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Confirmed: Only Microsoft Edge will play Netflix content at 1080p on your PC

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(Click on Pic) Hi-Res-Edge.jpg Argh! I've been usin' Firefox (Netscape in the beginning) since it fit on 1 diskette, and I will try to use a Microsoft alternative whenever possible. Since they released Windows 3.1 (I think it was) with IE 'embedded', despite the Courts telling them not to, I've hated 'em. They figured they could really 'torpedo' Netscape, if IE was built into the OS. Who would bother installing a different Browser? Back then, most Users didn't know how to, anyway. It was worth it to them to take a fine. Oh, ya, remember this from pre-Windows (aka DOS Wink) days: Following a successful lawsuit by Stac Electronics regarding demonstrated patent infringement, Microsoft released MS-DOS 6.21 without DoubleSpace. A court injunction also prevented any further distribution of the previous versions of MS-DOS that included DoubleSpace. I think I started to hate 'em after that, and then the Netscape thing made it official. Smile

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