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Found 22 results

  1. I have made a quick tutorial on how to make 3D PC/Windows Game Cases (as requested) in Photoshop. I have been told the Action File also works in Elements. Any size cover can be used as long as they are full size covers (not Just the front of a cover). Please note that Because the action file is expecting to save to my directory on my PC changing the save location in both parts of the Action file may be necessary. The Action file is attached. PC DVD BOXES.atn
  2. Description: Tables for Pinball FX2 on Steam are treated similarly to DLC for other games. Therefore, the tables do not have their own launchers in Steam, and are chosen after starting up the main game. However, the following will describe how you can enter each Pinball FX2 table as an individual game in LaunchBox. Note: You may need to get a code from Zen Studios to enable command line support with Pinball FX2. There is a link within the game that will send you to the appropriate form, or you can go to it directly, here: https://blog.ze
  3. I had posted some instructions on this a while back but realized this is probably worth posting into a separate tutorial thread for future reference rather than leaving buried in another random thread. ParaJVE is a Vectrex emulator with built-in bezels and screen overlays, which are really necessary to get the whole Vectrex experience: Setting these up in LB could be a bit of a pain because in order for specific games to be launched via command-line, the appropriate game name had to be sent for each one via -game=[the game title] So I extracted all the names of the game tit
  4. UPDATE: In order for CDi emulation to continue working, you need to get the updated cdimono1 bios file from mame. It was updated some time ago and CDi emulation on newer mame versions without the updated bios file is broken. This has been quite the ordeal, but I finally got it working, so I thought I'd share what I found out. There is some conflicting information online, so it took me a while to figure it all out. I found this discussion / tutorial written by people far more capable than me. My tutorial is based on that. I just wanted to write a more comprehensive tutorial and give
  5. Retroarch Version: 1.3.6 Mame Core: MAME 0.174 (The core labeled Arcade (MAME) in the Core Updater) Steps: Open Retroarch and pull up the Main Menu (Press F1 if you are in-game). Load the Mame Core if it is not already loaded (check the bottom left of the screen for the currently loaded core). Navigate to Main Menu -> Quick Menu -> Options. In the Options menu, turn ON the following options (Image 1): Hide nag screen Hide gameinfo screen Hide warnings screen
  6. There is one prerequisite to playing Atari5200 games via emulator – and that’s the BIOS file. This ROM file can be found floating around the web, so it is up to you to obtain this file. It’s not too hard to find. Next up, we need to get an emulator that can make this all happen. One such emulator is Kat5200. This can be googled Now, you need to find a nice convenient place on your hard drive and create a folder for all of your Atari 5200 needs. In that folder, create a folder for all of your ROM images and another for the Kat5200 emulator. Now (assuming you downloaded the binaries ar
  7. ¡Qué tal! Muchos solicitan ayuda en español, por lo que estoy dispuesto a echarle la mano a quien no sepa algo siempre y cuando yo sepa acerca de ello. En esta ocasión veremos un problema normal: ¿Cómo añado un emulador que no está en la lista de LaunchBox? ¡Simple! Primeramente, nos dirigimos a la pestaña "Herramientas", y luego a "Gestionar Emuladores". Nos mostrará la lista de emuladores que tengamos vinculados. A continuación, seleccionamos "Añadir". Vamos a "Nombre del Emulador", y escribimos el nombre, en mi caso, DesMuMe, el cual us
  8. Most importantly, I got the idea from FASM's topic posted a while back so a lot of this credit goes to him/her. However, I noticed it only halfway functioned and didn't really do what I wanted it to. An excellent start though! I have created a video with the tutorial in the description over at but for those who just want to get into it, here as follow. TUTORIAL FULLSCREEN MANUAL SUPPORT, BIGBOX Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/hzgyg8awfbzd8dn/SumatraPDF.exe and get Sumatra PDF. Go here http://www.mediafire.com/file/dnb7v7wdfwl31ue/Chrono+Trigger.pdf an
  9. Requested tutorial last week sorry it took so long to make it... included is exclusive Nox App PLayer PDF user guide 1. you will need one or 2 programs #XPadder or #JoyToKey for this tut I am using Xpadder because I have a wireless xbox 360 controller use whichever you prefer... Make sure the controller is plugged in and turned on... lol 2. Open any game of your choice inside of Nox 3. click the option in left panel that looks like a joystick called #controller configuration 4. if your device not there click refresh until it appears then hit connect...
