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Found 3 results

  1. Hello everyone, I really love LaunchBox and especially Big Box, because I use my PC with a controller from the couch in my living room. However, I'm experiencing an issue. I usually launch Big Box through Steam Big Picture Mode, so I can use my Steam controller. With some emulators (CEMU for example), things are fine and dandy, but there are also a couple of emulators (for example all of the NES emulators) that lose their focus to Big Box immediately after starting a rom. Getting up and going upstairs to press ALT+TAB on my keyboard is very annoying and my remote control unfortunately does not have a TAB button... I could use a mobile app (Unified Remote) to regain focus to the emulator, but that is not ideal too. I end up just starting Big Box without Steam, and using my old Xbox 360 controller. Things work fine, then. Any ideas on how to fix this or any ideas for a workaround? Is there a way to map ALT+TAB to my controller (controller automation), like how I press two buttons at the same time to close my emulator? Thanks!
  2. Hi all, this may be more complex than a n00b question, however I wanted to post it here first as it is the first time I've asked anything on the forum (and, literally, I am a n00b to Big Box) So I finally splashed out on LB Premium, and have been impressed with how it runs (nearly!) all of my roms flawlessly, from PCSX2, to Dolphin all the way to SNES and Master System roms through RetroArch. However, I can't get any ps1 games to boot... The second I select it, the screen goes black like it is about to load, then it returns me back to BB. When I alt+tab, retroarch is indeed there, but the second I switch to it I hear the start of the PS1 boot tune then it freezes, and a window pops up saying it has stopped responding... end process etc. etc. I can get it to work fine when loading retroarch on its own... Also I can boot up any other Retroarch system through Big Box without issue. Currently, I'm running BB as a shortcut from Steam Big Picture so I can use the Steam Controller, then booting the games from there. That probably makes it more complex then I need it too, however it's the only way I can use the Steam Controller (therefore I need to use the Steam overlay as well... Which works fine in Retroarch... And seems to work fine with BB too...) Mostly I'm hoping it's something stupidly simple I've missed, another reason I've posted it here!... EDIT: Retroarch NEEDS to be in borderless fullscreen mode, in the video driver settings. Figured it out while looking for more info on using Steam Controller with Big Box... Changed thread title and added solution for anyone else as dumb as me
  3. Ok, I want a third party app, in this case, launchbox, to launch an emulator, such as Dolphin, THROUGH steam but with passing through custom command line switches to Dolphin, obviously so it can load a game normally. See, I normally use Dolphin through steam and that works perfectly but there are drawbacks. All of my ISOs are compressed 7Z archives so I have to unpack the roms I want to play so that can be a bit annoying. I have decided to try out using launch box and it has that feature to unpack the iso at runtime into a temporary spot and run the game, neat! Plus, it is really pretty and I do like it alot. I have an HDD space constraint so I can't unpack ALL my ISOs at the same time, even with the Dolphin built in compression because it is simply not good enough and it changes the ISO itself so I can never have the unmodified ISO again. I can load LB right from steam and it works and it works quite well. There are a few niggles that make me completely unwilling to make this the normal way I use Dolphin, I will explain. My EXTREMELY complicated Steam Controller config for Dolphin is not automatically loaded since it is, in fact, loading a launchbox config. Many, if not most, of my other games, are using Retroarch and still other emulators on a per system basis. These emulators do not have the exact same control setup so they would not be compatible with either the Dolphin or the Retroarch configurations. Besides, when I launch Dolphin this way it shows I am playing Launchbox and NOT Dolphin and that just bugs me SOOOO much you have no idea. Call it OCD or whatever but it just feels wrong. Ok, when you make a steam shortcut to any game, steam or non-steam, you get something that looks like this. "steam://rungameid/21090" This particular shortcut would launch F.E.A.R. and it does work for non-steam games too. I have been doing some research and if you wanted to have steam pass along command line switches to the game being launched you could add it right to the end like this "steam://rungameid/21090//-Switch1 -Switch2" and it does work but ONLY for steam games! This method will not work AT ALL for non-steam games. Depending on how you set the shortcut up, you will either get the game without the switches or it simply won't work at all. If I use a shortcut to steam.exe and then add the "-applaunch GAMEID" it will also work, but ONLY for steam games and NOT non-steam games at all! Is there a way anyone can think of that will allow me to launch LB game from steam but also be able to pass command line switches to the Dolphin game FROM the command line so LB can be my first layer? If not, I get that this is super complicated and a VERY fringe edge case here. Thing is, what grinds my gears to no end, is that with a steam game it works, perfectly well with the command line switches. It seems Valve is explicitly blocking non-steam games from having the same convenience. I have been fiddling for the last few hours on this and I simply can't get this to work at all, no matter what I do. Am I missing something here? Is loading LB from steam the only way to work it and I just have to deal? Also, I know most of you aren't going to be using the steam controller but this is absolutely a game breaker here if I can't use my SC so I will have to just deal with it if this cannot be managed. I am just hoping there are some super smart guys out there that may have some insight on this and can help out. Thank you VERY much for any assistance anyone can provide, in advance!
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