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  1. Greetings, I have a lifetime supporter license on EmuMovies and an expired license on LaunchBox. I tried to download HQ media for a MAME set and its taking forever. I did a speed test on LaunchBox v9.1 and EmuMovies Sync v2.53. Theres a big difference in speeds. For example, I tested "Mushihime-Sama Futari Black Label: Another Ver" HQ video. Through the task manager, I can observe that the download speed on launchbox is 2 Mbps and on EmuMovies Sync it reached 40 Mbps (my ISP speed). Is there a fix in later versions or a workaround for this issue without doing it manually? The only reason I bought a Lifetime Supporter license on emumovies was to take advantage of the speed. I read on launchbox front page both were partners, so this shouldn't be an issue. Thanks
  2. I'm trying to download the "Advertisement Flyer - Front" for my mame rom set and its taking hours... 13 HOURS to download 4000 of 6769( and 3 erros) 1º i already read others posts, the only two answers that i saw was "uncheck that box" and " emumovies problem"; 2º i'm not using Emumovies and doesnt matter if a have checked or not that cursed box; 3º Its not only for mame, any console, any type of media and any amount of media, the download is super ultra mega SLOW Is there anything a can do ?
  3. Hi all! I have been happily using LaunchBox for over a month now. I use Big Box mode for my stand-up CRT-based arcade machine (everything runs very low resolution; just the way I like it). Out of seemingly nowhere, I am now getting a lot of lag scrolling through games in Big Box mode. I have a pretty beefy machine (core i7 running at 4.2ghz, 24gb of RAM and an SSD). I am not sure what could have caused it. The only thing I did to my machine was add 2 AimTrak guns. I doubt that could be the cause (it doesn't even have software running in the background). I have pretty barebones for the skin (no marquees or graphics for the titles; just text. No background videos or anything!). Here, take a look: Nothing too crazy. Again the odd thing is that it worked absolutely fine a week ago. I could scroll through the list with lightning speed. Now, seemingly out of nowhere, it scrolls through the list with a pretty big lag. I am talking a good 1/20th of the speed it used to go through the list. If anybody has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it. I would prefer to not delete my entire setup and start over because I had a lot of issues with LaunchBox doing things like showing me Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles (even though I told it to give North American games preference) and wonky Playchoice 10 entries amongst a few other things that I had to manually fix, so if I can fix this without starting from scratch, that would be awesome! Thank you!
  4. I decided to give launchbox a try again. spent close to 2 hours importing my mame roms in, with no extras like the manuals or boxes. and coming close to taking a long time with a handful of n64 games. i dunno what's going on cause previous versions never took this long.
  5. Hi, I have windows 10 (64 bit), the latest version of Launchbox, and Retroarch. I am new to the emulation world. I originally had just a full set of SNES games and a few MAME games. Other than a few MAME games not playing, the SNES worked perfectly. Well, I added Sega, and NES. Once I did that I noticed my games drag at like half speed. Not just the new ones but the SNES as well. Music, the game itself, going from one screen to the next. It’s weird. Has anyone ever encountered this before? I feel like it’s a problem associated with Retroarch as its a gameplay issue, but I’m not sure. Thoughts?
  6. while being on big box I was trying to select the options to use a controller to control the menu but then after selecting the ability for any controller to control the big box launcher menu it froze and no longer wanted to open it just stays on the bigbox logo I tried deleting the bigboxsettings.xml in the data folder it only stays on the logo when trying to open the program I tried to change the setting on launchbox option tab and it takes a while to open up the options, also I have to make sure I don't click or mess with launchbox after clicking the options tab for it not to crash after waiting awhile I noticed the settings that I clicked are no longer selected in the launchbox settings after it opening the option menu but even now I just let big box stay open until it either closes or actually open up the bigbox menu and after patiently waiting it opens runs a little sluggish and unresponsive at time but Im hoping the community can help me to reach some stability with my setup for i'll being moving the launchbox program to my SSD to see if that changes anything hope someone has encounter this small issue so I can be pointed into the right direction
  7. Good Evening, ive found this TOPIC but it has been closed: i encounter the following problem, everytime when i download some covers from the official gamedatabase the download speed is limited to 3-4 megabit/s. every other application, downloads etc. work quite fine. im located in europe, my line cant be the bottleneck, stable 100mbps down, 50 up. do the servers who provide the data have a bandwithlimitation if i use the free version of launchbox? kind regards plonk
  8. Hi All, I enjoy helping the Launchbox community by moderating the Database, Approving and Declining peoples updates. Recently though I have got very frustrated with how slow it is to do this. Clicking on the approve or Decline button seems to takes ages to move on to the next game. Timing it just now, it took 26 seconds to do a simple approval on a new image. There is currently a moderation queue of 1067 items and I have noticed this getting longer and longer, it use to be only a couple of hundred. So I assume I am not the only one losing patients with database. Due to various issues I have not been able to help out for the last couple of months, in that time I was hoping this would improve but it has not. Is there anything that can be done to improve this in the background? I know how big this database is and this is not an easy ask, but I fear you will start losing moderators if things do not improve soon. As is evident from the current backlog this already appears to be the case. For the record, I take pride in making sure I am checking for duplicates and that names/pics are correct, I am not simply spamming the Approve button to get the queue down.. I want the Launchbox database to be solid, reliable and accurate. Thanks
  9. Hi, first time posting here. First of all, the software is awesome. The best thing that happened in the emulation scene for me. I really like it! With that said, I have a simple question that didn't returned a proper answer while doing a quick search both on the forums or google: Is the connection to Launchbox servers really that slow? I'm asking because when I try to import let's say... 5 games. Only 5 games takes me around 20-30min! I double checked the speed while downloading the metadata and it never goes past the 0.5mbps. Also, even when trying to update my Lauchbox from 7.10 to the new 7.14 takes me forever, and the speed is about the same: 0.5mbps (megabit, not megabyte). Emumovies is slow but not that much, as it gets past the 5mbps mark, even with a Lifetime account. Please don't blame my ISP 'cos I switched recently to a new one and the speed issues with the launchbox server is the same if not worst then before. I had a 10mbit connection when I bought Lauchbox 7.10 some months ago, now I have a 120mbit connection from a different ISP. It seems to me that the software or the server does not allow multiple connections at once from the same IP address. I tried to force it with a download manager, and the lauchbox server only let me open one single connection to download the software. I had to download my 7.14 update from Majorgeeks site due this issue. I'm not here to complain, so all I would like to know is: Is the connection really so slow indeed? Is there anything I can do to improve the situation? The only thing I've tried until now is to change the DNS to the google ones (, instead of using the ones provided by my ISP. The issue persists. I live in Brazil by the way. Again, thanks for the software and for the updates. Really amazing piece of software!!!
