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  1. I have two Ultimarc UltraStik360's for my arcade cabinet running Launchbox via Windows 10. They were working fine on my machine until I installed a rumble driver for a Voyee USB Game Cube style controller. Once I did that, Windows no longer saw the two UltraStick's. They stopped showing up in the Device Manager. I also went onto UltraMap and it read as "Not Plugged in." One thing is I also have the UltraStick Flight Stick. That has not run into any issues. It's still seen and works. I figured something must have happened to the drivers of the UltraStik joysticks. I uninstalled the Voyee rumble driver hoping that would bring them back. But still same issue. In my next step I then unplugged the two non-working UltraStiks, uninstalled UltraMap, then reinstalled Ultramap, rebooted and then plugged one of the two non working joysticks in. Nothing happened. I'm still having the same issue. The UltraStik Flight Stick still works. Wondering if someone might have any insight.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a list of UGC files I created with a script I wrote to parse the MAME 0.195 XML file and scrape out the controls information. There over 9200 UGC files. You may not have all the games, but since they are tiny files, they don't take up much space. Or just delete what you don't want. For those anal people. Here is the contents of the ReadMe.txt file that is included.
  3. UltraMap UGC Files (9200+) View File Here is a list of UGC files I created with a script I wrote to parse the MAME 0.195 XML file and scrape out the controls information. There over 9200 UGC files. You may not have all the games, but since they are tiny files, they don't take up much space. Or just delete what you don't want. For those anal people. Here is the contents of the ReadMe.txt file that is included. Submitter dbinott Submitted 03/21/2018 Category Third-party Apps and Plugins
  4. Ultimarc iPac 2 not showing up in launchbox game controller pull down menu I'm not able to assign mappings to control launchbox or big box however it does show up in win10 under devices and will work once mame is running. Any help is greatly appreciated. PS. I'm a registered LB/BB user
  5. I am redoing my bar top and got a new ipac ultimate. It’s set up fine in winipac2, but when I got to bigbox to configure the mappings, no button presses are acknowledged. anyone have any insight ?
  6. Hello all. I have a question about games that will not allow you to map 2 players to a single keyboard. Games like Street-fighter 4-5, Mortal Kombat x, Injustice, the new KI, etc...will not allow you to map you more than one player to a single keyboard. Why that is, I'm not sure. It really sucks when you see the Steam sales coming and you buy a slew of new 2d fighters just to find that you aren't allowed to play it on your arcade setup. I'm sure that there is some kind of program out that will help you by tricking the program into thinking you have joysticks attached, but could you not just plug in two cheap keyboards to your emulating Pc and have it see them both independently ( V-joy i think it's called...but i hear it's a mess to set up )? So with my new 4-player cabinet I'm building, it has a 42" lcd inside. With this, i want to add new fighters and take advantage of the higher resolutions available. Without a way to do this mapping though, that would make this impossible. Besides dreading setting up the two light guns i want to install and setting up Dragons lair...this seems like it will be the 1'st in line for hair pulling moments. Any help on this would be great guys. Thanks everyone!
  7. So ive been chipping away at this little project for a few years now and I think its almost done. All work besides painting has been done by me. Gutted a Sega Super Megalo 2 and made it shorter so it can fit through a door and function in a living room. Was a fair bit of welding and fiberglass work but came up sweet. In my opinion its one of if not the best machines to play on. Its big and heavy but there's plenty of room between both players, everything is exactly the same so its always a fair fight, Sanwa JLF joysticks with QanBa round gates, heavy springs, short stick and alloy bat-top. Ends up the same height as a stock JLF ball-top but that nice batty feel HBFS30 buttons all around, easily one of the best buttons ever made, no idea why they went under but I'm glad I stocked up when I did. The smaller buttons are IP67 rated buttons, they'll last forever, nice firm feel. The missile switches are covering I-Pac controls for EXIT RESET SAVE LOAD When each emulator loads in Launchbox I run an autohotkey string that on-the-fly programs the I-Pac to suit the emulators mappings. Having this centre control panel across emulators is awesome. The control panel when running emulators is hooked up to a hacked up PS2 controller that ive added HDMI breakouts to to make changing from console to emulator easier. The hacked ps2 controller plugs into a Blissbox 4-play unit. Same goes for both players. If I want to use a different controller I have to open the control panel, unplug the hacked ps2 controller from the Blissbox and then plug in whatever controller I wish. I tried using a HDMI switch to make this simpler but to no avail. Players 3 and 4 can just plug straight into their HDMI ports, hit the ports reset if needed and play. The 4play is basically 4 "Virtual" controllers in a hardware form. You map the four controllers to all your emulators, then when you want to change controllers per game Blissbox does all the hardware mapping and compatibility for you. It supports force feedback also, and even pauses most emulators when changing controllers. To be able to play streetfighter on MAME one minute, then have friends walk through the door and plug in 4 Gamecube controllers and switch to Mario Kart 64 with proper feedback and analogue inputs is bliss. When running on consoles the control panels HDMI lead is plugged into a ps360+ or Brooks adapter. I guess what ive made here is pretty much one big 2/4 player controller that can use ANY console controller (pre Xbox) and also be used on ANY console to date. It could also take down a tank. http://forum.arcadeotaku.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5250
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