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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am having some difficulties with getting my X-Arcade Tankstick to work in BigBox. I have not long converted from Hyperspin, where the X-Arcade was self explanatory and a breeze. Though, unfortunately I am not finding it so here. I have gone to BigBox > Options > Controller > and ticked "Enable Game Controllers" and "Use All Controllers". Where it says "Device:" there is nothing there. Is that because these options only apply to an actual game-pad controller instead of the X-Arcade which is mapped as a keyboard? If so, does that mean in the options I do not wor
  2. Admittedly stressing the program pretty hard, since I'm loading entire system libraries into it, but is there any way to cut down on the amount of disk usage and memory the program uses with large libraries? I'm assuming changing to list view would help a bit but anything else that I might have missed?
  3. Launchbox 11.3 got released on 8/24. My launchbox is not finding the update. Anybody else having the same problem ? Any Ideas how to get launchbox to update ? Tools/Help check for updates does not find it
  4. Hey all. Recently I've ran into a problem while trying to import games with my selection of images. Right after the game finishes importing, an error shows up: The message reads : An error occurred while attempting to search the local metadata database for ROM file: C:\LaunchBox/Games/Nintendo 64/Super Mario 64 (USA).z64 After keeping the imported games despite the error message, the game shows up without any type of image. Then for a second route, which is trying to search the LocalDB through the imported game, this shows up: Even AFTER the game title was named corre
  5. So far MAME is the only emulator I'm using outside of RetroArch. With every RA core the BigBox pause menu opens just fine but with MAME it will pause the game but not present the Pause Menu. In LaunchBox it works perfectly so it's something specific to BigBox or maybe the COLORFUL theme I'm using, right? Had a look around but didn't see any posts with this specific version of pause menu problems. Appreciate any suggestions, I'm still new with LB, and BB especially.
  6. Watched and followed your tutorial to set up Atomiswave and Naomi using Reicast...first issue, there no longer is a Reicast core, only the Flycast cores, tried different approaches and setups to no avail....updated and downloaded latest retroarch cores...tried the Demure emulator as last ditch effort after 6/7 hours...read 2 hours worth of post, mostly from 3 or 4 years ago... And the correct bios was installed. Would really appreciate some help. Thanks.
  7. Transfered Launchbox build over to 2tb ssd. Original build is still on hard drive. Watched the video on how to autostart launchbox , which works fine using the hard drive but won't let me use the exe file from the Ssd. How is this accomplished? Will I have to boot directly from external ssd, or is there a way to do this from within windows? Thanks.
  8. In Bigbox, the music will autoplay for some titles and not others. This is despite the fact Bigbox clearly finds the music successfully. Videos of said behaviour: *Edit: I first show the music plays in Launchbox. Then I move into Bigbox and show the music doesn't auto play despite Bigbox finding the music successfully when I click the "Play Music" for a given title.* Picture of my Bigbox sound settings and log file are attached. I am using the latest version of Launchbox. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Debug 2
  9. Hi there everyone, I am trying to run Big Box and open a game but whenever Retroarch opens, my bigbox starts to lock itself in front of everything. I can't get to the retroarch screen which is really annoying. I run Bigbox in fullscreen mode for anyone wondering. I tried some stuff already but that didn't work either. If anyone could help me, that would be great.
  10. Any time I try pressing a game on launchbox it says initializing and for some games it goes into machine loading up to about 50% then just closes. The tab just closes there is no error, I was previously having a problem where it said fatal error required files are missing the machine cannot be run. However, the problem has changed to not showing anything. The games also do not work on MAME itself. I've looked through different forums about the same question, but their solutions weren't working for me. I've tried editing the rom path on mame.ini. Thanks, for any help.
  11. (Forgive any formatting issues, it's my first time posting here.) Hi there, recently I have been having some weird and frustrating issues with both LaunchBox and BigBox. Launchbox itself works perfectly, however it immediately freezes whenever I try to go to options. BigBox, however, I can hardly get to launch. I see the splash screen and it just sits there. Any clicks on it and it will show up as not responding, in the task manager it starts at ~27% then almost immediately drops to 0% CPU while the whole time still using almost 1GB RAM. If I just leave it alone it takes roughly 10 minute
  12. I have tried installing it three times with and without admin privileges on my computer and it throws the same error message each time I try to start it for the first time both the auto start after install and manual through the shortcut and the .exe file. here is the error message. (Inner Exception) (Inner Exception) Could not load file or assembly 'System.Collections, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified. App: LaunchBox Version: 9.9 Type: System.IO.FileNotFo
  13. Playing around with my VR headset, trying to find out is it is possible to link ReShade and Depth3D to display in 3D on VR headset. I know Cemu emulator works well with Depth3d but can i link to Launchbox to render all emulators in SBS simultaneously? Or must i link each emulator seperately?
