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Daphne Laser Disc emulator - a comprehensive tutorial

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I have been spending the last few days adding new systems to my LaunchBox, and the one that took me the longest to figure out was Daphne Laser Disc emulator, which for those that don't know is designe

Here's a quick and simple way to get your Daphne games working in Launchbox. It may not be an elegant solution but it is simple and it works as long as you have your games loading through

Just a quick tip: Here is how you can keep the CMD window from popping up when you run a game.    I am not a big fan of having the window show up, even for a split second, as it takes me out of t

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I don't get it... why do you use that overcomplicated string on the .bat file... u know that you do not need that string to load the game ?

Try this, is a lot simple:

Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 -framefile "..\..\Systems\Daphne\Roms\%1\%1.txt"

I have mine set like this:

Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 1024 -y 768 -framefile "X:\Emuladores\Daphne\Framefiles\%1.txt"

Remember to set the emulator options in launchbox to not use quotes and file extension.

That's it. Framefiles can have any extension, i have mine named nameofrom.ff, they are a txt that have information about the directory of where the files for the game are located (framefiles can be located anywhere, they do not need to be along the game files but the framefile must tell the emulator where the files are) and the files.

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that depends on the cmd version of windows, this other string that i give to you is simpler and will not fail ever, this actually works even in dos :) I recommend using this other string if the first one gives any problems to anyone.


%1 will just repeat the name of the framfile or any file you want. for example, if launchbox launches the file MYGAME (no quotes, no file extension) this .bat will replace %1 this way

Daphne.exe MYGAME vldp -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 -framefile "..\..\Systems\Daphne\Roms\MYGAME\MYGAME.txt"

You only need 1 .bat to launch all the games and the command is very simple and clean.

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Nice job on the tutorial. I got a little issue here. everything works except for the games that need a legit version. Now i have both retail version of Dragon's Lair. The only issue i have is that they are not recognized by the drive. is there any way i can get them to work? perhaps somebody can help me with this. i would love to play them

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I've followed the batch file instructions and I'm getting an error when starting through launchbox, and even just douple clicking on the bat file (I did the bat file per game way)-


Loading ./roms/astron/5473c ... 0 bytes read into memory
ROM 5473c couldn't be found in roms/astron/, or in ./roms/astron.zip
Could not load ROM images! You must supply these.

I have the zip files in my rom folder.  My problem is I can't look inside of them, they are password protected.


The games load and play just fine through the daphneloader.exe


I saw a few posts back someone else was having the same error and was wondering if it was ever resolved.



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Hi everyone. 

First post to the forum. Thanks for all of the help thus far. I'm in the process of adding Daphne to LaunchBox and this tutorial had been a HUGE help. Thanks for the time. 

I'm running into a problem where my DL and DL discs are read fine, which decrypts the necessary files, but my Space Ace disc will not seem to work. Has anyone run into this problem? 

And how has everyone decrypted Thayer's Quest?

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Thank you very much for the tutorial!

Ok, now say I have the Dragons Lair and Space PC games.... Is there a way to rip use the files so I can play them from Daphne like the rest of the Laser Disc games.

I installed Space Ace and it does have a video folder... .with 249 video files....

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Ok, well I want to have Windows games as well so I will just try to import them that way.

Although not having any luck at the moment...  running the import windows games wizard and it just keeps hanging saying its parsing files and I haven't even pointed it at anything yet...

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Yeah, after what seemed like forever it popped up a couple things that were certainly not games.

I just added one manually ... seems ok that way.

However, I right clicked on the screen and clicked add and did it manually... if I drag a shortcut to the screen it wants to import as ms-dos or a rom.

No big deal.... I probably only have a dozen or so Windows games I'll want to add.

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Ok, disregard my question about ripping the discs... that is not necessary. Daphne uses the files it downloads and just uses the disc to verify ownership.

My problem with Dragon's Lair is that when I boot the game all it does is play through the video... Which seems like random shots but I'm sure that's just how the video is set up. But it does nothing when I try to add credits or anything.

Thayer's Quest  seems like it starts... its asks me to type in my name... and I do as it says the letters as I'm typing.... but that is as far as I can get.

Any idea what the issue on these two games is? Anyone getting full functionality on them?

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