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Found 11 results

  1. Hello, I'm trying to use an EG Starts joystick to navigate through Big Box, but Big Box does not recognize my joystick inputs when attempting to map inputs. Big Box recognizes all of my arcade buttons and keyboard, just not the joystick. The arcade buttons and joystick are all plugged into the same board, which is then connected to a Windows 10 PC via USB. The driver is installed correctly since all of my emulators recognize the joystick when mapping controls and I'm able to play games just fine. It's just Big Box that doesn't recognize the joystick inputs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm also open to acquiring different joysticks that are known to work with Big Box if needed. Thanks!
  2. Hey, I've been using this program for a while, and LOVE the heck out of it. I have had a sort of odd experience, though. The drive I had my setup on was getting corrupted, I moved the setup to a different drive, and now the program just refuses to start. Any ideas will be useful. More info provided as needed. Almost forgot: I created a blank install of the program in the same directory I placed the one that's crashing, and that one works fine. EDIT: I figured out the issue, the executable files were damaged. I overwrote them with good files, and everything works. Now to get on to trying to get it to be the way I want (I had edited it a lot, and lost the place where it felt 'right').
  3. Hello! I've been using LaunchBox for about 2 years now, ever since I finished my MAME cabinet. I never had an issue until the 9.x update. I am currently on the latest version. I am running MAME 0.203. Ever since updating, I always have an issue launching my first game. For example, I'll click on Street Fighter 2 in Big Box mode. 9 times out of 10 it will start correctly flashing the buttons and speak its commands (LEDBlinky) and everything will go well. But then the game will never start. I will either get a black screen, or it will get stuck at the first screen where MAME tells you the info like screen res and such. I always have to force close Big Box and then start it up again, and then everything works fine. Obviously this is a pretty big issue because my young children want to play it sometimes when I am not home and it's not easy explaining to them or my wife how to force close a program and then open it again, especially with arcade controls. Does anybody know what changed from 8.x to 9.x that is causing this? I doubt it's my computer as it's an i7 @ 4.0ghz with 12GB of RAM and an SSD. And this issue did not exist with 8.X for me. I disabled "show loading screen" but that didn't seem to fix it. I even have issues sometimes when I exit games, where I exit and it takes forever and I have to force exit (kill Big Box then open it again), though this exiting issue is a lot less common than the startup one. I am running Windows 10 Pro. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  4. This is a video of my Mortal Kombat Trilogy setup running on windows 10 using a pair of XBox One Controllers I'm using BigBox as a frontend. The main advantage of using this version of MKT is the lack of load times which I feel breaks up the fun of the game. Getting this running is quite a long process and would take a while to write but if anyone is interested I will include instructions if asked. Please do not ask me where to get the CD for the game.
  5. Hi there, I recently discovered LaunchBox and was really excited about it. Unfortunately, I'm not able to install it as the installer says I first have to install .NET Framework 4.7. But no matter if I try to over the LaunchBox installer or manually, the installation fails. The fact is, that this should actually be no surprise as I currently have Windows 10 Pro 1803 (April 2018 Update) in which .Net Framework 4.7 is already installed. Nevertheless under "Turn windows features on or off" I additionally ticked and thus installed the whole ".NET Framework 4.7 Advanced Services" but no change: the LaunchBox installer still wants me to install .NET Framework 4.7. Is there a way to solve this issue?
  6. This is my setup for Wipeout XL on my windows 10 PC. To get this working takes a while and would take a while for me to write, but I will explain if anyone wants to know. (The game runs much smoother than captured). Please do not ask me where to get the cd for the game.
  7. Hi, I'm fairly new to the whole arcade/emu scene but I was wondering what the best windows version is for running launchbox and emu's? Windows 7 or 10? I'm currently running win7 on: Asus H81M-K motherboard Intel Pentium G3258 - 3.2 GHz 8GB ram Palit GeForce GTX 750Ti StormX OC (2GB GDDR5) 22'' Ilyama lcd Monitor 128gb ssd (windows) and 2TB hdd for roms/emu/bigbox/... Also had some BigBox performance issues but turned out it was the BigCouch Theme that was causing troubles for me. Now using the new CityHunter Theme which mostly runs real smooth. Although sometimes it totally freezes at least thats what it looks like, when I hit the windows key on the keyboard and then back into to BigBox it works again. Maybe the following question is for this forum although all of you must have a ton of experience . MAME runs fine with most games but when playing Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat or even Final Fight it performs poorly. It runs around 70% and audio stutters. I'm only getting it to run around 100% by enabling "auto skip frames", audio improves but still not great. Does anybody has any advise for me? Many Thanks, newbie Kevin
  8. I have all of my systems setup and running great! Mame, Consoles, Steam etc. However, I cannot get the new KI to import. Also, because it's a Microsoft store game, I can't find the .exe to create a shortcut. It can't be this difficult! lol, I'm not a complete noob... Any advice you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated. Also, I searched for the folders and did find a killerinstinct folder buried in appdata\local\packages... but there was no .exe. Double also, I'm using win10 Thanks for taking the time to read/reply, Jmog
  9. So I just went premium, and I'll be setting up an HTPC in March. I've been doing some experimenting with my lower end laptop with BigBox and was able to experimentally get N64 and SNES setup (via retroarch), and also configured it to launch Plex Media Player(which works beautifully). So to solidify BigBox as my frontend, I need to know if it works with an IR Remote control for navigation. If so, is it natively setup or does it require additional configuration? I will be using a Harmony 890 remote for general navigation (with USB IR adapter for PC & RF extender), but be using adapters and native controllers for each emulator (N64 controllers for N64, GameCube for GameCube, etc). And as an extra question: Is there a way to make BigBox execute at windows startup? (I plan on running windows 10 on this box).
  10. Hi everyone, I´ve bought a Teclast X98 Plus II (product link here). The Specs are really awesome, quad core, 4 gb ram, 64 gb, dual boot (Android+Windows 10). The tablet goes really good, in fact Mame runs pretty smooth but BigBox Launcher works really really slow; by now, i prefer even not to use it. Has anybody prove BigBox in Windows 10 Tablet? Something? Welcome any help
  11. I'll start by stating that I did indeed search and wasn't able to find info on this topic. I apologize if it exists. Issue Wireless Xbox One controllers in Windows 10 stop working in some emulators after a reboot or if controllers are powered off and back on. Steps to Reproduce Connect wireless Xbox One controllers to Windows 10 and verify they work. I connected 4 of them and verified they work via the Windows 10 game controller control panel app. Open each emulator, map controls for each controller, and test by launching a game. Reboot Windows 10, connect controllers, and attempt to play a game in each emulator. Details Dolphin had this issue as well as MAME and either Nestopia or SNES9x (can't remember). My best guess is that Windows 10 assigns some sort of unique device ID to a Wireless Xbox One controller every time it is connected. When configuring the controllers within each emulator they seem to be referencing these controllers as expected; Joy(0), Joy(1), Joy(2), Joy(3). Whether I use 1 controller, or 4, they are always the same 4 controllers so it wouldn't really matter to me which one becomes Joy(0), Joy(1), etc because I could just try each one until I determine which controller is player 1. Unfortunately something is happening that causes the controllers to not respond at all. It is as if they are not configured in the emulators anymore. Re-configuring them works so I assume these controllers just appear to the emulators as a device they have never seen before. Question How can I maintain the controller configuration for these controllers between connections and reboots? Thank you in advance to all who can shed some light on this. (I am using Launchbox and it is awesome but it does not pertain to this issue) My Emulators Nestopia UE 1.47 SNES9x 1.53 Project64 2.3 Dolphin 5.0 MAME 0.175
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