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Just now, lordmonkus said:

This whole MSU hack stuff is cool and all but until the patch makers and emulator people get on the same page for file structure it's just a mess. I'll accept what I have and be happy with it :)

Yeah, exactly. It's funny because Con (one of the guys that's made some of these patches) even said as much in that thread over on the SMWCentral forums.


Byuu's policies change often. I consider v.70 the easiest Emulator for msu-1 (Plays Header/not-headerd, smc/sfc, xml, pcm in the rom's folder), but I also included a tutorial and bml for higan (for those who want to go this way). Byuu promised me to make the spc-fallback code also for bsnes v.70 if he has time.

When you combine this with the fact that, as has been well established, Byuu releases little to no documentation on any of this crap it's a wonder any of these work. I'm basically just fumbling around in the dark until something works.

I'll still try messing with these some more to see if I can get them working. I don't like this kind of thing getting the better of me >:(

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@ZombeaverYes, using the bml file does work in some cases but not all for some reason. I think it has to do with either the patch used on the rom itself or the bml structure. Most of the g

Huzzah, I've got SMW working in RA using the files from the "Super Mario World_msu1.sfc" folder in the attached. I tested it with both Coline's and Kiddo's patches and it works for both.&#

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At this point I would rather just see the Retroarch builds of BSnes support it, at least they can have a standard and develop it. But some of it does lie in the hands of the patch makers to follow the same structure. I think some of the more messed up ones like Mario might be older and done before people really started in on this stuff.

Still odd that the Mega Man 7 one is being so temperamental with RA BSnes though. And of course if you question the patch makers they just use the excuse of "its made for the SD2Snes carts and not emulators"

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Being able to select folders as a rom would theoretically have benefits outside of just Higan usage - ScummVM functions the same way (you direct it to a folder which contains the relevant data files, not a traditional rom file) and it's part of the reason ScummVM importing is such a hassle currently. There are other complications beyond that, but I could see the ability to choose a folder as your "rom" in LB contributing to the streamlining of the ScummVM import process in the long run - which has been on the to-do list for quite some time now.

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So this is now a thing with Snes9x, it now supports MSU-1 patched roms. You can either get the latest build off EmuCR or update the Retroarch Snes9x core. I used the core with no year in the name of it, didn't try ones with a year.

Load up the patched rom file itself for Ancient Stone Tablets and it works perfectly, well at least the first bit works perfectly, will need more testing.

Going to try other games.

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Tested out the games I have using the stand alone Snes9x version 1.54 and for the most part it's fairly good. Not as good as BSnes at the moment but for a first (or close to first) release with support at all it's a good step.

Notable issues were with Megaman X and X2 having really horrible static and sound clipping. Donkey Kong Country 2 had no audio at all and Super Turrican had sound sound crackle but not anywhere as bad as MMX and MMX2.

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