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Question for users who has big games compressed.

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When comes to file compression it's the algorithm that's important to look at, not the app. For instance, 7zip and winrar both use lzma by default, the difference is that 7zip allows for more fine tuning, whereas winrar is pretty much locked down to specific settings. This is what makes 7zip so popular and about the best app for file compression, it can achive the same compression ratio of any other app out there, if you set the options right, especially the command line version. So it really comes down to how much patience the user has and the speed of their system, better compression requires more time for both compressing and decompressing and more system resources.
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Different file types also compress better with different compressors. For some reason Sega Saturn BIN files seem to compress and extract much faster from RAR files, and they are also much higher compression than anything I can get from 7Zip. It is worth experimenting with different compression formats to see what works well for each rom format you are using.
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