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6 hours ago, Ally68 said:

I am looking for the word settings or tools in red solid letters please

You should give an example of the font you would like, as there are hundreds that could be applied that you wouldn't like - wasting peoples time.

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2 minutes ago, zugswang said:

Doh !! I have been looking in the logos tab here and just noticed it in the top right of the page.

Thanks, I will look for them there in future too.


Make sure to always check the "View Original Steam Assets" button, that will lead you to the artwork that comes directly from the Steam store.

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  • CriticalCid changed the title to Clear Logo Requests

I’ve also just changed the title of this thread to a more generic one. I thought it was time as SirCamel wasn’t online since December 2020 and now other users have took up his mantle and are actively fulfilling requests here as well.

I’d also like to take the chance and thank everyone who is or has been contributing logos here, I really appreciate all your help :)

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53 minutes ago, zugswang said:

Google ? I wish I had thought of trying to find my logos there first before posting on this LOGO REQUESTS POST !

I have literally 10's of thousands of logos that I have found via Google, so I think I know how to find stuff :)

Thanks for both of your input, but the word patronising springs to mind.

I tried typing backbone logo png, backbone logo transparent, backbone logo, backbone transparent and nothing came up in Google (except one I showed above).

If I had seen it I would not have posted a request here.

I will try not to inundate you with my 3-4 logos a week in future and simply make my own with a logo maker, as I can see you are flooded with requests here.

I thought this post was more of a challenge for people to create logos from images and not a major chore for them.

I honestly thought that you haven’t searched for it yourself as I’ve immediately found it on SteamGridDB. But once you’ve said that you looked in the logo’s tab I realized that you probably just forgot or did not know to check the official art button as well. I apologize for making that assumption.

It’s just that I want to avoid that all the helpful users here have to spend their time on something that’s already easily available and instead focus on filling in some of the actual gaps.

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I see. Everything that you can find in the tabs is user generated or at least manually uploaded by a user. But nowadays many publishers/developers offer official artwork since Steam overhauled their library UI in 2019. I think they try to avoid mixing official artwork with the already existing fanart and therefore don’t list them in the tabs.

As a general rule of thumb, you can assume that most Steam games that were released since late 2019 have official artwork available. For older titles it’s hit and miss and depends if the publishers cared enough to provide artwork for their older titles in the new Steam UI.

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 6/21/2021 at 7:42 AM, seaview59 said:

This one was a bit tedious, took me 3.5 hours. I think it's acceptable.


Thank you very much for the time spent on this one buddy..

Looks well worth it and another original wheel great job.

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