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Hi Guys,  Here i will be accepting Requests on Clear logos that do not exist. Here is an example o

This one was a bit tedious, took me 3.5 hours. I think it's acceptable.

And added to the LB database

Posted Images

IMG_0005.JPGI was wondering if you could do a clear logo for me on this image, although I'm not sure if my copy and paste from my original post transferred the image in it's correct size?

Check out the following post for the original image  

No rush! If you can help out you efforts would be much appreciated

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Hi Guys,

I've been sent from DB land to headhunt someone to give a hand to In Virtue Dei, but I see he's already posted above.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated :). We're trying to fill in the holes in the platform images, so this would go to a good cause :D

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That Final Burn image with Ken from Street Fighter isn't worth trying to save IMO. It's so distorted it took me a minute to even see that's what's in the image, plus a good half of the FB gameset isn't Capcom and Ken isn't even really the "mascot" character from the SF series, so I think it'd make a lot more sense to just have the Final Burn logo be just the icon / logo, or the nice full text logo @ClownClone posted. Honestly, just the icon logo isn't that great because even though I'm a video game nerd who's used emulators since the 90s, I still look at the FB logo and say, "Wait, what is that again?".

@ClownClone, did you use a particular font for that, or just make / dig that up somewhere? 

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12 hours ago, DivinityCycle said:

Good job, man! The reason I asked is because I was wondering if would make sense to make a version that says "Final Burn Alpha", since that's the current branch of FB that a lot of people use (as far as I know).

Yeah your probably right. Here's alpha version.

Final Burn Alpha.png

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