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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, Lordmonkus recommended I post this here from the reddit thread in order to troubleshoot this further: I used to have a TI-99/4A system when I was growing up along with several cartridge games. Previously I used classic99 to run these, but found out that MESS and MAME worked with it as well. I've been getting emulators set up with Launchbox, but I'm having a tough time with this particular one. Eventually I'd like to get it working with Retroarch if possible, but for now I'm working with standalone MAME first. Mame64 location: W:\Arcade\mame64\mame64.exe TI-99/4A rom folder: W:\Arcade\mame64\roms\ti99_4a.zip TI-99/4A cart folder (example: Parsec): W:\Arcade\mame64\cart\Parsec.zip mame.ini rompath line has been edited with the following: rompath roms;consoles;cart;W:\Arcade\mame64\roms When I open a command prompt, I first navigate to the W:\Arcade\mame64 directory. I then type in the following line to launch the game: mame64.exe ti99_4a -cart parsec After confirming the command line worked, my next step was to try and get this imported into Launchbox. I go to Tools->Import->ROM Files... After selecting the zip file for Parsec and selecting Texas Instruments TI 99/4A for the platform, I'm then asked to select an emulator. I decided to create a new one and just call it MAMETI99. This is what the Emulator Details tab looks like (see attached screenshot): Emulator Name: MAMETI99 Emulator Application Path: ..\Arcade\mame64\mame64.exe Default Command-Line Parameters: ti99_4a -cart None of the checkboxes are checkmarked. Sample Command: mame64.exe ti99_4a -cart "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" The Associated Platforms tab only shows one associated platform: Texas Instruments TI 99/4A and it is checkmarked as the Default Emulator (see attached screenshot). On the next screen I choose to "Use the files in their current location" and then click next for the rest of the screens leaving them to their defaults. When I try launching Parsec, Launchbox shows the game loading screen but the emulator itself never loads before the process closes and I return to the Launchbox menu. Thinking that it might be the rompath that was the issue, I then checkmarked the following in Emulator Details: - Don't use quotes (primarily for Project64 1.6 and lower) - Use file name only without file extension or folder path (Sega Model 2 Emulator, etc. compatibility) Which changed the Sample Command to: mame64.exe ti99_4a -cart File However, the issue is persisting. One thing I did notice is in the command line method, I can't use "W:\Arcade\mame64\mame64.exe" on the root of the W:\ drive in the command prompt otherwise it complains "Fatal error: Required files are missing". Is there a way to get the TI-99/4A configuration with MAME working on Launchbox?
  2. Shades2585

    TI-99/4a Games database.

    As we have very few TI-99/4a games I found a database with all of them. https://www.videogamehouse.net/gamemain.html I hope this helps someone to update that section. Sincerely, Shades
  3. Has anyone been able to emulate the TI-99/4a with the voice synthesizer and have LaunchBox launch it in fullscreen mode? If so, what emulator are you using? I have the TI-99/4a emulated in MAME but I'm unable to get the voice synthesizer to work. I believe I have the voice synthesizer rom file in the right directory but none of the games that I've tried, that use the synthesizer, are outputting any speech. I'm starting to think that it's not possible to use the voice synthesizer under MAME 0.184.