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Found 13 results

  1. Hey everyone! I was goofing around in Big Box just a bit ago when I remembered that the 9.6 update came out. I opened Launchbox and downloaded it, ready to get some new themes in Big Box. Unfortunately, when I open Big Box, after the splash logo shows the screen goes black. I can still navigate and hear my movements through the menus. Sometimes I can get a super low res image of some game's art to show on the screen. The problem is that the menu does not display on my Dell LCD running at 1920x1080. Thanks in advance for your help, if you need any other info just let me know!
  2. Hi mates - Thankyou in advance for examining my issue, I really appreciate it. After the most recent update (beta 15) the mouse became sticky and laggy intermittently when using desktop mode. With a few days Desktop mode and Next mode ceased working altogether although Big Box worked perfectly, I decided to roll back to 8.3 and thankfully I am up and running again but unfortunately the mouse lag issue has persisted. This fault is unique to this program as I have not experienced it elsewhere. Needless to say any help solving these issues would be truly wonderful - cheers.
  3. If anyone could help me with a quick question on my plugin download page, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm the author of the "SteamLauncher" plugin, and I just spent the last hour trying to help a user with an issue he was having with my plugin. I finally figured out what the problem was, and it had nothing to do with my plugin, and was quite unexpected. After the Steam client updated, I had to make some changes to my plugin to maintain compatibility, so I uploaded an updated version (v0.9.0.1). The problem is, the main "Download" button on the plugin page still downloads the old version of the plugin, which for all intents and purposes is totally non-functional now. Although a link to the updated version of the plugin is available at the bottom of the plugin page, most people by default are just going to click the download button and not pay attention to anything else. Am I doing something wrong here, and if so, how do I change the version that the download button points to. If I'm not doing anything wrong, is there some way to fix this? Thanks!
  4. So, presently I am using MAME64 v. 191. I saw that 193 just came out over the holidays and I wanted to move to the newest version of the emulator, but at the same time I want to keep all the configurations I have done to my version of MAME. I also like my current UI okay, but can't seem to find the same UI for 193. Can anybody help? Just to clarify, I included a screenshot showing how my current UI is for MAME, in case it has a special name I am not aware of (From my understanding MAMEUI64 is different).
  5. Hello. I am using the free version of LaunchBox 7.10 as a frontend for classic games. However, when I downloaded and installed this version of LaunchBox, opened it, and then closed it, the next time I opened the application, it forcibly installed an update to the newest version (version 7.16). I would like to keep using version 7.10 without any updates being forcibly installed. Is there any way to disable auto-updates such as these? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. well I have the version of launch box 1.7.14 and I have a problem the metadata of the database is not updated when I give it the task of updating metadata and images and when I do it manually they are not updated either but if I go to the page of the data of the game in gamesdb are the metadata that is missing in the video game
  7. Hi! Today i purchased the 1 year licence for Launchbox premium. (For 10$) in black friday. Someone knows if i wait to the next black friday, i can purchase the "Forever-update license" ? (Because you save 10$ in this way (10$+20$ = 30$ for a forever license) Or this doesn´t works... Thanks in advance!
  8. im getting an error while prompted to update launchbox An error occured while trying to rename a file in the destination directory: MoveFile failed; code 183 Cannot create a file when that file already exists. Help Please
  9. Back again with another issue. BigBox had been working great for me lately and I have now realized it was because I had not updated it in a while due to there having been no new Betas for a while. A new Beta was released yesterday and as soon as I updated all cover flow images had to load again and if I go to the "Force Populate" option in the menu it starts from scratch where before the update it was it was showing a quick green loading screen since everything was populated. I realize now this has been a major problem for me for a long time so Is this a known issue? it would suck if I had to constantly repopulate after every update as I have a massive library and I have to leave BigBox populating over night.....
  10. I got a true noob question. What's the best way to update launch box/ Big Box to the newest version? I paid for the big box upgrade. Thank you.
  11. Hello good afternoon! In my case I have 2 devices with LaunchBox, however I wanted to do the following: -> When I update one, where I put a ROM I can copy "only" the files it needs for this, since my folder has 80GB total, and copying from one place to another all the time is very time consuming. Example: In the External HD I put 2 roms of PS1, and when I get home to copy only those 2 roms and the files that I need for the LaunchBox to recognize what I did in the External HD. No need to copy everything again. Thank you
  12. Just wanted to stop in and give credit where it's do, first off this is an amazing forum and community and the admins are beast at response times and assistance always! The work you all are doing here is beyond and Brad personal shot for all your dedicated hard work and compassion you put forth in all this. Congrats on updating to 7.7 I am now adding Dos games thanks to another one of Brad;s awesome video tuts. Even if I never get commodore 64 working lol I am quite proud of the setup I have thus far [video demo coming soon] Launchbox/Big Box are 2 of the most iconic creations in the gaming world hands down! [wipes drool] I hate to say this has taken over my entire life... I mean if I didn't work from home I would be in retro-gaming withdrawal elsewhere... My fiance though gets no-more of my attention she is quite understanding at what I am trying to accomplish! Again amazing job, thank you all for all that you do, contribute, create, assist with etc. I will make some themes as soon as I can catch my breath!
  13. Hi, When I am using the Scan for Added Roms functionality after copyng files in the right directories (ie where theother roms for the concerned platform are already stored), Launchbox do no detect any new rom. The Scan for Removed ROMs function is working as intended but this one don't. I'm forced to make an "Import" then specify the folder one more time, etc. Am I missing something here ? thx
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