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Metallic Theme View File A metallic theme with or without videos.  16:9 monitors HIGHLY recommanded Features:  

Thank you @kerszr, Your help is welcome. But I have a couple of points.  Neo Geo Banner: The left character is stretched. It's something we must avoid at any cost

Sorry sorry sorry  Yes, ALIE is right: I'm very very busy right now (for 3 months now). My job takes me a lot of time (and it's pretty good!  ). I'm a gra

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Do you have templates for the background Fanart? I could and help make some of these. I still need the following background fanart imagine.

Amiga CD32

Atari  ST

Casio Loppy


Commodore 64

Commodore Plus 4

Commodore VIC-20

Emerson Arcadia 2001

Magnavox Odyssey 2

Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox 360


Sony Playstation 3

VTech CreatiVision





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Hi all!  First thing...  What an excellent job on the Theme!  Well done!  The combination of this theme with the "Cinematic 1080p" platform videos look incredible!

One question though, there are no game videos showing in the little TV screen for any of the views.  

I have the "cinematic 1080P platform videos playing in the background without issue.  Do I need to copy some game videos into a theme folder?

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@blammo if you set in BigBox, Options then Videos and untick the Boxes Platform background videos then the Videos will play in the little tv screens but you will have no background platform videos.  If you leave Platform background videos ticked you will have background videos and no videos in the little tv screens.

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