide an example of what will work with this setup. Apogee Testimonials: Emulator: Associated Platforms: Bit of history about me: I've been in the emulation scene over 24 years and just recently came out of a 2 years hiatus. I started a website to record the systems I've started collecting, curating and emulating again; I have an FTP server for hosting everything and Discord Channel that you're welcome to join to come and pick my brains about system setups. Everything is free and I'm doing this as my hobby. I'll try to reply to comments in this thread, as well as, the video if you need further instructions. Please let me know if this was useful or not by leaving a comment in my YouTube video, liking, subscribing and sharing to someone else in the community. I have been banned for life from the HyperSpin community for trying to redistribute media and setup non supported systems such as the one in the video here. I had about 500 systems setup before I took my 2 year hiatus and plan to help this community grow through this video series. Website: http://www.emulationclub.com/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/EmulationClub/ Discord Channel Invite (I'm most active here): https://discord.gg/9jWkE4V
  2. I was wondering if anyone has the Daphne core in Retroarch working? I have the daphne program working as a stand alone emulator in my launch box build, but it would be nice to see how this retroarch version works. I don't even know if the same files I'm using with the daphne emulator work with the retroarch core, or if it wants the arcade files.
  3. I'm having trouble setting up BizHawk as my emulator. Every time I set it up, it opens BizHawk but it doesn't open the ROM, this is pretty annoying as I'm trying to be more organized with my computer.
  4. Hi guys, I have just watched the tutorial on how to play Game Cube and Wii games on LaunchBox and what I don't get is the way to layout the xbox 360 controller. I have done it as in the video but I suspect maybe when selecting "classic" instead of nunchuk you go under a sub-setup, not the main layout on the controller section? I have attached a couple of pics showing my configuration. Hope you guys can help Many thanks in advance!
  5. Hi there everyone i'm a new member to the LaunchBox forums, i purchased the forever update version last august. this is the first me trying to set it up, could someone walk me through how/where to download roms, because i download some roms, but don't have a clue what to do when i'm trying to unzip or extract them. or after that part. could someone kind and helpful walk me through please? as i'm getting quite frustrated as i don't know what i'm doing wrong thanks very much
  6. Hi, I'm in the process of adding MAME to my Launchbox/Bigbox system. I've imported the ROMS and the emulator just fine. But my issue is that after Launchbox scans through and imports ROMS to my inventory... it creates 5 or 6 subcategories outside of my "Arcade" directory. Any idea how I can combine all of those sub categories, and just have all my MAME games under 1 "Arcade" directory? Thanks.
  7. Hi All, Today I realized ETA Prime has his own Youtube channel and holy crap my mind is blown. I made a Mortal Kombat II Mame cabinet about 7 years ago using an old PC and Maximus Arcade. Today I'm building a wall mounted arcade from scratch using Big Box but still using an old, heavy PC. It works great but after the revelation that single board computers with a little modification can rival and even surpass an old Craigslist computer, my next build has to be with a SBC. Does anyone out there know of good options for SBC that can run Big Box? I'd like something that can run up to the N64/PSX generation consoles at full speed.
  8. Hi, I recently has started taking another jab at RL and got it setup and running via various video tutorials. My new problem now is that when it launches MAME 1.77 it just shows a black MAME screen that says "loading game 0%" and it stays like that. When I press ESC, it doesnt close the window and I have to hit the taskmanager to close the MAME 1.77 by force. These are very small roms files and disable 7z and rom checking in RL, but the game will not load. Outside of RL and only using LB, i have no issues. I want to use RL because i have been told that this is how to handle Marquees, Bezels and even U360 joystick settings much easier, instead of going through my massive library and doing each game one at a time. help? Thanks!!!!
  9. Hi there so I am having a little bit of trouble setting up WindWaker into Launchbox through retroarch. Also I seem to be having trouble letting retroarch actually scan and recognize the iso file for windwaker? I imported the iso file into launchbox and made dolphin the default core for Nintendo Gamecube and such. However, the game does not launch when I click on it. I am able to play the game if I drag the .iso into retroarch. Any suggestions to why it wont load into retroarch also why launchbox isn't launching the game? I started LaunchBox yesterday so Im really nooby but please help if you can. Thanks!
  10. Hi there, i am new here and right now working on the usability of my arcade cabinet. I made it primary for some arcade steam games that work with direct input, and also i did some Joy2Key profiles for the games that uses Xinput and have no button mapping. Just realized that i could not control steam big-box mode with my A-Pac arcade controls, because steam does not let you save your configuration, if you don't map every single button the steam controller has (i have just 4 buttons per player). Yes, i could plug in a keyboard or my steam controller, and yes i could make another joy2key assignment for the steam overlay - but i wanted to keep it simple. It should run out of the box. Long story short, Launchbox looked perfect for this! I found how to import my steam games but it always wants to take my whole library - how do i import only my installed games? Sorry for my lazy English, i am from Germany also i am writing on a list of good steam games for cabinets: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=851881369 if you want to help me with it (and also correct my bad language) i will invite you as a curator
  11. Moleburt


