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SirCamels Clear Logo Requests

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Woaw great work man, thanks a lot for it :)
And so bad, i have work and made some same logo ... :P:(

So cool you share your's on LaunchBox for every one, i made same on ScreenScrapper, it is cool because they have a MASS IMPORT system to upload many covers and logo at same time by system ...

I want to share my stuff here too, but not one by one, so long, i interested if there is an easier way :)

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Hi Guys,  Here i will be accepting Requests on Clear logos that do not exist. Here is an example o

submitted to LB database.

submitted to LB database

Posted Images

The ZIP is what I planned last resort yes.
With each system that I finish, I will come to post an archive with the Covers, one the Logo and one the videos.
The covers I have retouched or made tons for Jap games, the logo same, not always what I want here ... and you are one of the most complete sources!!!
It is a mix of your stuff, google stuff, and mine.

For videos it is so bigger, and it is for the most part some videos from EmuMovies, but i made some for Jap games they don't do, i think i will up only these videos.

Maybe an admin will add them to Launchbox after ...

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Hi there Sir Camel! I LOVE your work and i hope you can help me with a logo that i can't find anywhere (with a decent resolution, of course!).

I am talking about Sony Playstation game "Wild 9", pal version!

SLES-01333-F-ALL.thumb.jpg.2713d48315c88d3f61cf9cd928562e4a.jpgYou would make me REALLY happy if you could do this one! It is my favourite game released for Plasystation, and I would love to have a decent logo to show off on my Big Box!

Thank you for your amazing work, keep it up! :)

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wow, great post. So helpful. Typically I feel weird requesting logo help, but I have this game that I can't find a clear logo for! It is a newer game called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle - Portal Power. It just came out on PC and usually brand new games like this have a clear logo you can find easy in google, but not this game for some reason. And beyond that I cant even find a high quality raw image to go by.




TMNT.png.059268a7ae0bafb83ecfd5adb958c66b.pngI did find a regular TMNT clear logo at least. The "Portal Power" part probably needs a complete redraw and that is beyond my scope. If anyone can help gracias!



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