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Import .cue files only

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Or when you do the import process select "Add Files". Top right of the new window that pops up will have a search box. Change the directory to the PS1 directory, then type *.cue, in the explorer window Ctrl + A then add. This is who I handle SNES, PS2 etc so i don't scan in saves or multiple disc files. Don't forget to select "Use Folder Name" if you need to.
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Well here's the problem with that: There are two ways to go about it right now. The first is to filter which files you import down to the .cue files, like you said. But if you have LaunchBox copy/move the files into its game directory, the .bin files get left behind. (Yes, I know I can move them over manually. But doesn't that defeat the purpose of importing?) The second option is to not filter and get a bunch of non-functional files listed in your library. Neither of these cases is ideal.
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Jason Carr said There is a solution for that, simply check the box to "Also copy/move all files with the same name but different file extensions (recommended)". That's assuming the bin and cue files have the same name, but that's pretty standard.
That works for exact names, but any multi-tracked game won't have bins with exact matching names. You'll have to ignore anything in parentheses for this argument.
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On 9/20/2015 at 8:28 AM, DOS76 said:

Go to the folder where all you PS1 games are kept using Windows Explorer in the search bar type .cue select all the files and then drag them into LaunchBox. It is very effective.

This is the best advice for .cue thank you!

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