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If you change the default platform clear logos then that will change them for all themes (unless there are already platform clear logos in that theme folder).

I only ever add platform clear logos to the themes I want them in...so..... C:\Users\computername\LaunchBox\Themes\Rincewind\Images\Platforms\Clear Logo

But if you wanted custom Game Clear logos then yes the only way is to overwrite the old clear logos :) 

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i wish you could have Theme Specific GAME clear logos similar to how you can create Theme specific Platform Clear Logos, oh well.....

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@Grila do you know if its possible to place the uppercase converter on the.

<transitions:TransitionPresenter  TransitionSelector="{Binding ListTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ListView}"  />

I've tried:

<transitions:TransitionPresenter  TransitionSelector="{Binding ListTransitionSelector}" Content="{Binding ListView, Converter={StaticResource TextTransformUppercase}}"  />

<transitions:TransitionPresenter  TransitionSelector="{Binding ListTransitionSelector, Converter={StaticResource TextTransformUppercase}}" Content="{Binding ListView}"  />


Edit worked it out

Edited by wallmachine

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