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Hardware 'Wish List' Topic (starting off with a 32:9 Aspect Ratio monitor!)

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Well, the PS4 Slim (500GB) w/Uncharted 4 is $249 on Amazon today, so I might go for it. 

Yeah that looks a lot nicer then my setup I only have 2 monitors that match. For some reason the forum displays the pic rotated if you click on it it displays properly

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That's the thing about data growth its exponential so at the moment I wouldn't need an alphabet but when PS3, OG and 360 XBox all become available we are all going to start needing some bigger drives if we are going to want to have extensive libraries for those systems

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47 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Do I look like I am made of money or something, gawd. LOL.

Well, the now 'pee-wee' 15.36TB Samsung SSD is 10-grand (it's currently shipping), so 60TB is gonna be up there - Hmmm..., times 4 (for your RAID 10 setup) is...  The total sum of my lifetime earnings? xD

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Surprisingly, I couldn't find any recent Posts for the PS4 Slim or Pro (the Pro is available on Amazon, at no discount, for $399).  Since it's time to think about a Christmas present for myself, the PS4 Slim or Pro may be in my future, as I'm still runnin' a PS3.

Research is tellin' me, if I'm not that concerned with 4K (and a Digital Audio Output), then just go with the Slim.

Here's a couple of comparisons:

in Forbes and in DigitalSpy

P.S.  It's good to be back, after my extended absence.  Among other distractions, was my 2013 car getting totaled 2 months after I paid it off, numerous bike wrecks, broken leg that I can't put weight on (still wearing that cast), etc.  Friends tell me I'm lucky to be alive, but I'm not so sure. :D

PS4 Slim vs PS4 Pro.jpg

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Thanks, DOS76.  I'm too old for this crap.  xD  A PS4 should lift my spirits, though.  :)  I'm currently leanin' towards the Slim.  Whadda you think?  The Pro is $100 more and somewhat larger, although it has twice the HDD space, and few extra features I don't need.

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Anybody have any recommendations on a good wireless keyboard and mouse for a living room HTPC? I won't be using it for gaming, just general navigation and using Windows when I am not using Big Box/Steam/Kodi. Not a fan of those tiny keypad keyboards and would prefer one with the functionality of a regular keyboard but maybe a smaller form factor. Something like this maybe?


I dunno, I'd like this without the trackpad as I prefer using a mouse. Let me know what you guys think and what you use yourselves. :)

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@CharcoI have a HTPC in 4 different rooms and all of them use that keyboard (well they are the K400r not the plus)  it is the perfect size, still has function keys and I personally like that it is both a mouse and keyboard and I only need one device.

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