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Mupen64plus Setup Tutorial (Launchbox Compatible)

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***Boring stuff first, skip this to get to the actual guide*** I wanted to make this guide because this is an emulator no one talks about, well no one around here it seems. Project 64 as an emula

Without knowing the actual build change logs it is impossible to know exactly what's different but I would say those "nightly" builds on EmuCR aren't any really difference compared to the

no problem

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Again, huge props for @Lordmonkus for the excellent info. I'll have to pay you a pint one of these days =)

I've set up Mupen64Plus without a hitch (The vulkan Retroarch core didn't work for me for some arcane reason). One question: how do we set up a controller for it? In the .cfg or do I have to use some frontend?


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I'm trying to set up this version mentioned in this thread to properly work with Launchbox for N64 emulation:


Is anyone experienced enough with that emulator to provide some clues how to make Launchbox start up the emulator with game-specific settings? (I'm using the 64 version on Win 10 64.)

Old command line options for other mupen versions I could set up in the game entry within Launchbox don't seem to work.

AFAIK there is very little information and no proper tutorial about that gui version of mupen64, so I'm kinda out of ideas. It should be about modifying ini files like GLideN64.custom.ini. It seems to involve some specific names for each roms for modifying values like, say,  Enable Overscan, or maybe the controller mapping.  Right now, I'm using three copies of that program with different configuration file paths, but that is a pretty bad workaround for that problem.


(I still have to set up about 20 individual games that all will probably have different optimal settings for gamepad mapping, graphics plugin and so on. Having 20 emulator copies of m64p GUI would be pretty ridiculous, I hope I can avoid that, lol)

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I don't know of any way to have that emulator load game specific settings, I also have not run into any games that require their own specific settings but I have also not tested every game.

You may want to look into Retroarch and the Mupen64 core if you require per game settings, it is very easy to do with it and that emulator is quite good as well.

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I use Retroarch for other N64 games, but Retroarch is missing some tweaking options for the games I had in mind here, unfortunately.

I think I will have a look at the no-gui version of mupen for these cases, there might be an option for loading up specific configurations by command line.

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Of course I'll do that, if I actually find a way eventually ...

(I already described my one very dumb workaround before: Just set up copies of the emulator folder and set them up as something like "Mupen64Plus 2" + x or so in Launchbox. The emulator folders themselves don't eat up much space on your harddrive. I already have two versions of the emulator for all the games that need overscan for going true 4:3 fullscreen and those that don't. But if you don't really want to spam Launchbox with 20 versions of one emulator regarding all the settings you need, this is really a very bad solution for this problem.)

Per-Game-Settings is the holy grail of N64 emulation IMO, anyway. Retroarch does it, but it isn't the best option for a lot of N64 games.

I have  the same trouble with Project64 2.3.2,  by the way. I couldn't find any way to start specific configuration files with command line options. It's saving SOME specific game settings, even for the plugins, but it doesn't do it for the extra GlideN64 plugin that I use very often.

And it doesn't save game-specific controller configurations, which is especially annoying, as the strange N64 pad needs very different mapping methods for a lot of games if you try to use a common Xbox Controller. At the moment, I use Xpadder for specific extra mappings I can't set up in Project64.

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I'm using the latest version of m64p and it's working but I need it to act differently in BigBox mode.  When I exit a game (esc), it closes the game but leaves the program running, so I tend to have to alt tab over to close it.  Can I set some kind of command for Launchbox to automatically close down the program when I press (esc) to close a game?

ETA: Managed to get around this using the Auto Hotkey Script.

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