    I've never setup Launchbox or anything like it before, or Retroarch or Mame. I'm not really sure how to set them up together to make everything work. I thought I understood because I got N64 to work with the Project64 emulator with Launchbox, but Mame and Retroarch seems to have more to it in order to make the games play from the Launchbox. Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if there is a way to download a preconfigured launch box that would be really helpful too. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hello all, lurker for a while and decided I better create an account. I did a search and don’t see any mention of a portable app. I been setting up Launchbox/BigBox on my main work PC for testing and configuration. Can I then move this (easily) to my dedicated arcade PC? Is the program a true portable app where I can just copy and paste? Just trying to figure out an easy way to do this.
  13. I Have 3 PC . every time Microsoft launches a major release, I do not like to update, but completely I format the PC . Sure enough I have to repeat again the configuration launchbox + all emulators on every PC. Mainly I use only MAME and Retroarch . I saw this video and wanted to know if you can make a real backup, so you can move on all 3 of my PC not do it all again if I format the computer . at each installation in Windows 10 lacks this DLL that must be entered manually for the operation retroarch d3dx9_43.dll . This is Launchbox Dependencies link - https://mega.nz/#!Q8UVXLRT!LVjgSIkpu826al7QhV32JtOg_jBUTE726RYXX_hqi7U We can clarify here what are the steps step by step to do to move launchbox-retroarch and mame on a new PC without reinstalling everything? So you just have to configure the controls.
  14. NJDave71

    Insert coin

    yesterday after 6 moths of deciding to download Lunchbox I just said WTF and purchase premium. I have used other FE and already have all the videos and roms even some boxart, snaps, MAME DAPHANE SMS GENESIS DREAMCAST NES SNES VISUAL PINBALL FUTURE PINBALL REAL PINBALL (STEAM) Playstation 1. what the best way to move things over and use what i have and get what's missing? 2. How do i add background Music (for example PAC-MAN i want to see the intro video i got from EmuMovies and play the song Pac-man Fever instead of the games video audio 3. Which Theme is used for the BigBox Video Thank you and hope I made the right choice.
  15. Hi there, I've installed and configured launchbox and bigbox on the machine that i want to run the games from, however some emulators such as arcade/mame are prooving to be difficult to setup correctly. i've spent countless hours trying to work out what the problem is but i don't think i get the big picture and the all the ins and outs of these brilliant thing. I've got my games imported and it works for most games such as snes, n64, sega using retroarch emulator cores. However i would be much obliged if someone could spen some time and fix the rest of the problem using remote access of some sort. As mentioned in the topic i'm willing to donate or pay someone for their time, just want to get this to working condition asap. Many thanks, Andy
  16. Name: Mednafen Saturn Setup Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-12 Submitter: lordmonkus Mednafen Saturn Setup
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