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I'll start by stating that I did indeed search and wasn't able to find info on this topic. I apologize if it exists.



  •     Wireless Xbox One controllers in Windows 10 stop working in some emulators after a reboot or if controllers are powered off and back on.


Steps to Reproduce

  1.     Connect wireless Xbox One controllers to Windows 10 and verify they work. I connected 4 of them and verified they work via the Windows 10 game controller control panel app.
  2.     Open each emulator, map controls for each controller, and test by launching a game.
  3.     Reboot Windows 10, connect controllers, and attempt to play a game in each emulator.



Dolphin had this issue as well as MAME and either Nestopia or SNES9x (can't remember). My best guess is that Windows 10 assigns some sort of unique device ID to a Wireless Xbox One controller every time it is connected. When configuring the controllers within each emulator they seem to be referencing these controllers as expected; Joy(0), Joy(1), Joy(2), Joy(3).

Whether I use 1 controller, or 4, they are always the same 4 controllers so it wouldn't really matter to me which one becomes Joy(0), Joy(1), etc because I could just try each one until I determine which controller is player 1. Unfortunately something is happening that causes the controllers to not respond at all. It is as if they are not configured in the emulators anymore. Re-configuring them works so I assume these controllers just appear to the emulators as a device they have never seen before.



How can I maintain the controller configuration for these controllers between connections and reboots?

Thank you in advance to all who can shed some light on this. (I am using Launchbox and it is awesome but it does not pertain to this issue)


My Emulators

  •     Nestopia UE 1.47
  •     SNES9x 1.53
  •     Project64 2.3
  •     Dolphin 5.0
  •     MAME 0.175
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What are my options if any?

Are there any workarounds? I read somewhere that people use another application to map a controller to keyboard keys (joy2key?) and then configure the emulators to use keys instead?


Would joy2key also lose track of the Xbox controllers for the same reason?

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