  10. I have setup PCSX2 Emulator for Playstation 2 game like Tekken 5 and Tekken Tag Tournament. In start game run fine but in play mode the game run slowly and its frame rate goes down form 60 fsp to 30 fsp. I have followed every setting ,and i have followed the lunchbox tutorial about PCSX2but but result came same, My PC Specification is under: AMD A4-3700 HD Graphics Ram: 4Gb Videos: 2Gb (512 mb built In) 1Tb Hard windows 10 (64bit) i have played GTA iv (PC Game) game in this pc and run perfectly fine but in PCSX2 game FSP rate drop down rapidly. Can any on tell me how to run PS 2 Game with original fsp rate or with great fsp. i have tried different versions of PCSX2 and use different plugins and bios.
  11. Hi everyone, I´ve bought a Teclast X98 Plus II (product link here). The Specs are really awesome, quad core, 4 gb ram, 64 gb, dual boot (Android+Windows 10). The tablet goes really good, in fact Mame runs pretty smooth but BigBox Launcher works really really slow; by now, i prefer even not to use it. Has anybody prove BigBox in Windows 10 Tablet? Something? Welcome any help
  12. For some reason Big Box is just very sluggish in it's animations and response to input. Coverflow is the worst culprit regardless of image quality settings. The sounds of changing game selections seem to be in sync with the input commands but the animations are dragging way behind and seem to be well under 30fps. However even down to the text list view (the fastest mode) there is some hesitation especially if you rest a hair to long on a game and let the imagery and description load. Moving your selection in the middle of that transition always causes sluggishness and frame rate reduction. This sluggishness gives an overall taxing feel to the whole interface....like the computer is struggling with something. I do have a massive collection indeed, however I also have a massive computer and this sort of performance should not be the case. I have tried disabling animations, details, and transition types... still the same performance. Any suggestions or help would be great! Attached some system specs below. As you can see a very high end system so I'm not sure what's happening.
  13. @Jason Carr I said I would record a video of the performance issues I was having with BB. I mentioned it Monday on the stream but have had this problem only much worse for the last month or two at least. You asked me to remove the custom filters from my LB altogether and I must say, it has helped immensely. The video is after I removed the filters. Thing is, it is, as you might be able to tell, still very very slow. At least BB doesn't freeze for over a minute while changing platforms anymore. I was wondering if you could take a quick peek at the video and tell me if that kind of hitching and slowdowns is a normal thing for BB with a large library. My LB is installed onto my Samsung 850Pro 512GB SSD so the storage throughput is certainly not an issue. I also tried putting my LB on both of my 4TB HGST NAS drives and on an old as the hills and twice as crusty 1TB Toshiba desktop drive and it performs essentially identical with the only drive causing even slightly slower browsing being the Toshiba, which is to be expected. The long load time for BB to open initially is no big deal for me, really. I would gladly have it take minutes longer if it could just scroll smoothly. I know it is not for me to say here, since this is your baby and all that. LB seems to very rarely if ever use more than one core. Would it not be a good idea to have subsequent cores load games ahead of time instead of relying on just the one core to do it all? Also, I recall you mentioning on another thread some time ago that LB/BB has to scan through the entire library while loading metadata or images, something like that. Pre-loading ahead of time might be a good place to start. But you don't have to take my word for it... Core i5 6600K @4.5Ghz | R9380@1010Mhz | 16GB 2x8 G.Skill Ripjaw @ 3200Mhz | Windows 10 Pro X64 | Samsung850 Pro 512GB SSD | LaunchBox/BigBox 7.0-4
  14. Hey, I'm in the UK and my download speeds for anything from the LaunchBox server are REALLY slow. I'm on an 80 Mb/s connection and normally see download speeds around 8 MB/s. From the LaunchBox server it's around 40-50 KB/s, or worse it just stops downloading. When updating to the latest beta this morning, it took me around 2 hours to update and downloading a theme is saying it will take 45 minutes, twice now it's just stopped downloading (see attachment). It seems to be fine around the forums, but any downloads are super slow. Any ideas? Thanks.
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