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Atari Jaguar In Retroark wont work

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The one truly unique game on the Jag that actually is a good game if you can get past the terribly dated graphics is Alien vs Predator. For anyone who has never played it or know anything about it, from screenshots it looks like any other generic first person shooter clone of the era. It's uniqueness comes in the fact that you can play as a marine, alien or predator and they each play completely different from one another. The marine plays as a typical first person shooter. The predator can go into stealth mode and you start off with only your claw weapon. You have to earn honor points by killing people while killing while not in stealth mode. As you earn honor points you unlock your other weapons like the spear, the throwing disk and the shoulder cannon. If you kill while stealth you lose honor points and you can lose access to weapons you unlocked if you go below the point requirement to have those weapons. The alien essentially has unlimited lives. You make cocoons and you can have up to 3 cocoons, each acting sort of like a checkpoint. When you get killed you come back starting at the oldest cocoon. You don't have to re clear anything you have done but you do want to keep your cocoons rolling so if you do die you don't have to go back too far and try and remember how to get through the map. This game was never ported and all the other AvP games that came after do not have any of the unique qualities of this game. It probably is the best game on the system if the games graphics don't give you motion sickness while trying to play it, lol. For a good laugh load up Kasumi Ninja just to see what is arguably the worst fighting game ever made. It's a toss up between that and Way of the Warrior on the 3DO. These 2 fighting games are so bad they make Time Killers look great.
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