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Hello, here's a new theme. Mainly a variant of CleanHardware (no more updated) but much more complete.  Video: &#13

If this keeps up we might have to distribute this theme with LaunchBox itself!

The final version is online, to accompany the new official version of Launchbox: 6.8.  It will be the last version of this theme (unless someone wants new backgrounds)  &#

Posted Images

Sorry I don't have a solution for this right now. My tests are not, on the whole, particularly striking. 
(HorizontalAlignment ="right" doesn't work :P )

You can resize every background to 1600x1200 with a right alignment on photoshop if you want. It's the brute-force way, but the only one I know it's working. :$

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I have resized all 52 background images so they fit on a 4:3 Screen (1600x800 resolution). I also blended in a small back border bottom side on each one so not to distort the original console image from its original widescreen setup.

I have enclosed a zip file for anyone else needing 4:3 images,

Can I request Spectrum & Commodore backgrounds please :)


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Is it possible to get the same console specific backgrounds in the game selection? I don't really care for the custom art backgrounds you come the metadata since some are high quality, some are low quality, and some are just not there. I'd love to keep it consistent with the console background. Maybe without the actual console on the background. 

I think I could add the background manually to every game, but that would take forever. Is there a mass thing I could?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

This theme is incredible. Thank you so much for making it and allowing us to use it!

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is there any chance of getting the "TRS-80 Radio Shack Color Computer" as a background? Using the color computer 2 as the system in the background? This is my favorite theme, been using it for a long time, i already obtained the "clear logo" from someone on this forum, so id really like to have the system image to match the system images this theme already has in it! 🙂

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my first attempt at making backrounds using @niglurion psd file. I think the blur image should be a little bigger and a little less blurred but overall i am very happy so thank you for sharing how its done.





Sega SG-1000.png

Sega SG-1000 nosystem.png

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