  14. Long story short, I've been trying for ages to get a set of games to run and I have mot been successful, I try to run them, they start, and it crashes. The games that crash are Goku Parodius Sexy Parodius X-Men (Konami) Bucky O Hare Theres also Simpsons but that runs in FB Alpha Note that I picked and choose the games cause the full romset download is 13 Gb and i don't have any external storage yet. Im running these via RetroArch and the MAME 2003 Core, cause my Surface Tablet system can't handle the strong versions, with a 0.78 Romset. Th
  15. I spent the morning setting up Rpcs3 with the intent of playing demon's Souls When the game started up the audio would skip for a half second about every 2-4 seconds The audio skipping wasn't horrible so I just ignored it... but once I got into the game this is what I saw as you can see the gui works fine but you cant actually see anything in game. The game is running fine my character responds to all controller inputs, I just cant see anything. here are my settings If anyone knows the reason for the problem any help would be appreciated
  16. Hi i could not log into my Launchbox account today through Launchbox so i tried the reset password option. However i got an email back saying that this email is not registered on our database im thinking how could this happen? The only thing i can think of is that i signed into my launchbox on my other pc just to set up a couple systems in the bedroom would that be the cause ? any help would be greatly appriciated guys Thanks
  17. LaunchBox Version 7.9 running on Windows 7 Ultimate x64 I receive the error message every time I open LaunchBox after I have added my MAME rom collection. I have repeated the same process twice. 1.Install MAME 0.185 in LaunchBox. 2.Launch BigBox 3.Play games and have fun 4. Close BigBox/Launchbox 5. Reopen LaunchBox or BigBox and receive corruption errors. The error is as follows: "The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable. App: LaunchBox Version: 7.9 Type: System.IO.IOException Site: Void WinIOError(Int32, System.String) Source: mscorlib at System.IO.__Error.W
  18. On 7.8 beta 7, I seem to be having issues with adding two auto populate fields in one playlist. You see, I'm trying to create an auto populating playlist called "90's Games" that contains games released between 1/1/1990 and 12/31/1999. I've been trying to do this by having one field that lists games with the release date being "on or after" 1/1/1990 and another field that lists games released "on or before" 12/31/1999. Whenever I save the playlist with both of these two fields entered, It lists almost every single game in my LaunchBox library that has a release date in it's metadata at on
  19. I'm running into issues where when I stop either LB or BB it is coming to a point where it crashes because it is trying to create a path to E:\Emulators\LaunchBox\Music\Platform (I put the generic platform because I've seen the issue now with two different platforms in the error message the issue is this tablet only has two drives C and D so of course the program trying to install anything to an E drive will cause an issue I perfectly understand that. I've used NotePad++ and opened every XML in LB folder and can't find anything looking for any type of E; path so this error is so weird.
  20. Hi, Here's what I';m using: LaunchBox 7.7 RetroArch 1.4.1 x64 Windows 10 x64 Issue: After importing ROMs across various systems, some of these systems fail to launch RetroArch correctly. For example, the Sega Genesis ROMs all work fine using the retroarch option. However, SNES ROMs, NeoGeo and a few others all fail. The symptom of the failure is a brief screen flicker (milliseconds) and then... nothing! Nothing launches. No Error messages. This is what the configuration should be translating to as a command line launch command.: E:\EMU\RetroArch>retroa
  21. Greetings all! I am finally back into the emulator scene after being out of it for years! I stumbled on to bigbox in my research and I'm in retro heaven! A few of my games have glitched out background music that plays when the game is highlighted in bigbox or launchbox and it is loud and horrible! Is there a way to re-scrape just the music file or at least disable it on the few games with the bad music file. It really takes you out of the experience! I tried right clicking on the game and selecting edit but I didn't see any setting on the music file. Thank you so much for any guidance.
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