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Retroarch N64 Crashing

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I don't understand why but I've had a ton of issues with the latest versions of Retroarch too. Performance issues, crashes, and everything else. My best recommendation would be to go back to a previous version if the latest versions aren't working. In my case, I had to go pretty far back in order to fix some of the issues I was seeing, something like 1.2.2 I think.

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I don't normally use Retroarch for my N64 emulation but doing a quick test of it with 1.3.6 loaded Mario without issue. Your problem could be in a setting. Did you mess with the core settings at all ? try removing your mupen64plus_libretro.dll.cfg file in the configs folder. Sometimes a shader can cause problems or a core setting that your system doesn't agree with.

Also are you using the standard version or are you trying to use the new Vulkan enabled core ?

My test was with the standard version.

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