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NeoGeo CD w/ Mess Tutorial

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Since the topic of NeoGeo CD emulation has come up twice in the last 2 days I figured I would write up a tutorial on how I got it up and running. I got it up and running on 2 emulators, Me

It's a bit of a weird story but yeah basically now Mess and Mame are merged back into a single program but because it is open source people still make separate version of the program. In t

Not the CD Version. I do have the arcade rom but it's not a game I care enough about. There are very few fighting games I like outside the Stre

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I've tried Neo Raine it does have a cd rom speed up option which helps but the display resolution is only 640x480 not too many other options other than a cheat ini file that it comes with. I wonder if there's a way to change the display resolution to a higher one?

2017-07-22 (2).png

2017-07-22 (3).png

2017-07-22 (4).png


2017-07-22 (1).png

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I tried to follow this tutorial, but it seems that now MESS is merged with MAME.

Could you please update this tutorial for MAME only and use all MAME naming, directories etc.

I am trying to play some Neo Geo CD games for days now, but I don't know how to set up MAME 64.

I placed games, neocd.zip and neocdz.zip in roms directory, but otherwise I'm stuck. I don't know how/where to set up ini file and MAME just don't recognize my games. When I click inside MAME menu on "Available", There is neocd and neocdz listed. Neocdz status is green working, but for neocd it is red, not working and it is stated that driver is clone of neocdz. Please if someone could help me set up this to play Neo Geo CD games.


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Mame doesn't require you to mount the disk, just load it like in my tutorial.

Just remember that the FM Towns Marty is a computer so Mame goes into "emulated keyboard" mode so to get normal keyboard functionality like the "Tab menu" and "Escape" you need to toggle it with the Scroll Lock key. Will most likely need to set up some sort of AHK script to toggle it after loading so you can close it out easier.

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You could try this for mounting and unmounting disk images. I used this bat file as the emulator exe back when I used SSF for Saturn emulation and it worked great.

@echo off
set game=%1%
set daemon="C:\Program Files (x86)\DAEMON Tools Lite\DTLite.exe"
set emu="H:\Emulation\Emulators\SSF\SSF.exe"

%daemon% -mount 0, %game%
start /wait "" %emu%

%daemon% -unmount 0 

Obviously change out the path to the SSF.exe to your emulator of choice. I kept the bat file in the SSF folder where the exe was just for organization but you could probably put it anywhere you like and then in Launchbox you point your emulator to the bat file instead of the exe itself. The bat file will mount the disk, run the emulator and when you close out the emulator it will umnount the disk image. Hopefully it works as well for your FM Towns emulator as it did for SSF.

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What version of Windows are you using ? I have read people say that Windows 10 has issues with Daemon Tools but I can't confirm that since I haven't used it all since I installed Windows 10. I used the bat file with Windows 7 and 8 without issues, it just auto mounted and unmounted disks.

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I was thinking the SNK Neo Geo CD was going to be a pain in the butthole to get going but I just added it to MAME with the neocdz -cdrm command and it just worked perfectly straight away. Each game I have has a .ccd, .cue, .img and .sub file. I added all the .cue files to LaunchBox and it worked like a charm. There is enough painful systems out there to get working so thankfully this one was a breeze.

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Just to add to the thread.... the CHD files for Neo Geo CD work perfectly with LordMonkus's tutorial, as well (using MESS 0.198). Thanks for going through the steps here, big help!!

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