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Found 7 results

  1. I know how to add the handheld border shaders through RetroArch like the GBA one which was included in RetroArch's initial download or shader update here: I find it much more enjoyable playing like this. Though I want to be able to add ones that I have downloaded like this Atari Lynx one: Problem is it does not have a .cfg file, it just came with the following:The .ini just has the following information in it: I know the short answer to this would just be to create a .cfg file, but I have tried and not succeeded. Has anyone done this before and if so would someone be so kind as to walk through it together and then hopefully others may benefit from it too. I have searched but have not found any tutorials or discussion detailing exactly this. Also, one more question. For systems that one may be using the same core like gambatte_libretro.cfg for the GB and GBC but wish to have different custom configure in order to have a different handheld border shader if you copy your gambatte_libretro.cfg in the RA config folder and name it to something like gambatte2_libretro.cfg will it show up in the RA UI options? Thank you in advance.
  2. hi guys i got one questiona about shaders , does anybody know about shaders like crt.geom but without crt? I mean shader just for changing geometry of corner? thanxs
  3. AlmightyTurboman

    Retroarch shaders on 4k tv

    I recently bought a Sony 4k tv. After hooking up my pc with bigbox on it, I noticed all of my retroarch games were running at half speed. I fixed this by changing my crt shader from royale to zfast. I am alright with this change except when it comes to my Gameboy games. I miss playing them with the Gameboy borders. Is there anything I can do to get all of these shaders running full speed, or at least the Gameboy ones. Thanks for any help!
  4. ALIE

    Pcsx2 and shaders

    Just learned Pcsx2 supports shaders are the results worth it likes Retroarch. Also where do i get them and are they easily installed?
  5. LIST OF SHADERS 3DFX by leileilol ArtifactColors by flyguy/HunterK. CRT-Aperture by Easymode CRT-cgwg by cgwg CRT-Easymode by Easymode CRT-Geom by cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS! CRT-Hyllian by Hylilan CRT-Lottes by Timothy Lottes EGA Filter by VileR (Ported from DOSBox) GTUv50 by Aliaspider Monitor Colors by ??? (No credits listed on the shaders, ported from DOSBox) NTSC by Themaister (I think that's the one used in RetroArch) NTSC by MAME Team PAL-Singlepass (by svofski/HunterK.) R57-PAL (By r57shell/feos/HardWareMan) https://github.com/Matsilagi/reshade-retroarch-shaders https://filthypants.blogspot.com.br/2017/07/retroarch-shaders-ported-to-reshade.html RetroArch Shaders [ReShade].zip
  6. knightCrawler

    Retroarch filters

    I finally decided to use retroarch and its speed and ease of use is incredible but I have questions about what are the best graphic enhacements to Sharpen ,Blur, Shaders, et My monitor is 32' 1360x768 and its 720p
  7. Hi all! Can someone explain to a noob in the most simplest of terms how to add shaders and scanlines to games in retroarch? I have looked and looked and I know how to apply them, but cant get them to show up. Any videos tutorials out there? Thanks