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The Shadow Dancer logo is perfect. Moonwalker logo seems more like a very nice reinterpretation although less faithful since the font of the letter s doesn´t match in the word moonwalker as well as differences in color in general. It may of course be worth what you think.

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6 minutes ago, goofers said:

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (USA, Europe, Japan)

Can you give them a go please Seaview?

the Japanese one would be better with the text from the spine being used just needs rotated.

I was struggling with the other two.

Michael jackson's Moonwalker (Japan).jpg

I believe the Japanese writing on the spine is the right way round, so the words are written top to bottom. Rotating that would be wrong, the better one is what is written under Moonwalker on the front but I don't think that is a high enough resolution to work with.


Edit: 2nd closer look it appears the top/right line is as I explained but the bottom/left is rotated on the spine. Suppose if the writing was cut out you could rotate the individual characters so it all reads left to right.

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7 hours ago, grim. said:

Can you do a clear logo for the Benesse Pocket Challenge V2 platform? It's basically a WonderSwan designed for educational software. The clearest logo I could find of it was from the back side of the box.

I got my games playing on RetroArch. Now I just need to make 'em pretty on BigBox.

I was able to find a little bit larger image of one of the carts and then used the manual image you provided for the colors.


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13 hours ago, TheNewClassics said:

Hey guys, hopefully a real easy fix here. I submitted this clear logo for SoulCalibur III Arcade Edition for PS2; it has a white background. Any chance someone could make it transparent and we can then replace the image I uploaded? Thanks 

submitted to LB database


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