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I would like to get  Neo Geo CD to Work of LB how can i get LB to mount an image with Deamon tool and which emulator should i use

Thank you 

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I have to admit I have never looked into NeoGeo CD emulation so I don't even know what emulators support it but I did find this thread over on /r/emulation


By the looks of what people are saying there I would guess that either Final Burn Alpha or Mess would be the best choices and those probably don't even need you to mount CD images. But if you did need to mount a disk image I would imagine using this bat file I used for Saturn games and SSF would work with modification to point to the emulators exe instead of SSF.

@echo off

set game=%1%

set daemon="C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe"

set emu="H:\Emulation\Emulators\SSF\SSF.exe"

%daemon% -mount 0, %game%

start /wait "" %emu%

%daemon% -unmount 0 

Basically what you would do is create the bat file in the same folder as the emulator exe, modify the set emu= line to point to the emulators exe file. Then setup an emulator in Launchbox and point it to the bat file.

Ill see about getting a NeoGeo CD game and do some testing.

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I got it working through MESS which I think will be the best option for 2 reasons, HLSL shaders and the ability to fast forward the load screens.

The disk images do not need to be mounted.

The toughest part I had in getting this working was getting a correct bios set.

You will need a neocd.zip which contains a front-sp1.bin and top-sp1.bin and file size is 367,915 bytes. The other bios file is neocdz.zip which contains neocd.bin and 000-lo.lo and the file size is 217,516 bytes.

The command line switch to use in Launchbox for the platform is
neocdz -cdrm


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