  10. I have worked through the tutorials on YouTube for theme creation but cannot add an animated gif to the theme I am making. despite several attempts I cannot get the animated gif to work. I have added the required line to the user control section on the view. With this line in place it will then accept and recognise the <image gif: tag. However, when I try putting image behavior after the tag it is not recognised as a valid property and neither is animated source. With these in place I get an error notification and the view does not load. Any ideas what I am doing
  11. It took a little investigating to find a pdf viewer that supported both full-screen [upon opening] and a minimal footprint (sorry new Foxit reader versions). It turns out SumatraPDF does all of this with a few quick settings to set. Download (installer / portable zip , 32-bit / 64-bit ) I used the portable version. Put it somewhere you don't mind making it's permanent home. Run it once to create the necessary settings config file. Open the SumatraPDF-settings plain-text config file. Ensure the following settings are set: Set
  12. Hi im a newbie and have got my heard round most things and have bought a mic to use the voice feature so i can say opn ps2 etc, however i cant get this to work and cant find any tutorials! I have ticked the box saying activate and it says it has activated but what next? what settings? I have tried everything!! The mic works and has been tested on windows 7 and is calibrated but what now!! Thanks guys for any help at all, i really want to integrate the voice recognition feature!!! Thanks again folks
  13. I know there are videos out there already but most of them are un clear so I did my own version. 1. first open up Dolphin emu and select a game you wish to add AR codes to 2. once you have the game right click and select properties 3. select 3rd box inside properties which is AR Codes 4. quite a few games come preloaded with AR Codes but for those that don't you can add your own. 5. click the add button botton right corner of box. 6. make sure what ever code you add is correct or dolphin will prompt you the code is incorrect. 7. once you have everything adde
  14. After an "argument" in the launchbox discord, i did some googlefu and found out that dosbox daum has the option to mount zip files. @Zombeaver promptly tested if it worked properly and surprisingly it does So here is a guide on how to run zipped DOS-Games. Download DOSBOX Daum from http://ykhwong.x-y.net Unzip (DOSBOX Daum, not yourself) Make 2 folders in the unpacked dosbox named "Data" and "Games" Copy your Games in .ZIP format into the games folder Start dosbox and type: "mount c Data:Games\YOURGAME.ZIP:/" replace YOURGAME.ZIP with your zipped game na
  15. Here is a guide to setup the ROM Collection Browser on your Kodi device. Before doing this you need: Emulator on your device/computer ROMs Without the above this guide is useless, but I will presume you have them as that is why you have landed on this page. The ROM Collection Browser is, as the name suggests, just a browser. It scans your ROM library and allows you to pick which ROM you want to launch in your external emulator. First we need to add some sources to your Kodi File Manager. These are local sources for your Emulator and your ROMs. If they are located in the sa
  16. I created a tutorial for LaunchBox, for me it was pretty easy to learn, but just in case for others (I have lots of skill in stuff like this) Sorry for my annoying voice, I am pretty young DESCRIPTION Hey guys! Today I made a tutorial on how to use a program called LaunchBox! It is my first tutorial so don't judge! Sorry for blocking the Bandicam watermark with black bars ~------------------------------------MUSIC------------------------------------~ Gusty Garden Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy Owned
  17. I was following the tutorial found here but when I went to try open Super Mario World it just cycled through a bunch of background images. What did I do wrong?
  18. Name: Amiga CD32 + WinUAE + Launcbox Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-09-05 Submitter: locvez Hi folks, I have created a small, basic tutorial that shows how to setup WinUAE to run cd32 games and integrate into launchbox. I used the freely available TOSEC set on the internet archive library to test games I own and they come in a lovely zip file which I extracted to their own folders giving .cue and .bin files. Setup WinUAE, pull the .cue's into launchbox, and enjoy! Criticism of the video welcome, it is my first ever upload, t
  19. Name: Retroarch CD Systems Tutorial Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-12 Submitter: lordmonkus Retroarch CD Systems Tutorial
  20. Name: Mednafen Saturn Setup Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-12 Submitter: lordmonkus Mednafen Saturn Setup
  21. Name: Emulating the SNES - How to Set Up Retroarch for Beginners - LaunchBox Tutorials [Updated Tutorial] Category: Tutorials Date Added: 2016-08-11 Submitter: SentaiBrad Today's tutorial is back to basics so that everyone of any skill level can utilize this tutorial and learn how to get SNES up and running and how to set up RetroArch through LaunchBox. I cover importing your SNES games, adding RetroArch to the emulators list, updating RetroArch if you already have it, setting the core in RetroArch, some basic settings like adding and using a PS4 controller with InputMa
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